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Blueshift is awesome and I want to steal him. Seriously, though--he did an awesome job running the humanizing TP, and I was glad to be a part of it with both my characters. I'm looking forward to more plots!

Thanks! I really enjoyed running the TP, it was one of those that really ran itself because everyone who took part was so awesome. However with regards to stealing me, I am afraid you'll find I am rather high maintenance :(


You have been hailed plenty as being one of the best breaths of fresh air on the MUSH. I think any allegations of you "ruining the MUSH" are brought on by jealous people. However, I think what should be a valid criticism thus far is that we seem to have too many macguffins going on. How about some more TPs or at least, events, that focus more on the overall interaction and dynamics of the war? Maybe some other adaptations of Russian Risk. Like Cybertron risk. Or Torqulon risk.

Russian Risk was a huge success, far far exceeding my expectations, and I'm developing a few other ideas along similar lines. A direct sequel is coming, of course, but it will probably be in six months or so, I don't want to burn people out after all!

McGuffin wise, I'll take your point, though every plot that has ever existed has revolved around a McGuffin of some sort, be it an object or person or concept. However I'm currently running some stuff that is very much based on interpersonal dynamics, and I'm keen to run more plots that encourage a ton of casual RP that doesn't need staff members hovering about to run it.


Holy crap. Blue, you are a king among men, for all of the awesome TPs you have run. Russian Risk was wicked, the game-within-a-game was cool, there were some new stratedgies because of the riskness, and opportunities for building and spying that don't come up much. And the way it folded into ther humanizing tp, how it was PLANNED the whole time, was fantastic. The handling of the Humanizing was done expertly, it was plausable, had a great mystery storyline, and was FUN. PLUS, you stayed up until FUCKING THREE IN THE MORNING so we could rp, you're a hero!

Thanks! Again, I was really happy how it all turned out, and I'm always up for more plots that aren't just fighting. Opportunities for people to use their other skills, both RPed and coded that make them useful. We've got a lot of characters that are powerful, but also a lot that are super-clever or skilled in other ways, and I think its part of the job of TP staff to make stuff for everyone to do.

Just about everything I run has hidden story items embedded in it, and I was really pleased to see a few players really get into the whole investigation angle during the TP. I don't like to railroad people or spoonfeed them info, and there's been a lot of stuff that has passed people by, because they didn't look closer at it, or didn't report their individual pieces and put together the whole puzzle. But hey, that's life, and I think that is what makes MUSHing an awesome game. What you do ICly actually matters a lot of the time.


Blueshift is an awesome and helpful dude. He totally is commited to helping the community thrive. His work on the current TPs and the wiki show his dedication to 2k5 and I hope the other players appreciate him as much as I do. This place is lucky to have him.

Thanks! I really like how the wiki has developed and has pulled new and old people in as well. I'm a bit annoyed that wikia has put adverts in the content boxes. There's been a huge backlash, and half my money is on them removing them. Currently if you switch your preferences to Monobook, it gets rid of the adverts. Let me know if they get too obstructive, and I'll look into shelling out for some dedicated hosting.


Dude! I'm so impressed with the way you are constantly IC and always involved in RP. The TPs that you're putting out have been a blast to play in and I'm looking forward to more! Thank you for the work you're putting in here. I really appreciate it. Now, about my refund on that mug I bought on ebay... that wasn't Thundercracker's mug!

Thanks for the comments! I've got a guy in each faction at least because heck, variety is the spice of life, and it is far far easier to run things when you're in that faction. And you know what? I'm having a blast playing in the TPs too! And I'm looking forward to stuff thats coming up. And I hope that excites you as much as it excites me!


I do feel you're doing an awesome job in keeping RP going here on the MUSH, and have appreciated your help with TP advice and suggestions. The only problem I have is not with you as much as with the general philosophy of TP Staff - or at least, what my perception of that philosophy is. It seems that the only groups that matter on the MUSH are the 'majority' - those who live on the east coast. Almost every TP event is set for that time zone, and there seems to be no impetus to help generate RP at off-times. While I understand that those in the minority cannot dictate policy, I feel that the *occasional* 'important event' should be scheduled to accomodate them - not just 'worked in amidst the important stuff' if it happens to be convenient.

