Name Blitzwing
Faction Decepticon
Function Ground and Air Commando
Alt Mode Jet (MiG) / Tank (Leopard)
Type FC

That Guy

"Destroy first, think later."

Blitzwing's ability to transform rapidly into his three modes makes him one of the most effective Decepticons, but also gives him a slightly rebellious nature. Known for his cruel sense of humor...has a reputation as being loud-mouthed, belligerent, and brash. Flies at Mach 2.7, range 1500 miles, and fires heat-seeking concussion missiles as a plane. As a tank, has a track-mounted cannon that fires explosive shells 3.5 miles. In robot mode, uses electron-scimitar and gyro-blaster rifle. Often gets stuck mid-transformation.

Skills: Battle Tactics, Street Fighting, and Lightning Reflexes

Who Let Him In?

Blitzwing just showed up one day on Earth in 1985. He's been a pain in the ass ever since.

Tumblr mm0w736Y5H1r7gehbo1 400

"No, I won't follow your Twitter!"

Rude Behavior

  • Blitzwing gets stuck somewhere between modes whenever he takes 20 points of damage or more in one hit. Or whenever he attacks, now. Thanks FM! :<
  • Blitzwing is amazing at the Olympics (+achievements blitzwing)
  • Blitzwing lives in a bunker where he keeps all of his guns, ammo, fuel, and trophies (see above).
  • Once Blitzwing and Astrotrain jointly took over leadership of the Decepticons by freezing both Megatron and Starscream in a sewer junction with liquid nitrogen. Blitzwing had the Constructicons build him a giant labyrinth, and when the Autobots came to investigate it, he crushed all of them and had Scrapper build their bodies into a gruesome throne. Righteous! Astrotrain tried to teach trains to be his friends, but they mainly just knocked into things and fell off their tracks. This is why Blitzwing is the unofficial leader of the triple-changers, and not Astrotrain.
  • The secret to Blitzwing's incredible speed is overclocking.
  • In the future, Blitzwing decides that not all of the humans are useless meatsacks and teams up with the Kurds to restore Greater Kurdistan. The Kurds join forces with Grimlock's Neo-Americans and are one of the few human civilizations to survive Skids' robot holocaust.
  • Blitzwing is not a good person.
  • Air Raid and Blitzwing are best friends. Just ask him!
  • Tumblr metp7wzH4z1qgmljdo1 400

    Brilliant tactician.

    Blitzwing enjoys playing poker with a deck of cards very special to him -  his Executive Gold Ultra Premium Edition deck sent to him courtesy of Playmech Monthly.
  • Blitzwing enjoys beating the crap out of Sunstreaker and Sideswipe - at the same time. It's become something of a pastime.
  • Blitzwing can rap. Who knew?


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  • Trouble in Germany - Autobots intercept some Decepticons in the land of beer and chocolate.
  • They Saved Blitzwing's Brain! - Who knew blowing up part of Seattle would bring such Autobot involvement?!
  • Nova Cronum Chaos - Its all out warfare in Nova Cronum! But with two Autobot jets on the field, is there going to be a bit of rivalry?
  • DestructionVSPreservation - Three beings arrive to enjoy a National Park- for two very different reasons.
  • Spoils Of War: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL - So apparently the Autobots had enough of Soundwave's BS, because they came in like a wrecking ball.
  • ARCH Enemies - Blast Off stops by Liberation Arch to find Swindler and Blitzwing is innocently (...not) defacing public property, when Blaster and Dogfight attempt to stop them!
  • Bad Night at the Bar - Blast Off has another really bad day as an ex and his current "girlfriend" show up at the Steel Balloon. Shiftlock and Scorn do not get along- with him or each other. Plus, his datapad goes mysteriously missing...
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Gentrify Part 1: Bonecrusher vs Gravity - Bonecrusher and Blitzwing are sent to clear out some ruins, but Fathom and the Autobots would prefer they not demolish anything.
  • Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon - A quiet, personal discussion between Arcee and Springer doesn't quite go as planned, and serves as the catalyst to an epic bar brawl which will surely go down in history as one of the Steel Balloon's most epic throwdowns!
  • 2k5 ERB SEASON 1! BEGIN! - The first round of Scribble Jam kicks off under the Liberation Arch!
  • There Is No "Sides" In Team - Sideswipe and Shiftlock are forced to wear the Get Along Shirt when Blitzwing comes calling to the Marble Valley settlement. AGAIN.
  • Marble Valley Assault - Enraged by the death of one of their city-state's leaders, a neighboring neutral settlement swears vengeance on the Decepticons, who show up a bit early to the party. Good thing the Autobots are so gracious.
  • 2/3/3/3 Isn't Bad. - Don't tick off Sky Lynx, that is all!
  • Blitzwing- Bounty Hunter - Blitzwing confronts Blast Off at the Steel Balloon, the place they used to be (sort of) drinking buddies. Now Blitzwing wants to collect the bounty on the Combaticon's head.
  • Blitzwing Bounty Hunter Part 2-Raid on the Council - Blitzwing and Blast Off act out the rest of their plan, seeking to make the Council of Planets regret targeting a Decepticon.
  • 2035 Olympics Land Race - Turbo from the movie of the same name hosts this year's land race... ON A VOLCANO!
  • 2035 Olympics - Light Glad - Sideswipe vs. Sunstreaker - The twins face off in a shipyard! And the dreaded Blitzwing is the judge...

Casual Vandalism

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