Name Arcee
Faction Autobot
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Convertible
Type FC


"Looks are always decieving."

A sweet, kind, and loyal Autobot to her friends, Arcee is also a merciless, lethal warrior to her enemies. Her intelligence, quick wit, and coolness under fire make her invaluable to the Autobot cause. She is very protective of Daniel Witwicky

Arcee's an expert hand-to-hand combatant and sharpshooter. She is armed with two blaster pistols in her robot mode. Her vehicle mode is equipped with anti-personnel weapons in the form of shrapnel launchers and tire spikes. Arcee's concern for Daniel Witwicky sometimes causes her to take excessive risks in order to protect him.

Skills: Hand-to-Hand Combat, Sharpshooting, Diplomacy, and Guerilla Warfare



Maybe I shouldn't string him along anymore.

Arcee keeps her origins largely secret due to not wanting her long-time friends, associates and mentors to suffer retaliation at the hands of the Decepticon forces. However, the long-time Autobot freedom fighter been known to claim a pre-war past in the Tyger Pax region of Cybertron.

In 2035, Arcee switched to the Intel department, and over the course of many missions, eventually attained the rank of CO. When Elita One was critically injured in a battle to defend Retoris, Arcee made a lateral department transfer to become the Military CO.


  • Arcee keeps a personal journal and tries to update it as much as possible. It can be found here.
  • This is probably not a femme anyone would want to cross. Which is why she's exactly where she needs to be: leading up the Military Branch of the Autobots. Who better to deal with Wreckers and Dinobots?
  • Can be quite nice on a personal level, but Primus help anyone trying to get one over on her. She doesn't suffer fools.
  • Arcee has a 'history' with Springer as well as Rodimus Prime prior to his assumption of leadership. However, she's a very free spirit and is not always bound to these Autobots in particular.
  • Known in certain circles as 'The Spark-Breaker' due to her great beauty and free spirit; see above.
  • Arcee can also be very protective of Daniel Witwicky, despite his having grown up a long time ago.


