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ELIAS332 ELIAS332 3 December 2016



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Punch2k5 Punch2k5 10 June 2016

Hey there!

Okay. I may or may not have broke the log thigy so I thought I'd try here too. I could have a go at blogging. Question is who? So, have a think. Lemme know.

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Autobotdourte Autobotdourte 29 October 2014

It's Good To Be Back

Every few years since 2001, I'd log in as a guest, say hello, intend to app for a character, and log off for a few more years.  Once, I tried to log on, and 2k5 wasn't found, and I felt a sense of loss.  A few months later I found out the address had changed. :P

Now I'm back, and having a blast!  Thanks everyone who helped me out with TACS and all the other new commands I'm learning.

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Dinobut Dinobut 27 September 2014

Trailbreaker: Collapse




The utter absence of illumination, the kind that not only shields the light from view; but swallows it whole leaving a vacancy in its place.

Optics flicker to life, opening slowly.

I am.. in a foreign place, surrounded by familiar faces.

My hands are stretched out before me, palms faced outward.

Their mouths are moving, but my audio receptors do not return a ping.

With such excited frenzy, their jaws swing up and down; I can barely keep up.

Is that excitement.. or fear?

Before me, a giant forcefield separates us from certain death.


My fingers push against this nefarious force, the field reacting in kind.

An arc of energy crackles violently over the surface.

The feedback leaves my entire forearms numb.

Aching. …

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Dinobut Dinobut 17 September 2014

Backfire's Musings

This is a testing grounds, going to see about some things here..

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Zerombr Zerombr 11 September 2014

OOC: Question

So maybe I can write a blog, but whom should I write as? Imager, Rodimus, or Soundwave?

Maybe I should have all 3 write.  Sound fun?

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Doomflower Doomflower 10 September 2014

OOC Blog / Musings on Style

Right, so I've been thinking a lot about how I play Arcee.

Due to some recent problems I've had which I won't go into here, I'll be changing up her style. I always pictured her as a balance of tough and sweet, but perhaps the sweetness is what's making things problematic for other players. This was never something I intended to do. I'd like to think I'm a versatile and adaptible roleplayer, so I guess it's time to put those skills to the test in a more challenging manner.

Time to adjust the scales.

Will you still have Arcee? Oh yes, I'm not going anywhere. But anyone who thought Arcee wasn't a very effective, memorable or engaging character...I hope to change your minds soon.  :)   See you on the grid.

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Doomflower Doomflower 8 September 2014

Arcee IC Vignette / Conundrum

(The usual disclaimers apply. Commander Arcee is in her office, at her desk, staring intently at her monitor. After a long moment of frowning and staring at a blank screen, she begins typing.)

" Rod, I really need to talk to you. It's about something that's happened recentl"

(Arcee backspaces furiously, then begins again)

"Magnus! Haven't spoken to you in a while. Listen, I need to ask you about a weird situation. What do you think you would do, if"

(Arcee agitatedly shakes her head, and quickly backspaces over it, leaving a blank screen. Moments later, she begins again.)

"Prowl, I believe we have a problem, but it isn't Tarn. Tell me if it would be feasible to schedule a--"

("Damn it all," Arcee exclaims with a frown, backspacing over this effo…

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CounterMatt CounterMatt 29 August 2014

'Name Redacted' Personal File. Entry four.

Disclaimer. Those who've read the others please turn to paragraph 400. The rest of you read on. None of this is IC in any way. You didn't see it, it never happened.

Punch sits in the small automated shuttle he's bought. It's climbing. Higher and higher. As it levels out a small warning alarm goes of stating the shuttle has reached the upper atmospheric limits and is way beyond its design parameters. The readouts state there's less than a minute before the shuttle burns up, drops out of flight or otherwise explodes.

. . . Too late to try another sim first? A thought asks at the back of Punch's mind.

It really is now or never Punch thinks to himself. He ditches his cig and opens one of the shuttle's doors built into the floor. It really doesn't…

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Revenant1367 Revenant1367 26 August 2014

Crusade's Chronicles - File 3

(( This is a character journal, hidden away from prying eyes - information contained within is not public IC knowledge. ))

Crusade's Poker Notes

1. It is a game played with cards.

2. It does not involve sharp metal things that Terrans use to help set their quarters on fire.

3. Poker isn't the game where you get four cards with the same number and yell "Bingo".

4. You don't have to dress funny or dance around like that video with the weird terran lady (is it even possible to bend your frame like that?)

