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A Place at the Table

Who: Silas, Scorponok, Velum, Jazz, Blast Off, Trypticon, Solstice, Arcee, Horsepower
IC Year: 2035
Location: Antarctica
TP: Let the Galaxy Burn

Silas has hijacked Scorponok AND Trypticon, and if the Transformers don't submit to him, Cybertron dies!

Antarctica Ice Shelf - Antarctica

     This expansive glacial plain runs off as far as the eye can see, only broken occasionally by canyons thousands of feet deep where the top layers have collapsed under ancient stresses. Subzero temperatures have kept this ice mass, thousands of feet thick and as wide as some small countries, frozen for millennia. It would be disturbingly easy to become lost out here and never found again, humans frozen where they fell from the unrelenting cold or, as a powerless Cybertronian might find himself, battered and broken at the bottom of some caved-in canyon of blue-white and various shades of grey ice.

Trypticon <T>

Obvious exits:
 Out <O> leads to Southern Ocean.
 South <S> leads to East Antarctica.
 South <S1> leads to West Antarctica.
Fly <Up>

Here we are, in the Antarctic, as Trypticon stands in the icy expanse without a care in the world, surrounded by Decepticons, albeit at a considerable distance, as Trypticon's weapons have a substantial range and, even as far away as they are, his Decepticon "minders" aren't as safe as they might believe.

Especially not with Silas controlling his body.

"Well?" booms the voice of Silas through Trypticon's mouth in a rather surreal moment. "Time is almost up and you Decepticon fools haven't gotten back to me! If you're trying to figure out a way to trick me or disable me, give it up! My plan is foolproof! Trypticon is mine and I've got a weapon on your planet RIGHT now that can plunge it into eternal night! Have the Decepticons decided to submit to me yet, or not? And what about those damn do-gooders, the Autobots? They have to submit unconditionally, as well!" He can be heard for miles and miles around.
Combat: Jazz slips into the shadows and out of sight...
Climbing up into her large exo suit, Velum straps in, fires it up, and is ready to fight
Horsepower has arrived.
Horsepower tromps into view with heavy footfalls.
Soundwave has found himself hanging over the Great Smelters of Kaon, face to face with the Galvcannon himself, a half-breath away from a NYARGH!. He has had his head nearly shot off by Primes, his chest caved in by Blaster, and crushed underheel by Devastator....and Starscream shot him in the back that one thousand times, and he has persevered. He has seen play after play for leadership. Starscream, Shockwave, Starscream, Scorponok, Hun-Grr, Starscream, Starscream, Bumblebee that one time, Megatron, and Starscream. Now he can add Silas to that list. The Tape Commander is de facto leader of the Decepticons, and his machinations mean nothing to the insane human, holding Cybertron hostage.

 Soundwave lands before Silas and the cityformer, Trypticon, with whatever retinue he has in tow. His tone is low and rumbling, this entire process demeaning to him...but he has survived worse. He always survives. "THE DECEPTICON FORCES..." he pauses, gesturing towards Silasonok, "DEMAND PROOF OF THIS DEVICE, BEFORE THIS NEGOTIATION GOES ANY FURTHER. STRENGTH THROUGH SHOW OF FORCE." The Tape Commander stands resolute...for Lord Galvatron.
As for Jazz, he's here, but most likely no one is as yet aware of the fact. Skulking about the region around Trypticon. He's not actually getting involved in what's going on apparently, instead watching as the situation unfurls from a position hunkered down in the shadows of a glacial spur. His optics are trained on the Decepticon forces and Trypticon, and he doesn't yet have his rifle out, instead holding position and ready for trouble when it comes.
Combat: Soundwave compares his Technical to 95: Failure :(
Exosuit <Velum> remains a few clicks from Jazz's position, settled in the shadow of a large drift with rifle up and aimed towards Trypticon. But she's not about to attack, instead using the scope through her exo to get a better look at the structure. <<You guys better pick up the pace with that signal. If Silas is telling the truth then we don't have too much longer before he lights up Cybertron.>> The woman huffs softly and looks over to Soundwave approaching the base, mouth twisting as he tries to reason. <<If we make it outta this alive, I expect you not to shoot us in the back when we leave.>>
Blast Off is here, standing near Soundwave with his blaster in hand and watching the proceedings with his customary aloof attitude. However, he's rather miffed that a disgusting *organic* somehow managed to slip past all their security and run off with an entire Decepticon CITY. Inferior species shouldn't even be able to pull that off. He finds himself hoping there is combat here soon, as opposed to actually giving in to the organic's demands- that would just be too humiliating. But it's not his call, so he watches and waits.
Horsepower doesn't have the sneakiness certain other Autobots do, so he has to rely on hunkering down behind a large ice and snow formation. Fortunately there is plenty of those to go around. That and he's loaded up whatever of his storage that he can to keep his options open, instead of risking bringing along one piece of his inventor's arsenal and have it prove to be the wrong option. <<Just gimme the word when we've got an actual plan on what all to do, pardners.>>
"Ah, Soundwave!" Silas's voice booms through Trypticon's mouth as he peers doooown at the tape commander. Bits of ice sparkle in the sunlight as they fall off of Trypticon's snout and rain down around the two Decepticons that dared approach him. "Why, I can prove it! You Decepticons had exactly one Subspace Disruptor left in your inventory because you wasted all the others, and we even wiped your memory banks of the schematics for this device, so you won't be able to replace it very easily! Go on, check your inventory! Your last Disruptor is gone--because we stole right out from under your noses!"

