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Name Backtrack
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode Ferrari 890 hovercar
Type OC


"There's nothing that can't be accoplished by doing precisely the opposite of what everyone else says works."

Few living Decepticons, and even fewer Autobots, have any knowledge of Backtrack's origins. A bit of an enigmatic figure, he has made waves in the officer pools with revolutionary and controversial solutions to seemingly hopeless problems. In robot mode, carries a retractable medium pulse cannon on his right arm. As a backup, carries an energy sword, which he wields competently. He prefers to think a situation through and neutralize it rather than throwing firepower at it. Transforms into a Ferrari 890 hovercar, and in both modes is armored with ceramic polymers laced with fiber-optic cable, conferring near-invulnerability to extreme heat or low-power lasers. Although powerful, his pulse cannon drains energy at a terrific rate. Incurs prejudice from others who think it obscene to be constructed of ceramic battle plastics, as well as contempt for his unusual ideas and how much he cares for his fellow Decepticons.



  • Active as of 1996.
  • Got to Rank 6!
  • According to his +OOCfinger:

Backtrack spent many millions of years buried under Cybertron's surface, the victim of one of the most vicious battles in Cybertronian history--the battle at the city-state of Sacrimar. This ended with the only use of tactical nuclear weaponry in Decepticon history, and all that survived was his cerebral circuitry.

In 2005, Unicron attacked Cybertron, opening great rents in its surface. Backtrack's brain module was discovered by an Autobot search party, and he was rebuilt by them, as they believed him a survivor of the Battle of Unicron. He escaped from Autobot City, and has rejoined the ranks of his brothers.

This is NOT common knowledge. Some Autobots may recognize him by sight, so page me if you would like to take part in his background. No Decepticon will recognize him by sight, even if they knew him from long ago. He is an enigmatic sort, who has regained his prior standing and is anxious to make up for lost time. He is still confused about the changes that have come, especially the advent of humans and the new leaders. He feels that securing the trust and cooperation of humanity is an essential first step towards uniting the universe under the Empire. Backtrack honestly wishes good for the universe, and sees the Decepticon Empire as the best vehicle for this end.



  • Player was on Codestaff at one point. Listed as "ADMIN - Code/Build Daddy".
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