Name Axis
Faction Decepticon
Function Tactical Assault
Alt Mode Luftwaffe ME-262
Type OC


"Ich bin ein Decepticon."

AXIS is Decepticon personified... And more. Fiercely loyal to superiors, brashly intolerable of those 'below him'. A seeker similar to others, despite the fact that his second mode is that of a Luftwaffe ME-262, complete with the armament of the period. Short ranged as an aircraft due to excessive fuel usage from an increased weight-to-thrust ratio from his armor. Cunning beyond fault, a tactician without reproach, yet finds himself more than ready to let others 'wield the sword' while he remains in the rear, 'guiding the hand'. Fears falling out of favor with the hierarchy of the Empire, so much so that he is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of his brethren to ensure its continuance.





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