Silas laughs with a great booming laugh. "What a fool Zarak was for trusting us. While he wined and dined, we were secretly compromising the Decepticons' security systems in and out, and setting you up for your greatest fall yet. And the rest of you didn't trust us, but at the same time, your foolish arrogance led you to believe we could never successfully betray you. Do you still believe that now, robots?"
Combat: Jazz compares his Technical to 80: Success!
It's lucky Velum doesn't have her finger on the trigger when Silas speaks of Zarak working with them, her grip tightening on her controls making her exo's clench in response. "Zarak.." She hisses under her breath. "Just when I think you can't get any lower, you keep proving me wrong." She still needs to beat him up for what he did on Nebulos, so this is just icing on the cake. <<What's our status? I need an order here?>> She growls over the comm, her trigger finger getting itchy.
Soundwave lowers his head. This is a travesty, a horrendous breach of operational protocol! Secrets and lies upon the spymaster, oh how the spider has been caught in another's web...and it's all Zarak's fault. He had to stall, he had to do something. Conjectures fill his mind as he tries to process a thousand possibilities.

 What if we just kill Scorponok? Will it stop detonation? If Scorponok opens his frame, what more intel can I garner from him, and will it be enough? All the firepower here can deal with the traitor, but what about Trypticon? How'd that moron Jazz figure out a decryption algorithm I didn't? Is Silas even IN Scorponok currently, or is he in Trypticon somewhere? The standard tactics weren't working, because of a lack of information. There's nobody to throw under a bus, nobody to blackmail. There just wasn't enough time. Not enough time.

 He actually writhes in frustration, trying to piece together this puzzle, what was the right way out of this? The Autobots were here, don't they always stop this sort of thing?

 His shoulders slumped, Soundwave takes a step forward slowly. "THERE IS CONFIRMATION OF A DEVICE MISSING." The Tape Commander admits one was pulled over on him, and the taste is of ashes. He takes another slow step, a longer step, and freezes in mid-motion to avoid any aggressive mistakes. "LORD GALVATRON WOULD BE MOST DISPLEASED TO LEARN OF CYBERTRON'S REMOVAL..." And with that, he drops down to a knee....and tries his next effort. "IF WE MUST SUBMIT TO SCORPONOK TO SAVE OUR PLANET, WE WILL DO SO."

 And the Tape Commander kneels before the monster...
Blast Off listens to Silas' smug bragging and for once the usually hands-off Combaticon has a brief moment of wishing he could just pummel that arrogant fleshling with his fist. Though... then, ew, there'd be some disgusting squishie cleanup to do afterwards... no, maybe shooting's better, after all. He does berate himself a little, though... he had *almost* gotten to the point where he thought better of Zarak than of Scorponok, mainly because Zarak seemed a little more cultured and thoughtful. Well, thinking well of *any* fleshling is /obviously/ a mistake. The worst part is... Silas is right, Blast Off has a hard time fathoming that a mere organic could ever do something like take over Trypticon... which is exactly how Silas and his crew did that.
 Blast Off thinks all this and seethes... but what happens next makes him stare, dumbfounded... as Soundwave... /KNEELS BEFORE/ this... this.... /ORGANIC/?!?! The Combaticon is shocked. His pale violet optics just stare at Soundwave, then slowly up towards Trypticon. He's... not sure what to do. Should he... kneel, too? He takes a step back, disgusted by this turn of events. The Combaticon's pride instantly reacts quite strongly to that with a definitive NO, so... barring direct orders from Soundwave, he just stands and watches this play out between the other two. And he hopes this is just a trick and Soundwave will be giving him orders to start shooting soon.
Jazz holds his position in the snow and ice, hidden still and waiting..watching..his radio busy with com traffic as he tries to figure some way out of this mess. Silently he pulls a detonator and a large chunk of solid explosives. He stows it away someplace safe, waiting for a chance to move in and do some good. To accomplish anything more than simply a stalling tactic or precipitating something worse..
Horsepower can't do much for the exchange for the moment, so he goes over in his head the number of warheads and payloads he brought with, and makes sure his refuel systems are running at full capacity. If this does turn into a fight it's going to be a long, protracted one...
Combat: Horsepower deploys his reserve energon tank.
Jazz realizes he has no choice, and steps out from amongst the snow and ice, moving towards the group assembled. "Alright, looks like I got no cards left to play then, since ol' Soundwave here just crumpled up like paper on behalf of the 'almighty Decepticon Empire'" he says with heavy sarcasm as he saunters over, playing the indignant enemy. "I ain't lettin' Cybertron get blown up jus' cause ol' tincan here don't got the bolts ta keep his house in order.." he says as he raises his hand. "On behalf o' the Autobot's, I surrender.."
And now Jazz comes out to surrender, great. Velum isn't budging yet, though, not unless Silas knows he has backup here. Instead she cycles her weapon systems and keeps her rifle trained on the cityformer, ready to spring into action if things start to go south. <<Jazz, be careful. I wouldn't be surprised if Silas turned those guns on you and the Cons out there.>>
Combat: Jazz appears from the shadows...
Horsepower actually smirks a little as he sees Jazz walk out into the open. If there's any Bot that can turn making a surrender into an advantage, it's good ol' Jazz.
Combat: Jazz sets his defense level to Neutral.
"Good, excellent, Soundwave!" Silas sneers. "I knew you were the reasonable one! Why, I wouldn't have even bothered with Galvatron--I'd have already stepped on the fool by now! Speaking of stepping on people..." Trypticon's massive head shifts towards Blast Off. "Blast Off! Why, you're like a little ant down there, and yet, you aren't kneeling! I have to say that it SEEMS like you aren't also surrendering to me. That's VERY troubling to me, I have to say."

A massive foot stomps near Blast Off, and both he and Soundwave might get knocked on their butts just from the shockwave!

But before he can toy with the Decepticons further, Jazz reveals himself, and as the Silas-controlled Trypticon fixes his gaze on him, he says, "Ahhhh! Finally, a response from the Autobots! And they send *Jazz*. Not Rodimus, not Magnus. Probably hiding somewhere, the cowards. I don't blame them, but I accept your surrender. Now. I do have some orders for the both of you. I don't need just to pacify Cybertron, oh no. I'll also need to pacify the Earth. So, I have a list of cities that I will want you robots to attack shortly. Enemies of MECH, of course, and enemies to the new order. I hope you don't getting a little blood on you!"