5. You can "check" people even though it's not chess.


This "poker" game seems really popular in Terran culture, but I don't understand why. I sort of hoped we'd get actual pokers, the metal ones, and have to fight with them. I think I'd have done…

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CounterMatt CounterMatt 23 August 2014

'Name Redacted' Personal File. Entry three.

Disclaimer . . . Read, enjoy, but this is all OOC. You weren't there. It didn't happen. Don't worry about it.

Aaaaa-hahahahaha! Punch's laughter echoes as he staggers around the bunker. Dropping to his knees a pained expression appears. He then drops further his hands propping him up but barely pushing himself up off of the floor underneath the force of whatever invisible apparition is exerting upon all of his systems so. His casing buckling, internal coolant pipes cracking and venting gasses Punch's laughter is replaced by a tortured screaming sound.

Punch isn't making it though. Not verbally. If sounds had nightmares then a eight hertz wave that some may more easily recognise as the transformational sound's twisted dark clone. What Punch m…

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CounterMatt CounterMatt 14 August 2014

'Name Redacted' Personal File. Entry two.

OOC Disclaimer. None of this is IC stuff. Don't take any of it and use it ICly. It never happened. Just some OOC fun. Cool? Lets begin then . . .

. . . . . . . . .

I don't know. I'm pulled in too many directions at once. I nearly felt it though. A moment I almost forgot about it. I'd got so used to the idea I'd have to live with that monster but I nearly felt a life without it. Without him. It was good too! I've always felt I've been more lucky than skilled and, when it comes to friends, I'm definitely right. Just . . . it . . . I . . . the feeling's there but, with time, it passes. I can't deal with this one alone. I know now I don't have to.

I still need answers. Maybe it's just how I am. Only one way to get them. Rephrase. Only one person …

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Doomflower Doomflower 14 August 2014

OOC JoyBlog: Femme's Revenge?

Hey! Hope everyone's having a good week.  :)

I had a quick question for discussion: prior to Moonracer's player's awesome OOC life upgrade (congratulations again, Alty!), he had a scene in the works for the femmes to band together and get wicked revenge on Shockwave for what he did to Elita One.

Has this idea been scrapped for the time being, or just postponed? Because I kind of wanted to run with that while it's still fresh in the minds of the Autobots.

Not sure if we could gets temps for the femmes like staff's been able to do in the past for the Dinobot scenes. But that would be great. If not, I'd still like to have Arcee gather a team together for kick-butt goodness. Thoughts?

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Doomflower Doomflower 8 August 2014

Arcee IC Journal / Strategic Scribbles

OOC Note: This document appears in Arcee's work tablet, which she never removes from the Decagon and has under heavy encryption,'s not IC knowledge. :) This is just for fun.

A doodle is here, depicting Arcee and Springer in deluxe office hoverchairs, apparently racing around a track. Blurr or...someone like at the finish line, looking smug. Rodimus Prime is also depicted as sailing over both Arcee and Springer, in some weird device that kind of looks suspiciously like the Rod-Pod. Arcee's written on the side of the sketch, "Truth!"

Below the doodle, Arcee seems to have some plans in the works. She writes in Cybertronian shorthand script, bundling the thoughts into various "clouds" of topics to keep them sorted.

Crystal City .…

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Classablanca Classablanca 6 August 2014

(IC) Rush More - 08.06.2035

Yeah. So, I'm still in prison. You'd think after everything I've done for the galaxy, that somebody would've broken me out of here by now. Seriously, like what's taking everybody so long? What's the point in being a reknowned Intergalactic Outlaw of Myth and Legend if nobody's going to come and rescue me from this place of scum and villainy.

It's like frakkin' New Jersey in here.

