Name Avarice
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker/Terminator
Alt Mode Sweepcraft
Type OC


"Energy is power and power will be mine." Considered creepy even by the other Decepticons. Avarice's energy draining powers and the pleasure he gets from using them makes him rather unpopular. Usually tenacious and cunning, he tends to overuse his power which leads him to become overenergized and irrational. In robot mode, he is equipped with an energy dissipator and he can drain energy with a simple touch. His sweepcraft mode is equipped with an energy lasso and a power disruptor that allows him to increase the energy consumption of his targets. Because he lacks control of his power, they tend to backfire on him.


Created by Unicron.

Avarice forgot everything about his past when he was remade into a Sweep by Unicron. At first, he was pretty much identical to his brothers but soon his powers started to define his personality. He developped a taste for Cybertronian's life force. Galvatron and Scourge soon found out how to use Avarice's talents. While he wasn't strong enough to take on the most powerful Autobots by himself, he was perfectly suited to wear them down before the real attack. This only fed his addiction which in turn didn't improve his social standing among the Decepticons.

Avarice see his powers as a gift from his creator. They set him appart from the other Decepticons since he has the power to steal the most precious gift made to any sentinent being : life. Avarice is proud of his origin and of his powers. He considers they make him superior to his fellow Decepticons.


  • There is nothing feral about Avarice.
  • Like most Sweeps, Avarice like to take trophies from his victim. Here are the rules I follow:
    • I will never do it before asking you OOCly
    • I will only do it, if Avarice truely defeats you, ie he made you run for your life or KOed you with no or very little help from someone else (except if they are other sweeps but this is unlikely to happen)
  • The hunt : Avarice has been created to track but unlike some other Sweeps he is not obsessed with the hunt (see the first point).
  • Because of his unicronian status, Avarice believes he is superior to other Decepticons. However, it does not mean he dislikes interacting with them nor does it means he will keep annoying them with his so-called superiority (especially if they are able to pound his face into the ground).
  • Avarice obeys Galvatron without questions. He obeys Cyclonus and Scourge because they are unicronians and more powerful than he is. Avarice obeys other high commands because Galvatron said so.
  • A.K.A. The Creepy One.

Trophy case

Like most of the sweeps, Avarice made an habit of collecting trophies from his fallen enemies.  Here are his most prized trophies:


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