Something bothers him, then. Hm, what did Soundwave call him a moment ago? Was it a mistake?
Solstice has arrived.
Arcee has arrived.
Soundwave stays at his kneeling position, his fist clenched. He turns to look at Jazz, "AND THE AUTOBOTS ARRIVE LATE, UNPREPARED, AND WOEFULLY UNREPRESENTED AS ALWAYS. WHY NOT BRING IN THE REST OF YOUR TEAM, AUTOBOT? IF THE DECEPTICONS HAVE A NEW COMMANDER, HE WILL WISH TO SEE ALL THOSE WHO SWEAR FEALTY." He starts to stand, then pauses with all the grace of a right-hand-mech. "WITH YOUR PERMISSION, LORD." He assumes himself, then turns his back to Scorponok to judge the crowd, "WE HAVE BEEN MADE WHOLE ONCE MORE AFTER EONS OF DESTRUCTION...." His deep voice rumbles, even going so far to address the Autobots still in hiding. "THE GREAT RIFT, THE WAR FOR CYBERTRON ENDS. IT ENDS UNDER NEW LEADERSHIP." Soundwave gestures to Scorponok, then moves to stand out of his view, "NEVER HAS THE AUTOBOT CRY 'TILL ALL ARE ONE' BEEN MORE DESERVED TO BE ECHOED ACROSS THE COSMOS. WE STAND TODAY, IN FEALTY TOWARDS...LORD SCORPONOK."

 The Tape Commander pauses for dramatic effect, "AND NOW WE CELEBRATE...BY CHEERS OF HIS NAME." Ugh, this'd better work, he's talking too much. Soundwave taps his shoulder to eject Laserbeak and Garboil for dramatic effect, then gives a deathstare at everyone who is not Scorponok, "FOR LORD SCORPONOK."
Jazz can't stand it, but as he stands there he finally bows his head slightly in defeat. When Soundwave rises and begins to announce a new end to the Cybertronian wars...yeah..that's not done every year or two these days..he sighs. Taking a moment to steady himself he nods and turns to face the others present. He doesn't have anything to eject but he calls out loudly, "You know the score.. For Lord Scorponok.." he says with obvious distaste. "We...await your commands.." he says finally.
Blast Off is still staring at Trypticon, but Jazz's appearance does make the Combaticon briefly turn his head to watch him approach. His grip on his ionic blaster tightens, and he'd LOVE to just start shooting at the Autobot- he owes him for nearly being blown up by him the other night... but then Trypticon grabs his attention again- quite impressively, too- as a massive foot stomps near him! It does indeed knock the Combaticon off his feet, and he falls backward- but then catches himself. He's got impressive agility, after all. But he's just starting to wonder if he's going to have to kneel, after all... or maybe fly away and never return.... when Soundwave gets up and makes his speech. Ah! Perhaps there IS a method to the madness?
 Blast Off glances at the Autobots, wondering how long this'll last, then looks up at Trypticon/Silas/Scorponok/whoever and responds to Soundwave's command. He raises a fist to the air, and repeats (not sounding all that enthusiastic, though Blast Off never does sound all that enthusiastic anyway, and this is one of those times he's glad of that fact), "For Lord Scorponok!"
 Slag .....This is humiliating.
Back on Cybertron, Arcee meets up with Solstice in Iacon. "The time for action has arrived, let's step on it!" she exclaims, transforming to car mode and peeling out.
Back on Cybertron, Solstice races to meet up with Arcee, mag-locking the borrowed gun to a hip, stashing the medkit o'doom in a subspace pocket. She skids a bit before leaping into her transformation, tearing off after Arcee.

At a Nebulan encampment, a Nebulan woman approaches a bunch of fellow Nebulans, or what she believes are Nebulans! While most people in the camp have gotten to know each other over time, these particular Nebulans, who have apparently been living out of their shuttlecraft for some time, are a bit of an enigma to the community.

"Hello, there?" says the Nebulan woman, greeting one strange man standing outside of the ship who appears to be watching everyone else, almost like a... sentry? Nah. "We're very sorry to bother you, but... well... I was wondering, where are you from? Did you come from Koraja? And are those.. Terran hats?"

Agent Braves of MECH adjusts his baseball cap, and smiles. "Yes. We have visited Earth. Peculiar planet. Worth fighting for." And what's inside the shuttle? Why... the source of the signal that Jazz and Soundwave are tracking! Can Arcee and Solstice get to it in time?

Back on Earth, Silas seems somewhat appeased as Jazz and Blast Off kneel to him, but... something continues to rankle at him. "Hnngh." He hesitates, but... surely, with all his newfound power, he's entitled to more respect than that? "Alright. One little thing. I. Am. Not. SCORPONOK! The name is *Silas.* Do I really need to show you people what I'm speaking of!?"
Coming up on Retoris, Arcee is driving with Solstice while receiving additional data from an intel operative on the signal being tracked. "...OK, I'm sending this over to you, Sol...the signal pattern is pretty distinct, so we should be able to distinguish it from interference or frequency noise...and we *should* be picking it up pretty soon!"
Horsepower hunchs down behind his cover and starts putting stuff together. Got a sniper, even if it is the enemy usually, playing spotter. Miss Velum has an EMP strike waiting. But is that going to be enough? Scorponok is a big mech, and one that turns into a base as well. They sometimes have redundant systems and whatnot. What else can they do to cripple his ability to retaliate long enough for the Cybertron team to get the job done?... Wait, maybe that... if he... Good thing he's use to working under pressure. The outfitter quietly and quickly makes a few adjustments to one of his special payloads...
Soundwave startles as he turns to face Tryptilasonok. His plan was working, sort of, he was inches away from getting glory stomped into scrap metal, but Silas was getting incensed. The Autobots were being no help here, though admittedly they were going to have to be trusted for other matters. Soundwave fumbles over his words, "OUR APOLOGIES. ZARAK HAD CUSTOMARILY GONE BY THE SAME TITLE, DESPITE HIS MASTER NATURE. IT IS THE SAME WITH YOU NOW...." He omits the customary use of a name or title with a cough, "YOU ARE ONE WITH SCORPONOK, ONE OF OUR MIGHTIEST WARRIORS, AND TOGETHER YOU HAVE CLAIMED THE MOST POWERFUL CITYFORMER EVER BUILT. TO THINK THAT THE POWER YOU HOLD NOW IS...ROUGHLY .03% FLESH AND 99.97% SHEER CYBERTRONIAN POWER." GULP. "WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU JOIN US IN THE POWER AND STRENGTH OF METAL, OF CYBERTRONIAN MAKEUP, TO PROVE YOUR STRENGTH OVER ALL."