Thanks! As always I'd like to remind people that anyone can submit and run a TP. Heck, I'd rather help run one player-submitted tp than two ones I'd thought up, because really, I think the role of staff is as much about facilitating players to do things as much as it is about giving people things to do.

Now, the timezone thing is interesting. Most people probably know this, but I'm British. This means I'm five hours ahead of you guys in the FUTURE. If I have a scene staring at 7EST, that means it starts at midnight my time. So yeah, I definately understand your pain :) I have tried running stuff earlier and later, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But sometimes, you have to take the middle ground. What I am working on however, is TPs where the 'important' scene is really a series of scenes which can take place at any time which yes, could be early, or yes, could be late. Of course unfortunately I can't run any scenes late for the west coast people, since I would be fast, fast asleep at that time. But just hit up a friendly TP staffer and ask if they can help you run something, or request something to happen, and I'm sure we can sort you out!


Ok in most areas. Great TPs which, like a fine wine, only get better with age. I have no complaints.

Short but sweet! However I don't like wine D:


Blueshift is a really stand up guy and admin type staff guy here at 2k5. he is active and available whenever he is on, which is a lot. He also is out roleplaying and being active in the community what makes a game like this live and breathe fairly constantly. I get to do stuff with him a fair amount, and genuinely benefit from it and it's probably an excellent thing that he bestows that upon a lot more people than just me.

Furthermore he runs cool TPs all the time. And I think it's fair to say some of the stuff he runs is a little more absurdist and some players might not be into it, but there certainly are some players who are really into that end of it, myself included, and appreciate that we're not completely left out in the cold. I think he also seems to provide a lot of more mid-range interest material and stuff that appeals to the more serious types who abhor alternate future timelines with epic blutch potential, and that is the sign of a good admin because he seems to treat everyone fairly and with due dignity and respect pretty much all the time. There's not really much bad to say about the guy, but if there was it'd be included here minimized because I tend to give a fair and broad exposition on a guys performance when I'm inclined to write one of these. But he just seems to avoid those pitfalls and brings good and happiness to everyone here, and I can't find fault with that.

The 'genuinely benefit' bit really hits home. Bless you man. I do try, I really do, and its comments like this that bring a warm glow to my cold hard British heart. And it is good that people recognise that I do a wide range of stuff. I've noticed a lot (heck, even most) of the people who say I am too silly are guys that are never IC. Sure, I run silly things that get a lot of publicity. But also a ton of midrange stuff, and a ton of serious, and dare I say it, scary things. Variety really is the spice of life, and you've got to have a bit of everything to keep it all fresh.


Heya Blue. I love the job you are doing on TPstaff. Russian Risk was inspired, and I especially like the way you were willing to change it as you went to address any concerns or issues that people had. I also can't say enough good things about the wiki, it's really grown and become an awesome collection of logs and info on characters. You do a great job with helping others with TPs, which I think is probably one of the greatest services of a TPstaffer, as it helps promote player-generated TPs/RP. Another thing you're doing that's great is playing so many different characters in so many factions - lets you keep track somewhat of what's going on everywhere so that you've got a finger on the pulse of the playerbase, and also shows how fair and balanced you are. Finally, my semi-criticism.

In a previous review I wanted you to act to settle down some of the wilder RP styles out there, but I have to withdraw that statement. I think you have taken steps when there was a clear problem, but in general I'm now starting to think your approach of 'don't be an RP nazi' is the key to fun and freedom on the MUSH. One thing I would still like to see though is a little more adherence/gentle enforcement of the actual rules and theme. When people just do their own thing and no harm that's one thing, but I've found that the rules and theme here are tried and true ways to keep people from twinking, abusing the spirit of conceptual RP, or otherwise stepping on other players' fun. I don't care how witty or creative or good an RPer someone is, if they're blatantly going against a rule odds are they ARE causing some harm. I guess what I'm saying is that you personally don't have to convince people to think about others and the overall 'IC theme situation', but just point out when there's a blatant violation of the guidelines already in place for that. So please don't be an RP nazi, but be a rules Nazi. The rules really are set up to protect people's fun, and not to restrict others.

Thanks! I think a really important part of running TPs is flexability and keeping it organic. Usually I have things pretty planned out as story beats, but the moment players decide to go a different way, then BLAM, that's where we go. Players should dicate how plots go, it isn't about staff poking people to do particular things.

