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Name Adamia
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior/Medic
Alt Mode Brontotherium
Type OC


"Fortune favors the bold and the brave!"

Minds her own business, a loner, unless called for medical duties, then is very business-like and thorough. However, unruly patients will often get an injection to calm them. Plods into all situations blindly, single mindedly. Quiet. Intelligent despite her primitive air. Doesn't open up to anyone. Brontotherium mode (a prehistoric mammal) is nimble-footed. In robot mode, she carries a neutron pistol that shoots a combination of sonic feedback and laser bursts.


From her OOCfinger (4/10/96): I'm big, bad, & beautiful. The best among the OC Con medics. If you +finger Adamia, you'll see that this character has changed a great deal since I started rping her. She's compassionate and kind, as well as pretty tolerant and patient.. however there have been times when things in Med Bay have gotten hairy and she looses her temper. She isn't much of a loner anymore, though she spends a great deal of time still, alone in Med Bay.. with her thoughts. If you catch her in a good mood, you might hear her humming or singing ancient songs.


  • Active around 1996-1997.
  • Was at one point M.S.E. Subcommander.
  • The character evidently committed suicide, due to some personal issues ICly as well as RL for the player. The incident would affect subsequent rules policy on the matter.
  • Was considered a SNAD (Sensitive New Age Decepticon)



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