Solstice keeps up with Arcee, driving fast. "Alright. Got it. It is a bit on th' noticeable side once it's been picked out an' all." Sideslipping to move to Arcee's other side, "Keepin' an' optic out, ma'am."
At least that have a plan now, which Velum is thankful for as she's been getting quite anxious just lying in wait. While those out in the field try to coax Silas out of the base, Velum gets to work priming her weapons. Targeting systems are set on Trypticon's entrance as dart launchers warm up, ice cracking and falling off her exo's armor when panels shift open to reveal rocket pods, ready to fire.
Looking up towards Trypticon, Jazz spreads his hand, "I gotta say ol' 'wave here is right..I mean, tha's the way it is with all of em. Even us Autobot's call 'em by the big ones name usually.." His voice is apologetic and believable as he nods, ".03..that's pretty darn close I'm bettin'.." he agrees again. He does not, however, kneel down.
Blast Off ...didn't kneel, for the record, but probably only he cares about that. But it may just be that everyone looks kind of puny and hard to discern anyway when looked down upon from a perch like Trypticon. But Soundwave's ploy of calling Silas by Scorponok's name does seem to be working, as Silas brings it up with irritation. He listens to Soundwave and chimes in, "Yes. It is the Decepticon way, after all. Scorponok does appear to have ...upgraded... and has had the final victory. Might makes right, I suppose." He shrugs, as if bored now, and looks off to the distance... though secretly he's running a few targeting scans.
Back on Retoris, Agent Braves looks to the side as he hears the sound of Autobot engines approaching. He figures that it's likely to be a routine Autobot patrol and decides to, as usual, keep his cool and look casual while simultaneously watching them through his sunglasses. Still, that Nebulan woman is still chatting him up.

"Oh, you've been to Earth!" the woman says. "Yes, I hear it's lovely, but all the food there doesn't as good. The humans don't like Mercury getting in it--it's poisonous to them, can you believe that?"

"Hm, yes, the food did lack... something," Agent Braves replies, a bit distracted.

On Earth, Silas listens to the two subtly insult him, and grows increasingly angry. He was never really a "robot-hater" like Cross, but even so, with all his new power, it's immensely aggravating to him to see the robots attribute his access to being bonded to a robot! "You... IDIOTS!" Trypticon's huge foot rises up... then drops down right on top of Soundwave. CRUNCH!

"Scorponok is NOTHING but a SHELL! You don't give your SPACESHIPS credit for being PILOTED by you, do you!? No! And neither will YOU give HIM any credit!" Silas seethes. "*I* am running this damn mechanical monstrosity, and the moment you forget it..." He raises a boot to reveal... er... Soundwave. Ouch.

"Let me show you something else... and don't even THINK of trying anything funny, because my team is getting CONSTANT updates from me, and the instant I fail to report in even once, or if my heart stops, Cybertron DIES. Is that CLEAR to you robots?" Trypticon's mouth opens wide, then out extends... what is that... is that... Scorponok? Scorponok wrapped around Trypticon's brain module in Scorpion mode like a tick?

Scorponok's chest module opens to reveal SILAS! "You see? It's a MERE MAN running all of this! ME! And meanwhile Trypticon, Zarak, and Scorponok are trapped in a mental prison with each other, to suffer for as long as I live!"

Trypticon has arrived.
Trypticon transforms into his menacing Tyranosaurus Mode.
Combat: Trypticon strikes Soundwave with his Total Destruction attack!
Combat: Massive damage!
Trypticon has left.
"<< Solstice, this needs to be quick. Really quick. How about I run distraction on that guard... .>>" Arcee indicates Agent Braves, "<< And you get the bomb? You okay with that? If not, I'll go get the bomb and you can play distraction. But I need an answer in about 500 microseconds. >>"
"<<I'll distract, you do the bomb thing. Put on some heavy shades though, my high beams aren't exactly street legal.>" Solstice replies over a shortwave.
Jazz had been on guard to start with, and jumps back as Trypticon's foot starts coming downward towards Soundwave. He has to dive and roll to get out from under it, but just barely manages to escape joining Soundwave as a pasty little mess on the ground. When Silas comes out to gloat, he rolls up to a crouched position and his Photon Rifle comes out into his hands. "Autobot's! Decepticon's! Time t' roll!" he yells out as he blasts at Silas, trying to stun Scorponok..Trypticon..Silas. Whatever that thing goes by at this particular moment. "FER CYBERTRON!" he yells out as he does. *pew! goes his rifle*

 "Soundwave, meet Shockwave and Megatron."

 "Soundwave, you dolt!"

 "King of Communications..."

 "Decepticons, ATTACK!"


