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Airbase Argosy

TP Characters: None
IC Year: 2028
Location: Earth
Run By: Fusillade sometimes. Everyone else and their brother at other times.



To further cement their air superiority, the Decepticons build a second, much more mobile base to serve as a launch platform for raids. Saves the trouble of having to fly halfway around the world and back to New Zealand every time someone wants to go beat up people in Europe or North America.


The Decepticons hijack an EDC supertanker. However, it soon becomes clear that they are after more than just the oil when they steam the ship toward New Crystal City. The Autobots and EDC rescue the trapped crew while Decepticons play shuffleboard and perform guard duty from deck chairs. A series of unusual raids begins afterward, including millions of feet of garden hose per Shockwave's plan to thermally shield the construction site from thermal surveillence by running sea water through netting atop the major sources of heat during the airbase's production. Several Autobots manage to infiltrate and discover the enormity of the project, and what ill fortune it bodes. It becomes a useful launch point for raids, and even is used during Russian Risk to solidify Decepticon claim over an alien crash site. She still lurks in the stratosphere to this day...


  • The airbase is intended to be a long-term, ongoing background plot. It will end eventually in fiery explosive fun.
  • The airbase should be considered a floating RP snack bar. Come up with something to do with it, and go play.
  • The airbase travels back and forth between the Van Allen Belts at the North and South Poles to snack on the magnetosphere to recharge its flight systems. Materials and energon for weapons systems have to be provided seperately.
  • During her charge cycle, <Argosy>'s plasma and electric discharge from the forward collection tines will ultimately supermagnetize then EMP-shred anyone caught between them. Decepticons, please do not fly in front of her when she's eating. She will vacuum you up.
  • She is outfitted with a proper engineering, sick bay, command deck, quarters area, and cargo bay.
  • The 'arriving' and 'departing' runways run anti-parallel to her, both hanging out the rear cargo bay.
  • <Argosy> does not like to go below 3,000 feet. Will nag you with error messages unless you can get an admin override. ;)
  • She is big, and there is usually no secret about her location if you have access to satellite imaging. Type '+argosy' to find her.
  • Yes, the -Wing and Thruster- probably DOES translate into the jet equivalent of 'Tits and Ass'. :(
  • <Argosy> has no engines. Lift and propulsion are provided by the use of plasma sheathing in the wings.



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