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Name Blight
Faction Decepticon
Function Covert Agent
Alt Mode Stinkbug
Type OC


"I am Blight, and I shall devour everything in my path."

True to his name, he is a blight to friends and foe alike. Despite his scheming and sneaking, Blight always seems to have one weakness which undoes his plans: Greed. He isn't above turning on his own allies if it's in his own best interests, and will do anything to profit himself. Transforms into a giant stinkbug, armed with a vile acid gas attack and the Insecticon ability to devour metal. Can shrink down into a tiny insect mode, combining his skulking and sneaking with small size.





  • Patrols Gone Wild - What happens when two rival patrols meet? Accidental aft-grabbery, that's what!
  • Vengeance on Videw - What terrible suicide mission has Blueshift sent everyone on? And what is the terrible secret of the planet Videw? (Clue - it is spider-related)
  • Exploding Afts - Brawl negociates his repair after the duel, but will his bottom experience lasercore shutdown?
  • DOOM BOX - A saucer arrives in San Fran, delivering a box as a reward for Cambria's destruction!


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