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  • Like Old Times- It's Arcee, Springer, Blurr and Ultra Magnus. Just like old times! Oh, and Andi Lassiter was there, too.
  • Thundering Rescue- An Autobot recon team is pinned down at Thunderhead Pass. The Autobots endeavor to rescue them while the Decepticons attempt to make a capture. Who will prevail?
  • Young & Impressionable- Blast Off is attempting to incite rebellion in the Autobot-controlled city-state of Tarn. What will the Autobots do to hamper his efforts?
  • Rabbit Incursion- Some signals on the perimeter of Autobot City lead a group of Autobots to discover the most absurd of invasion. Wabbit Season just opened up.
  • Deaddrop's Debriefing- Autobot Intelligence gathers information from their covert operative Deaddrop.
  • Crimson Dawn: Scapegoats- The Bots get flack for shooting down an unmanned but neutral transport.
  • DSB - Auditions- Blaster holds auditions for his show choir team (Da' AutoTunez), whilst the Autobot Frequency argues about the war. Again.
  • Protecting the Innocent- Blast Off is still interested in learning more about Tarn, and Arcee is afraid he's recruiting "innocent" mechs.
  • In Mother Markon...- The Autobots pay their underground allies a visit. It doesn't go entirely as planned.
  • Glitched Mech Madness- Outwardly, this looks like any normal sparring match between friends...except there's an air of tension, and it doesn't take very long to figure out there's something very unusual about Sunstreaker's behavior...
  • The Shuttle Job- The Autobots are about to launch their newly refurbished shuttle the Secutor when an alarm comes in of a massive assault on Cybertron. All shuttles scramble, but the Secutor can't seem to power it's engines on. Will the Secutor miss the party, or is it the focus of the attack?
  • Confidants- Arcee visit Blurr's office.
  • Venomous Energon- A small team of Autobots are sent to the Rust Seas to investigate an outbreak amongst neutral settlers.
  • Sonic Sabotage- The Decepticons have a sinister plan to keep Crystal City's populace under control. The Autobots have a plan to foil that plan. Whose plan will prevail?
  • Dear Arcee- Advice for Autobots- A slightly tipsy Arcee asks Rewind for advice as Prowl investigates her possibly disorderly conduct.
  • Conflicted Culture- Blast Off finds himself discussing opera and culture with Arcee, but Wraith doesn't want to take any chances with the Combaticon and potential human targets.
  • The Broken Window- Arcee and Apocryphacius discover the reason behind Sunstreaker's violent episodes.
  • Shut Up and Drive- I'm a fine-tuned supersonic speed machine...~
  • Crimson Dawn: Aerodynamic Entry!- Sky Bots in flight, afternoon fight...
  • Crimson Dawn: Running Dark- The Autobots investigate a cryptic message that lures them into the sewers of Crystal City
  • Race for...Second place?- Blast Off gets his one-on-one race with Blurr, while disguised as "Streamline"... but will it be what he expects?
  • Oil Raid- Decepticons attempt an oil field raid- and the Bots try to stop them.
  • Taking aim- Blast Off must make one last trip to the Washington beach to retrieve his weapon- which Arcee has just found.
  • King of Seekers-Finale- The King of Seekers Finale: Skydive vs. Blast Off
  • Solstice Repairs Blurr- Arcee and Solstice go to check up on Blurr and the end results are medical.
  • The Price of Peace- Autobots and Decepticons alike stumble upon a mysterious utopian city on a dark planet.
  • The Price of Peace: Aftermath- The Autobots discuss concerns in the wake of the incident on Nocturous III.
  • No More Kitty Videos!- Solstice gets caught watching kitty videos at work...By none other than Prowl.
  • High Cost of (Fine Wine) Living- A shuttle carrying a shipment of rare wines goes down- and some people just don't fully appreciate the "finer things in life". And some may appreciate them a little too much.
  • Crimson Dawn: Jailbreak of Day- The Bots attempt to rescue Widget from execution, and fall into a Decepticon Trap!
  • Angry Girlfriends- Blurr has dealt with a lot of things in his lifetime...but an angry girlfriend isn't one of them.
  • Crimson Dawn: Epilogue- So what happened at the VERY end?!
  • The Ibex Film Project: Prologue- Arcee and Rewind have a plan.
  • Battle at the Oil Pipeline- Bots and Cons battle over an oil pipeline in near-arctic conditions!
  • Spoils of War:Underestimation-
  • WWF:Nova Cronum- Weekly Wednesday Fight
  • Wreck-Gar Returns- Arcee discovers that Wreck-Gar and his merry band of Junks have returned to Autobot City. Is she imagining things, or are they getting crazier by the day?
  • Spoils of War:Be the Wall- The Autobots are pressed back in Nova Cronum, which do they decide, to take the enemy, or rescue the civilians?
  • Impromptu Situation Report - Spoils of War/Scorposilas- When Jazz arrives on Cybertron, Arcee and the crew fill him in on a bit of the situation at Nova Cronum and they discuss options on how to deal with Silas' threats.
  • Tower Defense - Vigilence- When Swindle and Blast Off attempt to deploy new and improved attack drones against a stubborn Autobot position, Arcee, Zipline, Dogfight and the rest of the Nova Cronum defenders show up to stop them..but wait..who's that skulking in the shadows?
