Blackthorne Shore
Name Blackthorne Shore
Faction Unaffiliated
Alt Mode Exo-Suit
Type NPC


"The greatest horrors of this universe have yet to be discovered... and exploited!"

He may have once been an honest man driven mad by delving too deeply into occult lore, or he may have always been a power-mad maniac. Whatever the case may be, Blackthorne Shore is an ambitious industrialist who believes that ultimate power can only be obtained by mastering forbidden knowledge and putting it to use. In contrast to the unspeakable horrors he has learned of, he believes that the Transformers are ultimately only minor players in the universe, and he tends to regard them as annoyances or necessary evils to get what he wants. Possesses great skill at engineering. His Magnalok exo-suit possesses powerful magnets in its arms, allowing him to rip apart metallic objects or even control them like puppets. The exo-suit is also highly resistant to outside magnetic forces thanks to being composed primarily of military-grade ceramics and plastics, but the plastics are vulnerable to the intense heat of plasma. Blackthorne's careless formation--and abandonment--of alliances often leaves him with numerous enemies.




Blackthorne Shore while in polite company.


Crystal Chaos - What interest does Blackthorne Shore have in these rare crystals?



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