 Soundwave raises his head in utter shock as he correctly anticipated exactly what was going to happen. He takes a step back as a giant looming foot eclipses the Sun. He looks over to Jazz with his arm out, "YOU HAVE"


 Soundwave is crushed by Trypticon's titanic weight. The ground shakes and splinters, ice flies up into the air, creating an eruption of mist, ice shards and terror!! The massive cityformer withdraws his foot, leaving a massive crater behind, and at the bottom of it, the mangled and ruined form of the Tape Commander Soundwave. His faceplate dented and twisted, his chestplate broken and his legs at unnatural angles. The scariest bit of all, is the unusually light coloring of his form, no longer blue at all, more like grey...
Combat: Soundwave damages himself.
Combat: Soundwave falls to the ground, unconscious.
Agent Braves glances slightly to his right as the femmes approach. Could just be a patrol, still... hm, is that a Koenigsegg CCX? He always wanted one, that is, before he became an agent of MECH and such things no longer mattered to him. He has no idea what the other car is supposed to be, though, other than pink.
Blast Off jumps back as Trypticon's massive foot is raised- and brought right down on the unfortunate Soundwave. Welp... better him than me, he thinks. He has no love for the overgrown boombox. The Combaticon even smirks just a little under his faceplate as Silas goes on a rant, as they had hoped... though the quip on spaceships gains a less than amused glare from the shuttle. (Soundwave= meh. Insulting spaceships?!= outrageous!) That fool has /no idea/ how much skill it takes to transport oneself- and others- from planet to planet... it's a LOT of work, and requires amazing dedication and care and skill and... and this is not really here nor there right now. There are other matters at hand, namely taking out this obviously deluded organic fool.
 Blast Off staggers back, as the impact of Trypticon's foot did leave quite an impact, and it makes sense he wouldn't want to stick around to be stepped on next. The Combaticon transforms and rockets up into the air, circling up above now where he's not easily squashed. The air is his element anyway. And great- now that Soundwave's offlined, he's the only Decepticon surrounded by a bunch of Autobots. LOVELY, the day just gets better and better.
 His targeting data locks in as Silas is foolish enough to show himself. He transmits to the data to Velum with a sniff, <<Try NOT to mess this up...>> as Jazz starts the charge!
With a disdainful shrug, Blast Off transforms into a space shuttle.
Combat: The next attack against you will automatically hit.
Combat: Space Shuttle <Blast Off> sets his defense level to Aggressive.
Combat: Blast Off takes extra time to assist Exosuit <Velum>'s next attack.
How predictable. It actually makes Velum smirk a little. For being so smart all these years he's acting quite foolish right now. Maybe it's all that wiring hooked up to him, or maybe Scorponok is leaking back into his brain. Either way the targeting systems flash when they lock on and information feeds in from Blast Off, Velum tensing and pulling the trigger to open fire. <<Heh, don't underestimate my aim, Con. Firing! Watch yourselves out there!>>

 Rows of rocket pods fire off, unleashing their entire payload high into the sky as a cloud of missile-like projectiles. It's only at the peak of their accent that they burst open and spread the sharp darts inside, filling the air and raining down upon the exposed Scorponok where they unleash a collective jolt upon impact.
Combat: Exosuit <Velum> sets her defense level to Aggressive.
Combat: Exosuit <Velum> strikes Scorponok with her EMP Darts attack!
Combat: You took 0 damage.

Finishing his field jury-rigging in record time, Horsepower slides the shell into his heavy duty launcher, makes a quick check that everything is green lighting, and then vents an exhale to focus. Disable Scorponok without killing him so the others can get Silas out of his frame. This he can do.

This is it, time to save both worlds or the unthinkable happens.

The inventor pushes his bulk up to his feet and turns swiftly to face the gathering, gripping the shoulder launcher with both hands and putting one broad foot up on his previous cover to brace himself as the vibrations of the stomp rumble through the icy terrain, and takes aim at Scorponok huddling around what little (in comparison to size) brains Trypticon has.

"Sounds like someone got so high and mighty he fergot to look down under his own nose. Now how 'bout we pop that ugly ol' tick thare...."

With a boom and a plume of smoke around it's barrel the launcher fires, hurtling towards Scorponok a highly polarized payload that, in conjuncture with Velum's EMP shots, should wreck some holy havok on Scorponok's systems and maybe even disrupt his control over the behemoth. If you can't kill a guy, wrecking his ability to act effectively is the next best option.
Combat: Horsepower sets his defense level to Aggressive.
Combat: Jazz sets his defense level to Aggressive.
Combat: Horsepower strikes Scorponok with the Horsepower-forged Flux Incapacitator attack!
Combat: You took 0 damage.
At Retoris, Arcee continues driving up toward Agent Braves. "<< OK, I'll get the bomb. Oh, and my shades. Thanks for the heads up, >>" she tells Solstice.
Combat: The next attack against you will automatically hit.
Combat: Scorponok's forcefield protecting #-1 NO SUCH OBJECT VISIBLE vanishes.
Combat: Exosuit <Velum> strikes Scorponok with her EMP Darts attack!
Combat: You took 0 damage.
Combat: Your stats and limits have been reset by an administrator.
Combat: Exosuit <Velum> strikes Scorponok with her EMP Darts attack!
Combat: You took 4 damage.
Combat: That attack has temporarily impaired Scorponok's Agility. (Crippled)
Combat: Horsepower strikes Scorponok with the Horsepower-forged Flux Incapacitator attack!
Combat: You took 3 damage.
Combat: That attack has corrupted your Accuracy systems!
Combat: That attack has slowed Scorponok, making him less efficient.
Meanwhile, back at Retoris:

<<Let's DO this!>> Solstice shortwaves.

        The sunset orange Koenigsegg puts the pedal to the metal, engine a throaty rumble-purr of pistons doing the work of Hephaestus himself. It picks up speed, engines giving out that roar-rumble of redlining, revving up before brakes are hit, sparks shooting out from rims like sparks from the forge itself, aft swinging about in a poster-perfect drift as headlights kindle and then flare like twin suns. The controlled slide brings her about to shine those not quite street-legal high beams across the area.
Silas's triumphant sneer quickly turns to dismay as all hell breaks loose! "What--" he gasps as Jazz's shot pings against Scorponok's armor. "What are you doing!? Did you not just hear me say--" Too late does he realize that the Autobots and Decepticons don't plan on killing him--yet, at the very least! "NOOOO!" he screams as EMP darts slip past the weakpoints in his armor, right into Scorponok's most vital systems. Perhaps Scorponok could have handled the shock of that, but Horsepower's Flux Incapacitator attack completely ruins any chance of that, and soon Scorponok's whole body is shaking and sparking with electricity. Trypticon slumps to his knees as Silas struggles to control him.