Okay, maybe not that bad. But seriously, I'm bored. So beyond bored. You want to know how bored I am? I'm writin' in a frakkin' journal. It doesn't get much more borin' than that. And yeah, the bed is nice. It's co-ed, so that's always a plus. Okay, big plus. There's this really hot Trilorian chick that's a few cells down that I'm so all over next time there's a pri…

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Altitron Altitron 6 August 2014

OOC: Thanks for Playing

Today I learned that I was selected for advancement to Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. With that pronouncement comes a six week long transition period in preparation of assuming the role of a Chief Petty Officer. During this transition period, I will be tested both physically and mentally. As such, I will most likely be unable to divert any of my free time to commissions or other personal artistic endeavors. Thanks to everyone for making the game what it is. I appreciate everyone for allowing me to be a part of this community.

See you on the other side.

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Novakitsune Novakitsune 6 August 2014

Charspeak: Cassettes!

Autobot spinny flashes on the screen.  It then switches to a video of a small cheetah bot waving at the camera.

"Hi, and welcome to Charspeak with Zipline!"

"Check out this disclaimer.  It disclaims things.  WITH EXPLOSIVES!"

[Disclaimer: This is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the staff of Transformers 2k5. The views and opinions featured in this post belong only to Zipline and her player. The format is based off of Wildstar’s Devspeak videos.

This was supposed to be some really tiny writing, but wikia doesn't like adding tiny writing.  It does funny things, so just imagine that this is eally small.  There was also supposed to be a tiny writing joke, but that was totally wrecked.  Way to go, Wikia.

Okay, I’m bored now. How much longer …

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CounterMatt CounterMatt 4 August 2014

'Name Redacted' Personal File. Entry one.


All of this is OOC information. Some of it may even be events unfolding within the mind of the character at the time. Or Seventeen escaped and got a hold of the keyboard. Or something. Just enjoy as is.

I know I should change back. Just not yet. Savour the feeling for just a few moments longer. The start was good and it got better from there. Singing as I went, hitting top speed, redline screaming at me. Then all that the anti-grav I could give! It worked! I jumped into the air as a car! Then through the front wall! I'm surprised that the Commander didn't even raise a smile at that. Rumble loved it, which for my mission today, was all I needed.

I got to sit down with Rumble, talk details and managed to keep cool. I'm so excited th…

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StringTheories StringTheories 4 August 2014

Blast Off IC Blog/Stardate 2035 8.3

(Blast Off's IC Private Journal)

What is a Combaticon without a faceplate? I mean, unless you happen to be Swindle, and then I suppose he can be forgiven for not stepping in line with the rest of our team, but he does need to charm his customers... Though why they fall for that greasy smile of his I shall never know. A smile is just bait in a trap set for the unwary. It houses the hook waiting to impale at the first eager grab, the last letting down of one's guard.

No, while I am hardly one to simply tow the line or follow along like some turbo-dog led on a leash... I do see the use in a faceplate. First: it protects the face. Having now paraded the painfully obvious, I will mention that there are also other, more subtle reasons. Though not …

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RoboHobo77 RoboHobo77 31 July 2014

Shiftlock's Notes To Self III

(OOC: Blog isn't going anywhere ICly. Removed it beause why keep something like this when you have nothing more to add to it? Sorry!)

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Revenant1367 Revenant1367 28 July 2014

Crusade's Chronicles - File 2

(( This is a character journal, hidden away from prying eyes - information contained within is not public IC knowledge. ))

I never thought being a hero (if I can even call myself a hero) would hurt this much.

This past week, I've gotten myself wrecked and put back together more times than I can count. I'm not regretting any of my choices, and it's not like I'm afraid of pain or anything, I'm used to it, but I just didn't think I'd be this...


Nah, not weak. That's not the right word.

Outgunned, maybe.

Brawling with lazy guards and bored workers is nothing like fighting against trained Decepticon soldiers. The soldiers don't back down once I land a couple good hits on them, they put even more dents into me. They don't see some broken, pitifu…

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RoboHobo77 RoboHobo77 25 July 2014

Shiftlock's Notes To Self II

((OOC: I realized this was going to go anywhere and removed it. Sorry folks! ))

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RoboHobo77 RoboHobo77 24 July 2014

Shiftlock's Notes To Self

(OOC This isn't going anywhere, so I decided to wad it up and throw it away. Sorry. :) )

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Doomflower Doomflower 24 July 2014

Arcee IC Journal / Retoris At What Cost?

