Name Apex
Faction Decepticon
Function Grunt
Alt Mode Cybertronian Cyber-Jet
Type OC


"I AM the Decepticon army!"

Apex is everything that a Decepticon should be: boastful, proud, loyal, and sadistic. Extremely fond of taunting others and singing his own praises the flapping of his jaw almost always inspires anger and frustration making him the perfect front line soldier. While he absolutely delights in all of the murderous rampage, destruction, torture and treachery that his kind is known for Apex stands out as a hardcore “frontliner”, and is almost completely unwilling to do anything but fight at the head of engagements while simultaneously shirking any opportunities for promotion not entirely forced upon him. Courageous and cruel, optomistic and overbearing he is a force to reckon with. In his Cybertronian Jet altmode he fires a deadly Focus Beam, while utilizing his accurate Harasser Gun in robot mode.

Apex Render 1

You want some? Here's some!

Decepticon Logo



"True warriors fight wars, while the lazy sit around and plan them!"

For hundreds of years Apex has served the Decepticon armies as a front line soldier in an almost completely anonymous fashion. Your standard gumby Apex is not, but boy oh boy does he prefer the types of missions that his lesser renowned counterparts are known for undertaking. Both a boastful nature and extreme sense of superiority are garnered from being what he likes to call “the backbone of the Decepticon army”. It is this mindset however, this unwavering desire to never stray from his place at the very heart of the battlefield much moreso than any lack of ability that has kept him willingly shackled to the depths of obscurity. He fights valiantly and tirelessly for the causes of the Empire, and makes sure that everyone around him is fully aware that his contribution is more than noteworthy, but also notes that “too many promotions make one soft and out of touch. True warriors fight wars while the lazy sit around and plan them”. With an attitude like his it is no wonder that he has remained just another face in the crowd for so long.


Apex is voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Galvatron once ordered a heavily damaged Apex dropped into the middle of the Pacific Ocean for being overly antagonistic. It took him five months to return to base.

Apex is a member of 'The Dependables' along with Rampage and Mindwipe.

Apex always refers to Galvatron as "Galvy", "Galvs", or "Bossmech".

Apex has an ongoing rivalry with Buzzkill, which is really just Apex being a huge aft.

Galvatron awarded Apex the Brand of Conquest when he took credit for Scorn's Autobot base assault.

Apex Render 3

1, 2, 3, 4 I LOVE the aerospace corps!

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Backbone of the Decepticon Army



Backbone of the Decepticon army.

Harasser Gun

It's gonna take more than a restraining order to stop the Harasser Gun.


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