"No! No! How can this be happening!?" Silas rages. "How can this be happening!? NOOO--" And Trypticon continues to topple forward, face-first.
Back at Retoris, Agent Braves is slightly distracted by the Nebulan's chatter right up until the Koenigsegg roars in, drifting past and sending intense beams of light into his eyes. The sunglasses he's wearing help, but not enough to prevent him from being completely disoriented and blinded. The agent throws up his hands to block out the light and stumbles back.

"Woah!" yells the Nebulan woman, shielding her eyes but thankfully being at an angle to avoid catching the beams full in the face. "Hey, now, you Autobots need to be careful!"
And behind Agent Braves, of course, there lies the supposed Nebulan civilian shuttle, which Jazz and Soundwave determined to be the origin of the MECH signal...
"Everybody look out!" yells Jazz as he lurches...forward. Instead of running away from the toppling Decepticon cityformer, he runs towards it, hoisting Soundwave's crumpled and smashed form as best he can as he runs towards dubious safety. <<Horsepower, Velum, try and yank Scorponok out of that thing..or just Silas if you can't get both!>> he calls out as he transforms, dropping Soundwave across his dash board and revving towards any spot that's not in the shadow of a giant toppling dinosaur. If Soundwave had a tongue, it would likely be lolling out like some trophy deer on the hood of that Porsche.
Arcee transforms and slips behind Agent Braves gingerly. "Whoops! Yeah, we're a little lost, sorry about that," she tells Braves and the Nebulan woman in a casually apologetic tone. That said, she slips into the shuttle and scans around for the bomb.
Space Shuttle <Blast Off> watches as Velum uses his targeting data to strike a blow. He replies, <<That was... acceptable, I suppose.>> (Which is as close to any kind of praise or acknowledgement as the "lowly organic" is going to get...) The combined strikes appear the be effective, however- as Silas- and Trypticon- begin to fall! The shuttle circles around, but makes no move to save Soundwave. If the other Con was crushed in the fall, it's not like Blast Off would really care- the tape deck Commander has too much blackmail on him as it is. And so, in this situation he's not risking his neck for Soundwave. But Jazz does, which Blast Off takes note of... how odd- this is Jazz's enemy, why would he save him?
 No matter, Autofools don't make sense anyway. But Blast Off's main target is Silas. He transforms back to root mode, drawing out his ionic blaster, and keeps close by- ready to zoom in and secure the revolting organic before he can escape. Once he finishes crashing, that is.

Okay, Jazz has a better idea. We'll go with that. Horsepower folds his launcher up into it's storage position, and then from the other shoulder pulls down his tow arm and fires the hook and line to grapple onto Scorponok even as Trypticon is leering forward. "Can't believe we're technically savin' these guys," he mutters under his breath. Get him out, then we can get Silas out of him.

Transforming into his big wrecker mode Horsepower puts the pedal all the way down, pushing his massive engine to redlining to get up enough power in such a short amount of time to hopefully wrench Scorponok free. Good thing he's made for being able to pull really big guys out of big holes in the first place.
Horsepower drops his bulk to the pavement, converting into a modified wrecker rig.
Blast Off shifts into his battle-ready robot mode.
Combat: Blast Off sets his defense level to Neutral.
You have no idea how satisfying it is to see your attack hit two of your most hated foes. But Velum doesn't have time to celebrate, not when Trypticon is coming down like a ton of bricks. With a grunt she holsters her rifle and seals up her armor panels before making a break for it across the snow. It's going to be one hell of an impact, but she'll just have to muscle through the incoming wave of snow and ice.

 By the time Trypticon settles she'll be up at his head, wading through the drifts to get between the enormous jaws of the cityformer. Hopefully they won't have to dig too deep to pull him out.
Agent Braves, unable to see, continues to fumble about, rubbing at his eyes under his sunglasses, hoping his vision clears quickly. "Wait--" he blurts out at Arcee, but by the time he says something she's already past him and inside. Within the shuttle, there's another Baseball Agent, Agent Orioles this time, waiting right by what looks like a tower-like Subspace Disruptor lying on its side, next to a rigged up control panel for it. The signal to Silas had briefly been cut off, but then it was restored. Hm. Suspicious. Maybe he should contact Silas to be sure? His hand moves to a communicator just as Arcee bursts in. The agent gasps, then tries to reach for the console--what will happen if he gets to it!? You probably don't want to know!
<+nom> There's a driving rhythm and the flashing of laser lights across the sky, spelling out - You've been nommed by Jazz!'.
Success! Horsepower's line manages to snag one of Scorponok's huge arms, and with a hard tug, Horsepower is able to yank him off of Trypticon's brain module, which appears to automatically retract back into its body! As Trypticon plows into the ice behind him in a deafening, earth-shaking crash, Silas screams "NOOOOOO!" as he is dragged along with Scorponok down to the ground, eventually banging across the ice before his host body is dragged across it like Achilles dragged Hector before the walls of Troy.

