Abdul Fakkadi
Name Abdul Fakkadi
Faction Carbombya
Function Dictator
Alt Mode N/A
Type NPC


"I swear on my mother's camel I will rid my country of the robot invaders!"

A dictator with a huge assortment of self-appointed titles and awards, Abdul Fakkadi is ruthless, greedy, and close-minded to the ways of foreigners. Regardless of that fact, the people of his Middle Eastern nation, Carbombya, love him, or at least that's what his state-sponsored rallies would suggest. While Abdul Fakkadi mostly concerns himself with increasing his personal wealth and ruling his country with an iron fist, he greatly fears that "Imperialists" will attempt to oust him from power. To prevent this from happening, he spends a large amount of his nation's oil revenues on its military. The dictator has frequently done business with the Decepticons, but he feels no particularly strong attachment to them and would gladly betray them if they grew to be a problem. Has strong ties to terrorist and criminal organizations and has legions of fanatically loyal followers. Full of himself and often makes threats he can't back up.





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