TP Characters: The Avatar, The Battalion, Galvatron
IC Year: 2012
Location: Cybertron
Run By: Hazard


In 1999, the greatest TP in TF2005 history was run.


The Avatar of Straxus was a brutal super-clone of Megatron that had been waiting deep under Cybertron to crush the usurper (Megatron) for 8 billion years. One day, he is unleashed! Avatar defeated Galvatron in an epic battle that destroyed Darkmount, the former Decepticon headquarters, and ruled the Decepticons for a short time with the help of his loyal troops. Of course, Galvatron eventually returns to power and personally destroys The Avatar for good.

Or DID he??


12 Important Facts About the Avatar TP

  • Fact: Avatar was created eons ago to destroy Megatron
  • Fact: Avatar looked like Megatron but more awesome (think: Super Megatron)
  • Fact: TP was run in 1999 (IC year 2012)
  • Fact: Avatar fought Galvatron and took out all of Darkmount
  • Fact: Avatar's destruction of Darkmount allowed Soundwave to design and oversee the construction of the new Deception HQ.
  • Fact: According to Phantom, Flatline is the greatest MUSH character ever
  • Fact: According to Phantom, Phantom loves TurkeyMelts
  • Fact: Avatar is considered the greatest TP ever run
  • Fact: The Avatar's cronies got away
  • Fact: When it is run (currently scheduled for 2013) Avatar II will replace Avatar I as the greatest TP ever run
  • Fact: During Avatar's reign, Monolith "branded" the Decepticon emblem into Airwolf's frame.
  • Sad Fact: The Avatar TP was cut short due to confusion and major meta-gaming by those fearing in-game repercussions once the TP was finished.

Facts about Avatar and his minions

  • Fact: Avatar led four minions known as The Battalion.
  • Fact: The Battalion consisted of Monolith, Flatline, Havok, and Prominence.
  • Fact: The Battalion were fanatically loyal to Avatar.
  • Fact: The Battalion were allusions of the biblical Four Horsemen.
  • Monolith - Death, Flatline - Famine, Havok - War, Prominence - Pestilence
  • Fact: Flatline had a habit of "experimenting" on the other Battalion members.
  • While he often did this to enhance their capabilities. More often, he just did it to amuse himself.