What? You didn't read the Illiad?
Arcee tries to very carefully pull Agent Orioles away from the shuttle's control panel -- she really doesn't want to hurt him, but he's probably going to get a little bit hurt by this handling anyhow. "I'm very sorry," she says with some regret, holding Orioles down in the seat with one hand and getting her pistol out of subspace with the other. She puts her pistol to the absolute lightest setting, which is something like a couple of police-issue tasers put together, and zaps Orioles in the neck. Once this is done, she goes over to the subspace disruptor. "Ugh, it's all connected up... I don't have time for this."
Snow and ice flies in all directions as Trypticon hits the ground, and from Scorponok skidding about behind him as Horsepower cuts through the frigid terrain thanks to the large number of his namesake that his oversized engine block provides, and the large V-plow pushing away whatever tumbles into his path. Once clear of where the behemoth fell he skids into a stop, letting larger headmaster's bulk slide against him to stop as well. Clunk! Okay, that wsn't quite so smart, because it still tips him partway over. "Someone grab Silas outta thare before he can recover!"
Jazz gets out from under Trypticon with Soundwave and transforms, unceremoniously dumping the Decepticon communications leader and spy in the process. Seeing Horsepower coming to a stop nearby he runs over, "Great job Horsepower! I knew ya had it in ya!" he says as he charges over. He moves to the huge Decepticon and hmms, "Ah heck, Velum you got any ideas how ta unhook him?" he calls out in a worried tone as he looks at the mess. He also slips something out of a compartment as he looks in, dropping it into one of the open spaces exposed by the way Silas had inserted himself into Scorponok's body.
Blast Off descends down, hovering but not landing, blaster aimed at the battered form of Silas. He'd love to just shoot the organic right now, but knows that he's needed alive. Plus, he's linked with Scorponok and while Blast Off wouldn't really mind shooting Scorponok, either... that might not be looked upon lightly by Decepticon higher-ups. Though... he does pause a moment, wondering exactly what higher-ups those are currently? The Con ranks are a bit confusing right now with Galvatron gone, and as CO of Aerospace, Blast Off is pretty high up. Onslaught is the only mech he really answers to besides Soundwave or Scorponok. Who are both out for the count.
 ...Whatever. He's the only Con here right now, so that makes him in charge- of himself, at least. He doesn't want the Autobots to grab Silas and go, either- he MUST answer to the Decepticons for what he did, and they will want to know just how he achieved all this in the first place. But there's a bunch of Bots and just one of him. The Combaticon looks down at the assembled Autobots and allies. "Unhooking him entails risk to them both. Give them both to me..." he pauses and shrugs, "...Soundwave, too, I suppose... and I shall be on my way."
We'll assume Solstice can take care of Agent Braves outside.

Inside, Agent Orioles spasms violently at the taser being applied to him, but manages not to have his heart explode and instead slumps down to the ground. The device that's rigged up to the disruptor looks like it would be complicated to disarm, but as long as Blaster keeps transmitting that signal, it shouldn't do anything...

Scorponok's body awkwardly slams against Horsepower as he comes to a halt, his many limbs flopping about and one arm slumping over the Autobot. And meanwhile, Silas is dazed, confused, a bit battered, but most importantly, still exposed to the outside air. "I... I... what the hell... do you fools think you're doing? I... can destroy your planet... all of you... release me... I'm your... master...." His eyes roll up into the back of his head and he passes out.
Looks like Horsepower's got a handle on the saving aspect. The next problem? Disconnecting Silas. Approaching the Headmaster's still unconcious form, she frowns when coming face to face with the man inside. "..I've got a few ideas. Just give me a moment." She replies to Jazz and opens her cockpit, wincing at the cold cutting through her piloting suit before climbing down onto Scorponok.

 "I swear, you're an idiot, Silas." She grouses at the human and kneels beside the human with emergency tools set beside her. "Humans aren't meant to be *Masters, their bodies can't handle it." He's lucky he's still alive. Unfortunately he doesn't say much after, instead babbling and passing out.

 "You can have Scorponok if they survive this, Con." Velum replies in a hard tone to Blast Off without looking at him, getting to work with the utmost of care. "Silas is MECH, he's my jurisdiction."
With a hiss of pressure the cockpit to the exo opens up, Velum climbing out of her battlesuit
Jazz spins around as Blast Off lands nearby, shaking his head, "Ain' goin' down like that Blast Off, and unless you gotta whole lotta backup comin' in outta nowhere in the next few seconds, I don't think you're in a position to issue no demands.." he says, "We're takin' Silas. If we can't get 'im loose, we'll take Scorp too if we gotta. Soundwave I'll let slide and apologize to Blaster later for..load up your one sane commander and get outta here.." He moves to interpose himself between Blast Off and the other well as Silas if he can manage it. "I already blew you up once this week, I'd hate ta hafta do it again.. honest I would.."
Inwardly, Arcee's...just a little bit scared about the prospect of carrying something this dangerous. But no way will she show the apprehension outwardly. "Brave face, cupcake," she says to no one in particular, as she picks up the device...and transforms.

Outside, a pink Saturn Sky with convertible roof securely in place comes bursting out of the shuttle, heading back toward Iacon. Arcee thinks to herself that she probably should have made sure Solstice wasn't still back there, but at the moment, she's really frightened that this device could accidentally go off at any moment. "C'mon, cmon...cmon cmon cmon la lalalalala...oh, c'mon, 4th gear, commme onnn fifth gear..." She's wasting no time returning to Iacon, that's for sure.
The wrecker rig heaves up and rearranges into a heavy Autobot form.
Horsepower pushes Scorponok's arm aside as he transforms and stands up, then moves closer to where Velum is working. "Yer right 'bout humans not being biologically proper fer being bonded like that. He's probably got some sort of control rig hooked up to him that was bufferin' the input/output so the cybertronian mind and processes didn't just fry his squishy lump of grey matter."

