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The Assembly of Worlds is is probably the single most important reason that the Galaxy has not broken out into war. It is a large body of ambassadors from various alien races. Its purpose is to allow each Empire to discuss galactic concerns in a peaceful manner. The Assembly, while possessing no armed forces by itself, has been known to send ambassadors to resolve conflicts, offer mediation in times of dispute, and even place war criminals on trial. The ambassadors who make up the Assembly, however, are loyal to their own government. The Assembly itself is essentially just a room where important topics can be discussed.

Typically, the Assembly does its best to ensure that their members are not harmed by the Cybertronian Civil War. There is an unwritten rule that as long as we leave them alone, hopefully they will leave us alone.

The ambassadors there generally do not view anyone involved in the Cybertronian war favourably. It is respected by most other races as being fair and impartial. It holds no military or economic power, but considerable political power. The facility itself was located on Cambria within the Rainbow Climbs.

In late 2030, the Decepticons moved it into the Yrral system and also moved Monacus there. Somehow, this suits both the entertainment workers and the politicians just fine.