Name Bibadibbera
Faction Unaffiliated
Function Intergalactic Insect of Mystery
Alt Mode None
Type NPC


"Ah yes, I recall a similar incident once, back when I was trailblazing the mithril forests of Eraldil-17..."


Bibadibbera is the owner of Crystal State Technologies,  if you were to ask how such an unusual purveyor of wine and gentlesapient of the galaxy got into such a business, he would tell you a charming story about how he won it on a dare with its previous owner, and leave you hanging on every word until it ends.  Bibadibbera has a story for every occasion, and a highly refined sense of honor and conduct.  He is an insect of great skill and knowledge, from fencing to starship racing, to shrewd business negotiations, to blackhole bomb disposal, Bibadibbera has done it all.  He is the Most Interesting Sapient in the Galaxy, and for just cause.


Good friends with Blast Off, whom was ordered to assassinate him.  Note: this is not the first time he has charmed an assassin out of his job.


Spotlight: Blast Off


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