(OOC: For creative writing purposes only, not for IC consumption. Don't act like ya don't know! Also, any emotions, animosity, etc. expressed here does not equate to my current OOC emotion. At all. These thoughts belong to Arcee, putting her name in here in the hopes the tag will make this appear in her logs list.)

The walls held. The turrets took a severe slagging against Decepticon forces, yet we were able to beat them back after a savage defensive push, and Retoris as well as the Debris base still stand.

But Elita One fell in battle. By the time I got there, what was left of her was being hauled off by Horsepower. He was saying on the radio that it doesn't look good.

And then, what did Rod do?? "Great going, guys!!" Cue peeling out in a fl…

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Revenant1367 Revenant1367 24 July 2014

Crusade's Chronicles - File 1

(( This is a character journal, hidden away from prying eyes - information contained within is not public IC knowledge. ))

It's been several days since I officially joined up with the Autobots and I still feel kinda lost.

The biggest challenge for me is fitting in, I think. Everything is different. I haven't gotten into any trouble yet. I haven't been yelled at or punished for anything, no one's dragged me into a storeroom to teach me a lesson. No one's shouting commands at me outside of battle. No one's tried to steal my stuff, or jump me while I was recharging, or pick a fight with me. No one's tried to kick me out or lay claim to my room.

(I have my own room, by the way - I don't have to share it with anyone else and I can shut myself insi…

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Doomflower Doomflower 11 July 2014

Arcee IC Journal / Pressure's On

No one actually sees this ICly -- they are Arcee's private thoughts, made available here for OOC perusal in the spirit of creative writing. I don't draw robots particularly well, so this is my 'art'. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm not sure if we made things better or worse in the Marble Valley settlement last night. I'm sure Shiftlock will let me know soon enough.

I was in the Decagon when we got the distress call from the settlement that the Decepticons had returned to level the place. We responded in force with a pretty good posse for the time allotted, and maybe we didn't get there in Blurr time, but I would say we arrived there pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, some settlers did get killed. To say I feel 'bad' about this is an understatement; bein…

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Altitron Altitron 22 June 2014

...Twitter. Yeah, I know.

Good for a laugh. Well, for me. Probably not for you. Ha ha ha.

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Shane Blair Shane Blair 22 June 2014

Optimus Prime (Transformers Song)

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Doomflower Doomflower 13 June 2014

Arcee IC Journal / Right, So...

OOC Note: The usual conditions apply here. This is a writing exercise for OOC entertainment, it isn't IC knowledge unless it's mentioned in game.


So, I tried to make things right again. But he wasn't having it. If anything, I just seemed to upset him more.

And then, he left. I'm pretty sure he isn't coming back. He didn't SAY that, but it's a hunch I have, and my hunches are usually right.

Maybe I scared him off. I have a knack for that.

Anyhow, if that's the way he wants it, I respect that. But it's going to hurt for a while. I don't think Elita One or the other femmes really understand this about me: I enjoy being in partnerships. I'm not a loner, a ronin, whatever...I very naturally seek mechs to work wi…

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Doomflower Doomflower 12 June 2014

Arcee IC Journal / Just Some Thoughts

(OOCly, this is back by popular demand! This is just an occasional writing exercise that I do where I keep a journal for Arcee. This is kept off of Autobot servers and prying eyes, probably in a pretty pink notebook in her hab suite, under lock and key. Nothing in this post is to be taken as IC knowledge, because short of stealing the notebook, there's no real way to see it. This is just something that helps me get into the character's head, and I hope it provides some entertainment value in the process.) :)


Didn't I say I was going to keep up on this journal? Note to self, make more notes to self.

I'm Intel CO now. Guess I should be proud, but it's difficult. In fact, I think Blurr and I have been fi…

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Doomflower Doomflower 7 February 2014

Arcee IC Journal/The Advocate.

So, it's been kind of a wild ride on the emotional end of things lately, but I think that comes from being able to empathize very closely. It ends up becoming a subset of my own process, until I'm unable to distinguish what's theirs and what's mine. Clearly, there are benefits as well as drawbacks. Even so, it becomes my own burden to bear, in time.

