Name Beatdown
Faction Decepticon
Function Law Enforcement
Alt Mode Police Car
Type OC


"In war, innocence comes down to interpretation and I am the law."

Beatdown is the epitome of the idea of an enforcement officer. If that definition includes laziness, slovenly behavior, corruption and general acts of violence. His altmode of a police car may seem more Autobot than Decepticon, but what better method to instill terror in the public than a with a police cruiser. Especially one that will terrorize innocents along with criminals. With his holographic projection unit, Beatdown can create small scale illusions. In his spare time loves to intimidate and frighten humans. Dedicated to the cause, since the cause allows him to hit prisoners, Beatdown takes a generally laid back attitude to life - there is always time to do anything, no matter how urgent it really is. Devoutly loyal to his superiors, he often finds his fellow soldiers irritating if they try to order him about, because generally he believes he is the one who knows best.



Active around 2007.



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