What Are Player Achievements?

Achievements are like medals that YOU (the player) win for doing awesome things and/or helping out the MUSH. They are won by your characters but are tied to your permanent PLAYER record so you won't lose them if you change/drop/add characters over the years.

A great example of Achievements are the various medals that are given out each year at the Olympics. Achievements cover just about anything you can think of -- from OOC to IC, from goofy to serious. If you've played on Xbox live or any Valve video games you will have an idea of what an "achievement" represents. In a nutshell -- these are bragging rights! They are meant to be shared.

You can get a list of commands on the MUSH by typing +help +achievements

What Can I Get?

In game, you can check out a list online by typing +achievements/list. For a list on the wiki, check this out!

How Do I Get Them?

Fill out the following application and send it to 2k5upgrades

  • Character Name
  • Achievement Name and ID (you can get the ID# from any +achievements listing)
  • Brief Description of how you got it -- give us names, dates, etc (make it easy for us!)
  • If necessary, provide links to any logs that will prove your case

Note that you can nominate other players for Achievements, if you've noticed them doing something awesome that is deserving of one. Just send in the info and we'll surprise them.

Also note that friendly administrators are always willing to hear of new Achievement ideas.

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