Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Name Battletrap
Faction Decepticon
Function Assault Team
Alt Mode Apache Helicopter and 4WD Pickup
Type FC


"We're only halves of a whole, but double the trouble."

Note: Battletrap can best be described as playful - He likes to trap an adversary between his jeep and helicopter components and have "fun" with him - knock him back and forth a bit - before finally ripping him to pieces. He's cheerful and good-natured - no doubt because he enjoys his work so much. Battletrap can divide his robot into two separate and autonomous vehicle modes - An innocent-looking truck and an attack helicopter. In robot and vehicle modes, Battletrap uses a double-barreled missile launcher with infra-red imaging for night-firing capabilities. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 780 mph and it is packed with electronic detection, jamming and communication equipment. The truck is just a truck.

Skills: Cheerful Killer, Cat And Mouse, and Tag-Team Combat


The Duocons are an example of Decepticon science going awry ... and they still manage to make something reasonable useful out of the mistake. A bump in the road of perfecting the triplechanger technology, they are higher capable, if disfunctional, soldiers.


- Battletrap is more stable than his bro Flywheels is... though that's not saying much.

- Still talks to himself in plural when in vehicle mode.


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