Name Backfire
Faction Decepticon
Function Cannon Fodder
Alt Mode F-16 Falcon
Type OC


"The question isn't who is going to let me.. it's who is going to stop me!"

Backfire is the embodiment of a loyal Decepticon, but that's not saying much for his combat prowess. Extremely gung-ho and persistent, the only thing that usually stands in his way is...himself. But you cannot find another Decepticon that is utterly and completely ready and willing to go to work. In robot form, Backfire wields a multitude of weapons including a Hypno Ray and Glue gun. In F-16 mode, he utilizes blinding speed and the usual Seeker arsenal to lay waste to his enemies. Backfire is a bit dull in the wits department and overly confident in his abilities, he often takes on much more than he can chew.


Backfire has spent most of his time on a 'backwater' planet called Accilade-6, and has only joined the frontline because of a clerical error.

After serving a myriad of years, the Decepticons ventured to Accilade-6 and discovered just why Backfire was the best and brightest of the Decepticons stationed there: the rest were worst bafoons than he was!

More recently, his former assistant Overture has proven to be a thorn in Backfire's side. In 2033, the piano-former took control of Backfire via a Pretender-like process and trampled the Earth masquerading as Galvatron Jr. In 2034, Overture was the man behind the scenes when the Insecticlone pods Buzzkill and Scorn had implanted in his spacious head rebelled, taking him captive.


  • Officially joined the Decepticon EMPIRE October 7th 2009!
  • Backfire is overall.. an idiot. Even his own faction hates him.
  • Backfire's player switched his stance to fearless once, has never set it again.
  • Backfire once had a unique head sculpt, this was ruined and he's a flattop. :(
  • Backfire once coerced Monstereo into giving up his interceptor radio, but it turned out later to only be a bit of string and a bottle cap.
  • Backfire was awarded the 'Heart of Cyberton' for stealing said faux radio, just wait until Catechism/Contrail finds out!
  • Is the Decepticon's whipping boy ... seriously. Was slapped silly and Galvcannoned for Decepticon state of affairs during 2032.
  • Banshee is secretly in love with him.
  • Scorponok enjoys levying punishment and pain Backfire's way, and Astrotrain just plain hates him.
  • Insists that his pet Robotopossum named Stripey is really his Targetmaster partner.
  • Was demoted for said incident, and I quote from Galvatron: "Backfire is also demoted for allowing another Decepticon to take over his brain and use him as a pair of stilts."
  • Seems to be infatuated with Torque, her large hands and manly build probably the main reasons. What does this say about Backfire??
  • Apparently, Harrow is his sister.
  • Threw Galvatron a Creation Day party.. it ended as badly as you'd think.



  • The Executrix's New Shoes - The purpose of all those raids that Fusillade had Aerospace and Military Operations doing for boron, sand, and limestone is revealed!!

Jetfire dismantling our idiotic Seeker extroidinaire

  • Brain Drain Train(ing) - The Decepticons engage in some 'thinkier' training than usual and are, naturally, disappointed by the lack of drinks.
  • Purple Paint - Backfire plans an art supply store raid. It does not end well.
  • Jeepers Peepers - A certain Dreamy Seeker gets an upgrade. No its not Backfire. All he gets is a bucket.
  • Funeral for a Friend - Backfire holds an impromptu and premature burial service for their wayward comrades.
Battle ravaged BF1

Half a brain meets half a body

Decepticon Rookie Exam

  • The Need for Speed - Redshift attempts to teach Backfire basic combat techniques, taped in front of a live studio audience!
  • Dork Awakening - The Constructicons pick up the pieces after Backfire took on the Prime, Redshift manages to improve his student in less than conventional ways.


  • Galvatron falls? - Backfire's forced to work alongside Windshear, to lend aid to a fallen Galvatron.
  • Lost Marbles - A Seeker who has no marbles, sets off to steal some.
Backfire Transformation

Slow-Motion Glory

  • Convention Crashing - Backfire crashes an intergalactic weapons conference on Pzz-zazz, hi-jinks ensue!
  • Decepticon Discount - Backfire takes his side-kick to 'borrow' some weapons from a storefront, the Autobots respond in kind.
  • Confronting the Coward - Pink forcefield ring out of juice, Backfire is faced with the combined might of the Autobots and EDC response squads. Oddly enough, death comes from above.
  • You Made Your Bed - Galvatron informs Unit Backfire his 'punishment' for going rogue.
  • Forging Ahead - Soundwave leads a contingent of Decepticons on a foreign planet.
  • Dreams of Empire - Smokestack consoles a Seeker, then comes up with a plan for the EMPIRE!

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..

  • Ten-hut - Coldwar formulates and drafts for his post-Olympic activities.
  • Con VS Wild - The Decepticons battle against Femax's natural adversaries!!
  • Legion of Superior Spies (LOSS) - Everyone's favorite dopey Seeker holds the first meeting of the Legion of Superior Spies.. and drinks from a sippy cup.
  • Interrogation 101 - Backfire heads to Monacus for answers, redefines the definition of daft.

