Name Alex
Faction Unaffiliated
Function Headcase
Alt Mode None
Type NPC


"They're after me, the Seekers are after me!!!"

Alex started life as a Utrecht Art Supply Store night manager, but had a run in with a few seekers. Transferring to the Crayola crayon headquarters in Easton, PA Alex was hoping to leave the trio behind him, and start life anew as an official crayon molding supervisor. It seems fate has a horrible sense of irony, and he was soon visited by those he tried to escape. After his most recent episode, he's moved back into his mother's basement, spending all his time ranting and raving about the impending doom that's about to befall him. Armed with very little, Alex wears a tin-foil helmet to prevent the Seekers from intercepting his brain waves.



  • Thinks a trio of Seekers are out to get him, in reality it's a case of unexpected coincidences.



  • Moar Roo-Bees! - The Combaticons make a mess of NYC, the Wreckers come to clean up.


Emitted by Dinobut

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