Despite my misgivings about Sunstreaker, I'm completely appalled by the red tape he's managed to fall through, and what condition this sorry state of affairs has left him in. Someone needs to account for this. It's no one person's blame, however, so I fully intend to bring it up at the next Decagon meeting. I'm going to reserve a place on the agenda specifically for this issue, because I feel li…

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StringTheories StringTheories 2 February 2014

Blast Off IC Blog/Stardate 2035 1.30

Blast Off’s Personal Log, Stardate 2035.1.30. (OOC: Yes, that is a lame Star trek reference because I am a Star trek geek.....and this a sentient space shuttle. >_>)

Class and Warfare

I really must set the record straight. This will not do. First Highbrow, over the Cybertron frequency, accuses me of setting aside my intelligence and sophistication and giving in to baser, more brutish mannerisms as a Combaticon… and then in the middle of a battle Arcee dares to call me “sick and twisted”! These have only been the most recent examples, too. It’s not like I /care/ what an Autofool says, I don’t… but why the sudden influx of people doubting my spotless record of culture and class? I ought to brush it off, and of course I already have to all outs…

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Doomflower Doomflower 1 February 2014

OOC: Need Your Assistance/Feedback!

So, hey everyone. I'm back in the RP saddle again. Not like I really left; I've been other places for a while, exploring other themes.

But now I'm feeling some...alienation, I guess? I'm not sure how to describe it. I feel out of my element. I thought I could just jump right back into my 'home MUSH', and feel at home again, but it's not happening. I even picked up my favorite character again. You'd think that would help, right? It hasn't.

I think part of my problem, as a player, is that I've been away from this theme for a very long time. Oh, I've always loved Transformers. I get them and I understand their motives and all that. But I need to re-familiarize myself. I think some research is needed.

Here's where you fine folks come in. Would you…

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Doomflower Doomflower 30 January 2014

Arcee IC Journal/Fraggit.

Damn. Just... damn.

What did I ever do to deserve this level of frustration??

It's like talking to a brick wall. Why am I even trying??

And everyone seems to think my personal life is some kind of a perfect dream. If only that were the case! I have enough drama right now for *TEN* operas.

Frag this. Shooting Decepticons is easier than this mess.

Feeling: Frustrated  :(

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Doomflower Doomflower 24 January 2014

Arcee IC Journal/Thoughts For This Cycle

So, Blaster is making me a mix tape. I think it would be a nice accessory for my training room routine. Daniel has introduced me to a lot of Earth music over the years, and I'm not particular to much of it...except for the genre called 'dubstep'. I think that dubstep comes closest to anything else I've heard to my favorite kind of Cybertronian music. Very energetic, and good for a long routine. I should probably compensate Blaster for his time, but he seems to be perfectly happy to do these side projects for free.

Before I left on the shuttle back to Cybertron, I stopped in to repair bay to pay a visit to Grimlock, who was critically injured in a battle in Cairo. He barely made it back to Autobot City functional. So help me, I love the big g…

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Doomflower Doomflower 22 January 2014

Arcee IC Journal/Reidan, Etc.

So, there's this elderly gentleman I've taken a liking to. Man by the name of Reidan Wesley. He's a charming fellow with many tales to tell, and who knows what's true, what's exaggerated and what's completely fabricated?? He sort of reminds me of a peacetime version of Kup. He once cooked meals for the EDC, but now he's retired and he's looking to settle down in San Francisco.

Sounds like a great plan so far...only I'm a little bit concerned that he's in danger. Buzzsaw has already threatened him, and I'm very concerned that whatever place Reidan gets, that rotten mechbuzzard is going to torment him endlessly and probably destroy his house. I may just have to keep battling that Decepticreep until he gets the point. That point (or in this ca…

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Doomflower Doomflower 21 January 2014

Arcee IC Journal/What Just Happened??

Wait, what??

What just happened??

I was only trying to help, where did this situation come from?? It reminds me so much of that silly movie about television anchormen I saw so long ago, "Wow, this escalated quickly."

Honestly, I was just trying to help him. He was struggling so hard. I noticed the problem right away. It was as clear as day. I offered to help him out in the department. And he agreed to it.

I promised myself that no matter how difficult things got, that I would not lose patience with him, because patience is the one thing he doesn't have. I would be that patience he needed, no matter what. It was working out really well! Things began to flow much better in the department.