And for the second paragraph, a huge thanks. I think it is important people feel comfortable, because at the end of the day, it IS a game, and it IS a place to relax and have fun. It isn't supposed to be stressful, or like a second job. I do agree on the rules point too, though I think it is important to note the context in which theme and rules decisions were originally made. Most of them were made up to 15 years ago, and what is true then isn't always true now.


I must say I am very impressed by your performance as Charstaff since you came back to the mush a few months ago. I liked most of the TPs you ran but I would like to make a suggestion. Pretty much everything always happen on Earth. Cybertron is mostly ignored, which is a bit odd considering it is the homeworld of most characters, and other planets like Monacus, Junkion or Charr are totally ignored. I would like to see more actions on Cybertron with an occasional scene elsewhere. Beside that, keep on with your great job.

Thanks. I'm guessing thats a typo since you talk about my TPs, but I am TP staff not charstaff (I was charstaff a few years back though!). And crikey, I've been back easily over a year now, doesn't time fly!

I'm glad you want more stuff to happen off-planet, I love space adventures too, and I have been running plots and scenes on other planets like Junk and Charr and others this year, and you'll be seeing a lot more of that later this year. Of course, since the factions are based on Earth at the moment, a lot of idle stuff will be taking place there. Perhaps it is time to drift back to Cybertron?


Blueshift is a tiny British TP god. Well, I assume he's tiny, due to his meekness, but that factor may be heavily influenced by his Britishness. More investigation may be required. On to specific points.


1) Blueshift made me log 95 IC active hours with <Name snipped> in two weeks. My eyes bled. Punish him.

2) He may be a machine, since no mere human could sustain his level of (subdued, British) enthusiasm for so long at one stretch.


1) 95 freaking hours in two weeks.

2) Blueshift's amazing TP-crafting ability will become legend.

3) As his British mind matures, I see things only getting better.

Suggestions: keep doing great things, but don't overwork yourself. Pip pip, head down, shoulder on!

<Name snipped>

Ahahaha. Awesome. I hope my mind is like a fine cheese (that it gets even better with age, not that it is soft and full of holes). As much as you are impressed by me, I'm impressed by /you/ and heck, everyone who does a ton of stuff. A TP staffer alone can't make someone go IC for so long, it is down to everyone around them being totally and utterly awesome. So yeah, blame the mush ;)


Blueshift has been great as always, so instead I will just review his TPs.

Russian Risk: The Risk concept was a lot of fun and created much activity, especially, surprisingly enough, for the EDC. The EDC membership and activity seemed to rocket during and after this plot, I was definitely not expecting that. I look forward to doing this again next year, maybe offset 180 degrees from the Olympics so that we have another big event to look forward to during lean times. My only complaint with it was that some of the players were too anxious about winning or losing, and some of the players were too obnoxious to the anxious ones. When players take something seriously that obliges the facheads to take it seriously, and then drama occurs. On the other hand I suppose this isn't all bad because at least the 'oh god gotta win' guys were excited and fully engaged, and it never hurts to have more excitement about ongoing plots. It beats the hell out of apathy, at least!

Humanising - This one also got a lot of fun stuff going, especially interfactionally. Alameda was certainly hopping! I like the idea of bringing back old TPs that the current playerbase would not have been around for, and it seemed to work out well. Not to mention it was a good opportunity for Grimlock to crown himself King Autobot, and for Cyclonus to patronise the arts.

Yes, definately, I agree with all those points. I was shocked, but also pretty delighted about how Russian Risk seemed to kickstart the EDC. That was an unexpected, but wholey welcome side effect. Mostly down to the actions of the EDC players at the time like Nate and James and the rest, I'll say. And hey, it even inspired me to app EDC!

It was interesting to see people really care about how fights ended. In my naivety, I thought there wouldn't be much of a difference at all, but it seemed like the results actually mattered as everything built to a goal. Now, I find that interesting - technically it was no different to how things have been going for years, the only difference that we were keeping a tally. And yeah, there were a few problems, but I think we managed to nip most of them in the bud and make sure people had fun. If you or anyone else have ideas how to make the sequel run even better, please let me know!

I'm also a big fan of bringing back old things. The 'no humanizing' rule was brought in years back because there'd been so many that people had got sick of them. But then the playerbase completely changed with only two or three people about who even remembered a humanizing, and yet that rule still stuck. Thats what I mean about looking at the context of rules. It isn't about what they say, more about /why/ they say it.