2031 Olympics


What a flamer.

  • Worse Ways to Go - Backfire judges the final round in the lightweight gladitorial, torments Blurr some more.


  • Asteroid Towing - Backfire partners up with Astrotrain, in trying to lead a wayward asteroid away from destroying Eath!
  • Drug Abuse - Backfire is sent with Astrotrain and Shadow to a drug deal, they find Autobots and lots 'n lots of vomit.

Charge of the light brigade

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY GALVATRON!! - Backfire manages to throw a SMASHING birthday party for Galvatron, but still ends up losing his head.
  • Idiot at the Gate - Backfire attempts to kidnap First Aid with a cunning and daring ploy.. he fails horribly.

Spotlight: Backfire

  • Beach Bash 2032 - A contingent of Autobots storm the beachhead for some wayward hostages, Backfire fights a parrot-rabbit tape from the confines of a wheelchair. :)
  • Runamuck Handles Backfire's Junk - The Seeker and Battlecharger storm into Iacon's Sub-Level Six for shady dealings in shady back-rooms with shady characters.
  • Rebuilding Bob Ross-Bot - Backfire, elated and abusing his new rank, orders Carjack and some others to rebuild the paint-bot that was destroyed.



Pappa's got a brand new bag..

  • Belgian Confrontations - The Decepticons return to steal the Atomium from Belgian, will the Autobots have a proper response? Will Franklin Cross get to finally kill a Decepticon with his super laser??
  • Master of Blasting - Creepy hijinks ensue when General Cross plays with an ancient cave thing for artifacts, Backfire falls down a hole.
  • Got Beard? - Backfire endlessly debates Decepticon facial hair stylings with Contrail and Avarice, also sets to find the missing Mistress Catechism.
  • Dead Weight - A certain familiar coneheaded Seeker corpse with sadface kneecaps is found in Iacon, the Autobots get to play CSI for a bit before Backfire retrieves it.. then Devastator vs Omega Supreme.

Galvatron Jr

  • More Than Meets the Eye - Scattershot and company have a new visitor to the Ark.. GALVATRON JR! What is this cruel tiny tyrant's angle, and can the Autobots repel him in time to save their first base on Earth??
  • City of Steel - The diminutive Decepticon decoy attempts to sink the Empire State Building and bring about New Cybertron on Earth. Somehow, this all feels eerily familiar! Also, ALLIGATORCONS!
  • All Out Assault on Autobot City - Galvatron Jr unleashes an assault on Autobot City, but can Rodimus Prime and the other Autobots mount an defensive line to push the tiny tyrant back? Find out in the stunning conclusion of the Galvatron Jr mini epic.

Screamer meet Simpleton

2033 Olympics



Kaio-Ken times TEN!!

  • Torquefire - Backfire and Blitzwing, the terrible twosome partners in Aerospace, look to teach Air Raid and Torque a lesson. And Backfire's subconscious dreams of a distant future where the Tow Truck and Seeker have protoform offspring.
  • Brainstorm's New Nemesis - While digging for his pet robotopposum's corpse in the graveyard, Backfire makes a new LEGENDARY FEUD with an Autobot. Hopefully this one remembers it!!
  • After Hours Workshop - Backfire puts his Registered Nurse training to the test, announcing that Triggerhappy is dead. Of course, Blowpipe disputes his analysis.
  • The Fight for Datenight! - Backfire challenges Torque to a duel, the rules are simple. If Torque wins, she gets to take Freezeout's legs. If Backfire wins, Torque has to go out on a date with him during the Olympics.

Deflector shields GO!!

  • Kaon Confrontation - The Autobots are on a mission to plant an advanced sensor network in Kaon, but their efforts are hampered by a group of Decepticons who turn up to defend the city.

Insecticlone Wars

  • Planet Monster - Following the tracker placed on the Monsterbot Repugnus, what will this mysterious planet have in store for Backfire and company??
  • Hot Tempers and Light Heads - Backfire runs into Torque and Whirl, fight ensues around who is and who isn't a prostibot. Heads might not roll, but they sure do explode!!

He's BIG in Japan

  • Head Trauma - After the Insecticlones violently erupted from Backfire's noggin, the femmes gather around to accuse each other of fault.. some follies occur as well.
  • Fall of an Empire - With the Insecticlone saga wrapping to a close, the Decepticons discover Backfire was an unwilling POW of them.. used as a feeder of sorts for his energon stores.


  • How Backfire Got His 'Groove' Back - Begrudgingly answering a house call to check in on Firebase 1172-A, the Seeker simpleton engages a Technobot who he mistakes for a Protectobot.. hilarity ensues.

Tyrest-ed Developments



Minibot tested, Primus approved

Being an OC, he's only played by one Player!

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