Then, last cycle, he pitched a hissy fit. I anticipated this re…

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Doomflower Doomflower 17 January 2014

IC Arcee Journal/Wisdom of an Electrician

Wraith is a fascinating mech, if you can get him talking.

He's pretty modest, too. I guess I'm so used to seeing so many boastful and conceited mechs around this place that it's a nice change of pace to see one who has useful wisdom to impart to others.

He's definitely someone I want to team up with on the battlefield, someday.

Oh, one more thing before I go work on Intel reports. Blast Off was on the Cybertron frequency last night, bloviating about how refined he is. I reminded him that if he was so refined, then how come he was spotted in Tarn recently?? He just stammered and said it must have been someone else. Yeah. Right.

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Doomflower Doomflower 15 January 2014

Arcee IC Journal/Got Something To Prove?

So, there was a big meeting in Decagon last night. I didn't attend, I just took a stroll through Iacon and showed up later on once all the 'important' business was out of the way.

While I was there, who should show up but the MIA Sunstreaker, looking and smelling like he had been at the bottom of a septic slag pit. He was in quite a state: overenergized, extremely know, all those things you really should avoid being at a business meeting. It was really quite the spectacle. At least he actually had important information to bring back, despite his inebriation.

And then, he invited me back to his room. In front of the whole meeting.

You know, I realize he's been through a lot. I understand completely that he was angry, that he was tr…

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Doomflower Doomflower 14 January 2014

IC Arcee Journal: Trouble in Tarn

Well, Tarn is still a massive slagpit of unrest. What else is new??

Let me back up a little bit. I returned to Cybertron last cycle to pay a visit to Rodimus Prime. Couldn't get past the guards when I arrived at Decagon. Someone is taking steps to ensure that no one but high command really knows how bad off he is. I fear that Rod's doing poorly, and I'm not going to get a chance to see him, before...well, before what, that's something I'd really rather not speculate.

So since I couldn't see Rod, I headed out of Iacon and followed some oddball signals into Tarn. Now, my scanners work perfectly fine under normal conditions. But Tarn is a hotbed of paranoid civilians, and some of them have makeshift scanner scramblers to mask their transmissions…

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Doomflower Doomflower 11 January 2014

Arcee's IC Journal/Hurt...

Down, but not out.

Went out for a while last night, and ended up getting ambushed by Blast Off. If a human's life hadn't been in the balance, I would have let that rusty scumbarge have it. But as it was, there wasn't any room for error because it would have been too easy to harm the nearby human, and it ended up being what I heard Daniel Witwicky refer to as 'death by a thousand paper cuts' for me. Easy pickings for him! Stupid for me. Oh, so stupid. Elita One would have told me as much.

I practically crawled back to base, bleeding fuel from every port, and yes, I deserved every minute of it. Pain is a persistent reminder of one's mortality and limitations. Of one's foolish mistakes. Maybe I'm just not acclimated to Earth combat yet, after m…

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Doomflower Doomflower 7 January 2014

IC/Arcee's Personal Journal Entry

(Arcee keeps a personal journal. It's written in Cybertronian, and is kept in a hidden and heavily encrypted file on her own data storage, separate from Teletran. In other words, no hacking allowed! What I share here is for entertainment purposes only. It is not to be considered IC knowledge.)

When I returned to base for a new assignment, I really didn't consider the possibility that things were going to be even worse than when I left. Granted, my last assignment was fairly remote, and I was conscripted to defend a fairly small industrial town against being razed by Decepticon forces who decided that the town would make a better throughway to their nearest base. It took quite a few cycles and considerable determination, but I think the Cons…

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TPWave TPWave 14 January 2011

Attention rage-quitters (or whatever)

Next time you use your character page to throw a hissy-fit on your way out the door, you might want to do it without carelessly editing an entire template? Makes you look clueless and inept, but then, that might be part of why you aren't playing here anymore.

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Redshift2k5 Redshift2k5 20 September 2009



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Redshift2k5 Redshift2k5 20 September 2009



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Redshift2k5 Redshift2k5 20 September 2009

Yes, we have a Blog

Yes, we have a Blog! This space may be reserved for code development, pls k thx

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