  • A Place at the Table- Silas has hijacked Scorponok AND Trypticon, and if the Transformers don't submit to him, Cybertron dies!
  • Taking a Bite Out of Crime- The Autobots seek to destroy the device they obtained from Silas, but the Decepticons have different ideas. It's one space shuttle vs. another, with help from Arcee!
  • Spoils of War:The Wharf Effect- The Autobots third and final attempt to reclaim Nova Cronum
  • A Fight at the Opera- A semi-peaceful night at the opera is interrupted by a nefarious saboteur!
  • Revenge of the Trees- If you decide to strip wood off of endangered redwoods in a protected forest...don't think that Hound isn't going to notice!
  • They Saved Blitzwing's Brain!- Who knew blowing up part of Seattle would bring such Autobot involvement?!
  • Up Close And Very Personal- All Arcee has to do for Intel is put a ring on Blast Off's head. What could go wrong?
  • Rust, Rocks, and Lightning- It's one fast car against another as a shuttle and a... Necrobot?... join in the fight.
  • Impromptu Intel Meeting- Jazz catches up with Arcee on the most recent Autobot Intel, and then Hound joins in on the conversation.
  • Spoils Of War: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL- So apparently the Autobots had enough of Soundwave's BS, because they came in like a wrecking ball.
  • Death to Blast Off- Blast Off has been drawing the ire of a lot of 'bots lately, for a lot of reasons. Air Raid's rallying has them in the heart of Decepticon territory to try and kill him off, and it's a very, very bad idea.
  • Doomflower/Arcee IC Journal / Just Some Thoughts-
  • Protihex Problems- A group of Autobots assist the Healthabots of Protihex with relief efforts after the city-state was razed by the Combaticons.
  • Helex's Bad Day- Zarak is betrayed by a former ally, and Sunbow does a poor job of selling Helex!
  • An Ominous Sign- While investigating unusual data readings coming from the Candios system, Sky Lynx and Rewind come to a chilling realization, and they share their findings with Arcee.
  • Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon- A quiet, personal discussion between Arcee and Springer doesn't quite go as planned, and serves as the catalyst to an epic bar brawl which will surely go down in history as one of the Steel Balloon's most epic throwdowns!
  • Epic Bar Brawl: Autobot Aftermath- Following the Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon, Arcee visits Springer at the hospital, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of counterintelligence with Punch, then speaks with Jazz briefly as other patients come and go for their routine checkups and repairs.
  • A Minor Inconvenience- Swoop taunts Galvatron, and the big guy decides to throw down on Iacon's doorstep.
  • Doomflower/Arcee IC Journal / Pressure's On-
  • Candios: Planet of Mystery- What is so special about this place anyway?
  • Covert Cons at Tarn- Decepticon forces are marching towards Retoris, a field skirmish occurs.
  • Standing In Twilight- Talk is cheap, and Shiftlock wants to know what the Autobots are all about before she fully accepts her place among them. The best person to ask? The man in charge.
  • Raid on Tyrest- Shockwave orders an attack on Tyrest but what are his objectives?
  • Tarn Fortification and a Wrecked Opportunity- Arcee and Springer assist Decibel's fortification efforts in Tarn by bringing him over some much needed construction and armory supplies from nearby Iacon. All goes well, but then an unexpected visitor shows up, and things get awkward.
  • Autobot Battle Royale- Rodimus decides to gather a few Autobots together to show Crusade just how the Autobots throw down.
  • Doomflower/Arcee IC Journal / Retoris At What Cost?-
  • Defense of Retoris, Part 1- The Decepticons begin to lay siege to Retoris.
  • The Sweeps Shall Inherit The Earth- Scourge leads an attack on a "random" facility on Earth. Things either go exactly as planned or completely opposite as planned. You Decide.
  • The Dark Side of Tarn- The Autobots bust up Swindle's black market and figure out how he even managed to sneak into Tarn's police-state in the first place!
  • Filling Big Shoes- Arcee's been cross-promoted to Military CO from Intel, following Elita One's fall to Shockwave at the battle of Retoris. Still full of anger, worry, and doubt of her ability to undertake the new position, Arcee seeks the trusted advice of an old friend (who, incidentally, also received a promotion when he least expected it).
  • Doomflower/Arcee IC Journal / Strategic Scribbles-
  • The Great Train With the walls of Retoris under siege, the Autobots attempt to disrupt a Decepticon convoy in order to slow their assault on the city.
  • Loose Ends- Did...did Overlord say something about Unicron being rebuilt? Huh, better check that out.
  • Prowl Returns- Prowl returns to duty after a lengthy mission.
  • Hanging out and a weird broadcast- The Autobots are hanging out in the lounge when a weird broadcast is intercepted and things are set in motion.
  • Typical Day for Prowl- Typical day for Prowl. Resource management, secret reports, plotting. The works
  • 2035 Olympics Opening Ceremony- The United Nations unveils Guardian City as the host of the 2035 Olympics!
  • Planting Seeds of Doubt- Near the end of the titan Olympic bout between Defcon and Roadbuster, a couple of Decepticons see a golden opportunity to plant some seeds of doubt into one of the most stalwart freedom fighters the Autobots have.
