A Gentle Hand

TP Characters: None
IC Year: 2035
Location: Tarn
Run By: Staff and Players


Civil unrest is rampant in Tarn, and only getting worse. Civilians have never been keen on what they view as their oppressive government, so the Autobots must calm the masses or face a rebellion spurred on by the Decepticons.




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  • Rabble Rousers - The Decepticons invade Tarn, attempting to steal a ship and stir up rebellion. The Autobots try to stop them!
  • Young & Impressionable - Blast Off is attempting to incite rebellion in the Autobot-controlled city-state of Tarn. What will the Autobots do to hamper his efforts?
  • Protecting the Innocent - Blast Off is still interested in learning more about Tarn, and Arcee is afraid he's recruiting "innocent" mechs.
  • Covert Cons at Tarn - Decepticon forces are marching towards Retoris, a field skirmish occurs.
  • Consequences - Cyclonus reinforces the consequences of failure in Tarn...
  • Autobot Intel Meeting - Prowl summons his fellow Autobots to discuss what to do about Tarn
  • Shiftlock's Mission Specs - In preparation of her upcoming mission, Shiftlock comes to Prowl asking for details.
  • Make It Work - Shiftlock receives the schematics for her rebuild while Halo and Torque become best friends.
  • The Undoing - Buzzsaw and Blast Off seek out Tarnian rebels to encourage.
  • Red Regime - Ignition's broadband advertisements draw a crowd looking for new recruits. Prowl and Blaster make it clear that stifling those that oppose is not very Autobot-ly.
  • Something Rotten - Autobots are sent to investigate the ranks of the Tarn Police Department and find the officers rather reticent, to say nothing of their chief in denial.
  • Punch Defcon and Prowl discuss Tarn - Prowl is tired of having the whole Tarn thing popping up on his to-do list and finally decides to do something about it. He runs a couple of ideas past his comrades Punch and Defcon.
  • Shiftlock's Final Brief - Shiftlock makes one last stop to see her boss before heading out undercover.
  • Punch, Prowl and Arcee meeting at the ARC HQ - Little meeting to discuss events and in the background the mysterious Ignition broadcasts some Anti-Autobot stuff in Tarn.
  • Chilling at Maccadam's - Prowl stops for a quick drink before another shift and runs into Chromia and Punch. Prowl gets on Chromia's nerves but too daft to notice why.
  • Deep Cover Tarn - Round One - Shiftlock's disguise proves effective as an unsavory rebel takes the bait.
  • Prowl gets an assistant - Prowl gets a visit from Chromia who is looking to help with Tarn. Punch joins them and before you know it....
  • TARN: The Dramatic Conclusion - Battle lines are drawn. Friendships are torn asunder. Loyalties are tested. It all comes down to this.
  • Blast Off delivery service - Punch intercepts Blast Off bringing ammo and propaganda into Tarn. Things get out of hand.
  • What's in the drop box? - Prowl investigate a subspace drop box used by a suspicious cop
  • Debrief about Trefoil - Punch and Swoop have managed to ambush Trefoil and capture her. He stops bu the office to give Prowl his report. Guest appearances by Arcee and Sandstorm!
  • News from Tarn - Shiftlock brings disturbing new from Tarn. Prowl is scheming to make the best of it.
  • Little Chat - Shiftlock's spying has given Autobot Intel enough information to allow for an ambush on one of Tarn's dirty cops.
  • Here On Business - Defcon and Chromia finally meet up with a cop that has some answers.
  • A Concert for Tarn - Blaster and Jazz try and lighten things up for the Tarn natives with a concert just for them. And Blaster arranged a special prize for a couple of dancers.
  • Sterling's Takedown - The Autobots military division has been tasked with capturing the Tarn police officer known as Sterling, who has gone on the run after his corruption has been exposed. Can they catch him before he gets away?
  • TARN: The Dramatic Conclusion Part 2: The Tarnening - The Autobots thought they knew everything there was to know, but at 1:21 their lives were changed forever...
  • Blurr and Chromia update Prowl - Blurr and Chromia stop by Prowl's office to give an update on the Tarn situation.
  • Arcee and Prowl meet Fray - Fray is recovering in Iacon General, Prowl and Arcee stop by to have a chat with the eager honet cop.
  • Prowl meets Stockade and Sterling - Prowl has a chat with an injured cop and gets more than he bargained for.
  • Tarn planning - the next step - Arcee and Prowl update Rodimus on the Tarn situation and discuss the next steps. Plus Trailbreaker makes a guest appearance by stopping by Prowl's office right after the meeting.
  • The Nose Knows - Steeljaw answers Arcee's call for specialized troops to undertake a mission, has some oddly doting requests however.
  • Gosh Tarn Surprise - Chromia waxes philosophical with a Combaticon, Trailbreaker practices self-pity, and the GOVERNOR of TARN makes his entrance!!
  • TARN-ations - The second meeting with Lightsinger goes.. well just a tad bit better than the first. A defensive strategy is formulated, angst is settled, and Trailbreaker learns about sarcasm.
  • A-TARN-shun!! - The dynamic duo, Trailbreaker and Chromia, are asked to tag along as backup to a Tarn PD force's search and seizure team. Then in comes a SWAT officer, a chef, and a Prime!!
  • Dreams of Tarn - With Tarn highly contested between the Autobots and Decepticons, a new player in town shows up with a new scheme to throw caution to the wind and raze chaos inside Tarn. What nefarious schemes are in store for the Combaticon Blast Off, who is in charge of their operations there??
  • Speed Drinking - Hated of rivals, adversaries to this day, Blast Off and Blurr decide to have a drinking competition inside the makeshift Boiler Room Bar.. which one of these two titans shall win, the ener-wino or the racer??
  • Sterling's Sterilization - Sterling is given a quick talk to, Fray gets a shield from Wheeljack, Trailbreaker displays some clever maneuvering with forcefield tech, Arcee and Chromia look to Tarn and beyond!!
  • Prowl meets Jigsaw - Prowl meets with the governor of the Sonic Canyon to discuss an officer exchange program.
  • Riots in Tarn - In the shadow of the Chaos Bringer's head, Unicron worshipping cultists start riots in Tarn. Both Autobots and Decepticons do what they can to protect the citizens of Tarn.

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