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As of 08/10/2014 (User:Paperwolf12), Altihex is
Autobots within the territory are in good standing, Decepticons within the territory are extremely disliked, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are undisturbed.
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Name Altihex
Type City-State
Location Iacon Region, Cybertron


Altihex is among the largest and most populated city-states, with a powerful, developed government and a refined infastructure. It's most known as the city of celebration and riches for all of it's wild parties and extravagant banquets alongside the renowned casinos that line nearly every strip. It has a residential district known as Fortune Fairway, and a smallish inlet from the Mithril Seas where the parties bleed into grandios yachts. There's also a rather elaborate network of gangs, and the back alleys aren't particularly safe.


Known Gangs

  • Clawpaint
  • Follows of the Fused Fist
  • Team Two Coil
  • Hammerstrucks
  • Moltencores
  • Splitsensors
  • Screaming Circuits Social Club


Name: Snakeyes
Faction: Neutral
Function: Proprietor
Alt Mode: Blue-green iridescent sportscar
Creator: User:Paperwolf12

Npc snakeyes.jpg
Playable by Any Scene-Runner?: Yes

Info: Snakeyes is a deeply beloved casino owner that often donates to charity organizations within Altihex. She is very much a public figure, and her various tastes in paint colors and locale are almost always in the headlines. Sharp and smooth all at once, the only mech that's got the bearings to go up against her in games of chance is Cardsharp, whom she maintains a friendly rivalry with. Competing casinos and all. She is in good standings with the Autobots after they'd rescued her from Decepticon kidnappers. She is said to have ties with the local gangs, so it would be most unwise to get indebted to her.

Name: Cardsharp
Faction: Neutral
Function: Proprietor
Alt Mode: Red and biege Cadillac
Creator: User:Paperwolf12

Npc cardsharp.jpg
Playable by Any Scene-Runner?: Yes

Info: Cardsharp is a stout, jovial mech that's typically only interested in revelry, parties, music and getting overcharged. He's also particularly fond of gemstones, so his armor is studded with crystals from many different planets across the galaxy. He's got a thing for giant mechafauna endoskeletons, so there's a great deal of polished metallic skulls on the walls of his incredibly large casino.

Name: Latch
Faction: Neutral
Function: Police Chief
Alt Mode: Green Nebulan helicopter
Creator: User:Paperwolf12

Npc latch.jpg
Playable by Any Scene-Runner?: Yes

Info: Police Chief Latch has his hands full with the law enforcement of the crime-ridden streets of Altihex. He's damn good at his job, however, and is known to go on dangerous police raids alongside his subordinates.

Name: Whitewash
Faction: Neutral
Function: Councilor
Alt Mode: Gray and white sportscar
Creator: User:Paperwolf12

Missing image.png
Playable by Any Scene-Runner?: No

Info: Whitewash is a rather shifty and mildly suspicious bureaucrat that is more concerned about the safety of his own hide than anyone else's. There are rumors that he isn't "clean".