  • 2035 Olympics - Heavy Full - Defcon vs Roadbuster- SO MUCH GUN! There is no other way to sum up a fight between one gunslinger space bounty hunter and the Wreckers' own titanic walking armory.
  • 2035 Olympics - Med Team - Blast Off and Arcee vs Imager and Wrath-
  • Autobot Intel Meeting- Prowl summons his fellow Autobots to discuss what to do about Tarn
  • Something Rotten- Autobots are sent to investigate the ranks of the Tarn Police Department and find the officers rather reticent, to say nothing of their chief in denial.
  • Punch, Prowl and Arcee meeting at the ARC HQ- Little meeting to discuss events and in the background the mysterious Ignition broadcasts some Anti-Autobot stuff in Tarn.
  • 2035 Olympics Science Contest- A contest of science, where things go BOOM! For SCIENCE!
  • Doomflower/Arcee IC Vignette / Conundrum-
  • Debrief about Trefoil- Punch and Swoop have managed to ambush Trefoil and capture her. He stops bu the office to give Prowl his report. Guest appearances by Arcee and Sandstorm!
  • A Concert for Tarn- Blaster and Jazz try and lighten things up for the Tarn natives with a concert just for them. And Blaster arranged a special prize for a couple of dancers.
  • Sterling's Takedown- The Autobots military division has been tasked with capturing the Tarn police officer known as Sterling, who has gone on the run after his corruption has been exposed. Can they catch him before he gets away?
  • 2035 Olympics - Autobot FFA- The traditional Autobot only Free For All, featuring a bunch of Autobots and an exploding referee. And some Bots and a Con have a chat afterwards in which Blast Off is renamed Fancypants McBoosterrockets.
  • Arcee and Prowl meet Fray- Fray is recovering in Iacon General, Prowl and Arcee stop by to have a chat with the eager honet cop.
  • Tarn planning - the next step- Arcee and Prowl update Rodimus on the Tarn situation and discuss the next steps. Plus Trailbreaker makes a guest appearance by stopping by Prowl's office right after the meeting.
  • The Nose Knows- Steeljaw answers Arcee's call for specialized troops to undertake a mission, has some oddly doting requests however.
  • Cut My Bug Into Pieces, This Is My Lab Report- Arcee oversees the autopsy of the space bugs found by the EDC and Autobots, Trailbreaker loses his lunch.
  • AofW: Arcee- Acree makes Trailbreaker's list for Autobot of the Week for 9/29/35
  • TYREST-orations- Neutral scientist and recluse, Farsight, hosts a lecture in Tyrest.. but a pair of Seekers have different ideas!! Can Arcee and Fireflight foil their plan? What does Buzzsaw intend to teach everyone's favorite Femme?? Tune in for all that and more, also stunning return of Polarity to action!!
  • Stay Vigilant, My Friends- After a barricade-ramming, hologram-slinging, forcefield-constructing victory; the Autobots relax back at base enjoying the spoils of war.
  • Sterling's Sterilization- Sterling is given a quick talk to, Fray gets a shield from Wheeljack, Trailbreaker displays some clever maneuvering with forcefield tech, Arcee and Chromia look to Tarn and beyond!!
  • General Hospital: Iacon "To Arcee or Not To Arcee"- After Arcee's run in with Buzzsaw a night before, the Military CO is left beaten.. broken.. voiceless (kinda).. the Autobots center around their fallen comrade, trying to solve the mystery that originated from Tyrest.
  • I've Been Working In The Magnetic Dampener Fields, All The Livelong Cycle- Trailbreaker sets out to accomplish the task given to him by Ultra Magnus after being drunk in public, Roadbuster advises the Femme fatale on Shockwave, and Arcee arrives to make sure her top two agents are on the case.. and girl talk.
  • Return of Planet XXX- The Autobots are called in to investigate the re-appearance of Planet XXX. They find more than they bargained for. Rod's rep is legendary.
  • Autobot convoy for Vigilance- The Autobots are delivering supplies to the Vigilance base near Thunderhead Pass
  • Riots in Tarn- In the shadow of the Chaos Bringer's head, Unicron worshipping cultists start riots in Tarn. Both Autobots and Decepticons do what they can to protect the citizens of Tarn.
  • When A Tool Isn't A Tool- Going to thank her for involvement with a certain Seeker, Specter gets sucker punched by Torque and everyone prepares for a fight that doesn't happen.
  • Setting The Record Straight.. Kind Of- Summoning Specter to her office, Arcee tries to get more answers as to why Torque and Chromia were in such a bad mood. The ninja operative cooperates, well.. when it suits his goals that is.
  • Black Markets, Circuit Boosters, Silly Seekers, and More!!- Another raid under Backfire's belt, the Autobots can only look by helplessly as the Seeker makes off with more goods.. but is there a chink in the armor? What does Arcee discover when questioning the Zemurian merchant??
  • Autobot Channel Traffic: Backfire- A companion to the Black Markets, Circuit Boosters, Silly Seekers, and More!! log, this is a collection of the channel traffic concerning Backfire that was cut from the log to not interrupt from the flow of reading!!
  • All Glory To The Rodpod!- Is it a blessing or a curse that the Decepticons choose to destroy a gaudy homage to Rodimus Prime?



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