Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Name Blowout
Faction Autobot
Function Party Warrior
Alt Mode Cybertronain Hot Rod
Type OC


"I've got the beats and the moves, let's get this party started!"

Blowout is more than a little reckless and wild, but also very open and friendly Autobot. He is known for his constant appearance in both Cybertron's party scene, and for competing in illicit, underground racing. His top-performance sports car mode hides a secret; While looking like an ordinary car(aside from a bevy of unnecessary spoilers, air scoops, and neon lights), he is actually armoured in ultra-dense titanium alloys, giving him the durability of a small tank. But Blowout is not totally on the defensive, he also uses a pumpin' sound system to fight back with massive volume attacks.

Skills: Party Animal, Racing (Illicit), and Vehicular Combat


Blowout was a minor player in Cybertron's official racing scene, unable to handle the competition in regulation races, even though he loved the thrill and the glory of being a top racer. He switched to the underground, illicit racing, both on- and off-world, where full-body combat was the norm instead of a taboo. Here, he could make up for his lack of pure speed on the road with quick wits, while his solid armor plating lets him be wild and reckless on the track and still come out in one piece. The allure and competition of underground racing and the underground nightlife just isn't enough to keep Blowout's attention, though, and now he's moved to a tougher competition: The front lines with the Decepticons.


Blowout's totally rad car mode!

  • Blowout's name is stolen borrowed from a G2 character; His frame is based on another toy, Boss. For added G2 nostalgia, he has hot pink camo paint!
  • While he looks like a regular car, "he is actually armoured in ultra-dense titanium alloys", so he lacks the frailty most Autobots suffer in their car modes.
  • His sonic weapons can both break armor and go through armor. ain't technology wonderful?
  • his sonic weapons also sometimes backfire and blow up in his face.


(logs pending)

  • Apocalyptica - Blowout's first mission as a new recruit to the war effort! Some Autobots try to diffuse a star-destroying bomb while also kickin' some Decepticon butt.
  • No Way Norway - Blowout pops out of nowhere to assist Broadside beating up Blueshift and Skullcruncher. In Norway. In a museum. for some reason.
  • Smoke Signals - A routine patrol quickly turns violent as a mysterious landing pod makes an explosive arrival! Smokestack's debut!