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Name Abyss
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Artillery Cannon
Type OC


"Victory is the only absolute. Victory will bring its own glory."

Abyss sometimes stands out like a needle in a haystack amongst her peers. She doesn't concern herself with personal glory, nor does she seek to exploit the weaknesses of those around her. Her focus seems to be more on the safety of her comrades, even those that have mistreated her in the past. Her massive artillery cannon is always ready to rain death down upon her enemies from afar, while her fists and feet look more than capable of cause extreme hurt at point blank ranges. Commonly, she can be seen either socializing with her friends, or sitting in a dark corner, keying in a new fatalistic verse to her collection of poetry. She must always watch for those who would misuse her sense of honor to suit their own ends.



  • Last active June of 2008



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