He takes a few steps to the side, grabs one of the connections that had linked Scorponok to Trypticon, and pulls it off. "Likewise he was usin' Scorponok as a filter fer controllin' Trypticon, Ah reckon..."
Blast Off huffs at the response he gets, but... ultimately it really doesn't matter to him. He bristles internally, though, at the idea of losing something potentially valuable to the Autofools, but... Jazz has a point. And while the Combaticon is confident, he's not foolhardy enough to take all the Autobots and allies on right now. Jazz's other comment about blowing him up gets a glare, and the Combaticon wishes for the second time he could just shoot the Bot... but this is not the time. He decides to not reply to that, either... also not the time.
 Instead he replies, "...Then be careful. I am watching, and thus, the Decepticons are watching." He crosses his arms and waits, still hovering and keeping some distance. It's not like he's going to go down there and get all up close and chummy with a bunch of Bots. ...Not that he really does that with Cons either.
Combat: Your COMBAT flag has been cleared.
"Oh hey," comes Jazz's voice, "that makes me wonder, is pullin 'im out gonna bring ol' green an' purple back roarin' for vengeance? You might better make sure he ain' wakin' up the minute Silas is outta the picture HP..I don't wanna have ta deal with him. We get Silas an' get outta here, quick as possible, and leave the Decepticon's ta clean up their own mess." He leans over to watch what Velum is doing, offering technical advice if possible to help out but staying out of the way.
Horsepower looks up to Jazz. "My incapacitator should of debilitated his energon systems. Even if Scorponok does start to rouse, he's gonna be too sluggish and low on charge to do much."
Combat: Velum compares her Technical to 75: Failure :(
Combat: Jazz compares his Technical to 75: Success!
Oh, snap! Velum nearly snaps a cable that would have killed Silas, Scorponok, and Zarak! What an ACCIDENT that would have been! But fortunately, Jazz is there to notice!
Velum avoids a catastrophe thanks to Jazz! Good thing he was hovering, eh? Unfortunately it doesn't help her efforts of freeing Silas, the woman frowning hard and setting her tools down. "It's no use. I'm guessing MECH put this tech in, so it's impossible for me to get a handle on what's what. We're going to have to let Brainstorm and Arcana have a look at him if we want to actually remove him alive." And speaking of alive, he won't last long exposed to the arctic cold like this. Cue Velum, despite every fiber of her being rejecting it, removing her heavy jacket and setting it on him. They want him alive, so she's not going to let him die for now despite her feelings.

There's a 'hmmm' from above as Jazz reaches in and stops Velum from cutting one of the feeds. He looks down and nods agreement, "Yeah, we don't wanna risk yankin' those tubes out of him..he's gotta stand trial for his crimes an' all.." he says as he looks the situation over. "You know though Velum..we ain't gotta unhook him from all this rigamarole o' his that's keepin' 'im alive..what if we just unhook the whole rig out of Scorponok?" he suggests. He reaches in and starts popping electrical connections as he mumbles, "I may not know..nothin' about human surgery. But I know enough about riggin' up a control harness.." he says. He knocks whatever he dropped in earlier into one of the crevices where the feeds were pulled through, letting it fall in farther as he lifts Silas' entire control module from Scorponok. "Horsepower, you mind givin' this a haul ol' buddy? I like things cool, but this place done up and got old if ya ask me!" he says as he pulls it loose.

Anyway, somehow the Autobots manage to extract Silas from Scorponok... what's left of Silas, anyway. His limbs have been reduced to stubs and the rest of the man's body isn't in the best shape after patched together. The only thing seeming to keep him alive is an independently powered life-support apparatus that will have to be carried with him. Scorponok does not revive once Silas is removed--apparently Horsepower was right about the job they did on his systems.

Blast Off watches the Autobots and Velum do their thing, arms crossed, occasionally sighing and looking off across the horizon like he has better things to be doing right now. But eventually they manage to extract the organic... more or less. He'd remind them to be careful again... but he really doesn't care.
Horsepower feels a little awkward. He's the technician here... but this is stuff that's a bit out of his mechanic's league. Sure he can patch up a *master fine, but how their interfaces and stuff work? He's not that up to current operations on. Fortunately the others do manage to remove the whole thing over all. It's like his own little personal prison. Looks like the last time Silas escaped death, it was barely.

To Jazz's question all he gives is an affirming "Eyup" as he grabs onto the entire unit and just hefts it up with his strength. Manual labor, that he can still do no matter what.
Blast Off sees that Scorponok is free. Well... then there's not much else to do but grab the two Commanders and leave. The Combaticon says, "I will collect these two and leave, then...." He transforms into shuttle mode and lands, using his shuttle arm to scoop Scorponok into his cargo bay. Somehow. Despite the fact that's he so heavy. It's a strong shuttle arm, Ok? He then flies over and does the same with Soundwave. His lasers are ready for action if anyone makes a move, but they do not... so he then flies off without another word.
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Silas' Subspace Disruptor Apr 23 2014 Jazz
<<The usual Autobot spinny fades out and Jazz is in his office looking pleased>>

        This is Jazz here, comin' in with some good news for a change! We gotta get back to work in Nova Cronum, so I'll make it brief! Silas's deadline came up and he started demandin' some answers, so we went t' give 'em to him. Soundwave and Blast Off showed up since apparently Soundwave was the only functional command apparatus in play, and Horsepower an' Velum showed up to give me some backup that I can't thank em enough for. I figgered that Soundwave was listening in, so used our broadband to make some plans an' we managed to sucker Silas out in the open. Meantime, I decoded some transmissions Soundwave was pickin' up, and we managed to pinpoint the location of the subspace bomb o' doom in Retoris. They were hidin' it in a Nebulon camp!

        Arcee and Solstice hauled it on out there while Soundwave was gettin' stepped on by Trypticon (He playes the clip. Twice.) but Soundwave bought us enough time faking the constant signals, Blaster took things over with his usual expertise when the purple meanie went offline. Velum and Horsepower yanked ol' Scorponok's offline form out of Trypticon as the dinocity went down like a Quintesson arguin' with a dinobot.. Arcee and Solstice grabbed the weapon and hauled it back to Iacon, Velum and I yanked Silas out of ol' Scorpobrick, and we bugged out.

        That's pretty much where we are. I handed Silas over to the EDC to deal with, since he's sorta humanish, an' headed back to Cybertron to help dispose o' the weapon. Sky Lynx ol' buddy, I want one heck of ah escort on this thing when we take it out to detonate in space. We'll find us a nice quiet suburb of nowhere and let it blip on into nothin' before anyone can get schematics off o' it or steal it again!

        That's it for me! Great work out there Autobots, and give the EDC a shout for their support when ya see em. Cybertron ain't gonna be blown up tonight an' we'll sort tomorrow out then!

<<The Autobot spinny returns as Jazz fades out>>