Blueshift, Blueshift, Blueshift. What can I say? I've only been playing for a few months, and I seem to miss out on the TPs a lot, but the ones I have experienced have been a-maz-ing. Russian Roulette was great not only because of the RISK feeling it had, but because all the injured characters meant fun times in the repair bay. I know a lot of people moaned about how they kept getting scrapped, but isn't that what combat is all about? Human Nature was freaking awesome because of how absurd some things were. Who knew something as mundane as being human could be so hilarious and entertaining? I just wish it could've lasted a bit longer. I look forward to your next TP with high expectations, so get crackin'. As for you as a person and a player, well, is there anything negative I can say? No. No, there isn't.

What a great review, thanks! Sometimes I wish TPs could last longer too, but I think it is important to go out on a high. If you stretch things out, people can get tired of them. But if you leave them wanting more, then they don't burn out and momentum is kept up. Well, thats my theory anyway, I stretched humanizing out for as long as I could justify it, and I think having a solid deadline for the end of a TP is important, as it keeps people active


Blueshift=Blue's been a pretty solid person to do the TPs. Even if a TP is not my cup of tea, he tries to include me. I'll credit him for that. :)

Thanks! Well, I don't expect everything I run to be everyones cup of tea, since theres a huge huge range of things. But I'm always keen for people to get involved, and if there's any idea you ever have about what to run, I'd love to hear it!


blueshift=Blueshift is the manic creative glue that keeps this game together. He is universally beloved, funny; a talented and dedicated admin. He is an absolute proper British gentleman. He should be TP Wizard, please make this so. Thank you.

Another review that makes me all fuzzy inside. Thanks! However if I was a proper british gentleman I would wear my bowler hat /all/ the time!


Blueshift's probably the best asset you have going for you on this game, to be perfectly honest. My interest has waned off and on for this place, in large part due to your complete resistance to change and rejection of accept TF canon that you "don't like." <Snipped charstaff issue>. Honestly, I'm still sticking with this game because of Blueshift. He works tirelessly for this game and puts forth more effort than anyone I've ever seen. He really cares about this place, and it's something you should keep in mind -- Blueshift really is one of the most valuable assets you have going for you. <Name snipped>

Thanks for the comments! I'm a big fan of change, and I think some people are scared of it because it is 'different'. But the adage is true - sink or swim, change or die. Heck, even the MUSH in the early days changed a hell of a lot, it wasn't some solid thing that never evolved or had theme or characters added, and I think sometimes people can forget that. I'm actually really excited about how things are going at the moment, we've got a lot of new things happening that are 'fresh' and really breathing life into the place, so I really hope to see you sticking about!

As for your character issue, the charstaff head reads the reviews too, and I'm sure if you talk to him, either via page or even a +gripe if you want the matter investigated, it will be dealt with fairly.


You know, I can only say so much about Blueshift...and they are as follows. Keep up the good work, you definitely keep us alive with your TPs, and RP!

Thanks, thats brill to hear. Seriously, even a short review like this is good, it lets me know that I'm on the right track a lot of the time


blueshift=Well! What can be said about Blueshift? He's a RP dynamo, generating plots that everyone has enjoyed - including something I though I would never see at 2K5, a humanizing! Yay for realising that not all of us have been here for 20 years while still managing to not go crazy with the plot itself. I didn't enjoy Russian Risk all that much, as I felt that the emphasis was on winning combat than RPing, but I've got nothing against combat RP in and of itself, and I knew it would be a limited plot. And people seemed to like it. So yay!

Again, glad to see a lot of the comments echo each other! Yeah, the humanizing was really great, wasn't it. Sure it had silly bits, but it actually had a lot of really dramatic parts (go check out the Inspector Goole logs, they're some of my favourites. He was going to be a one-off character, but I had so much fun with him I kept him about for the week). With Russian Risk, I tried to readdress the combat/rp balance to give people who didn't just want to fight something solid to do, I'll definately keep my eye on that aspect for the sequel


On the positive side, Shift is very active and runs a lot of TPs that people enjoy. He is also very well liked by the playerbase and a solid RPer. He is also a great advocate of change and modernizing the MUSH, which 2k5 tends to need. On the negative side, Shift tends to automatically defend anything someone does if they are his friend. While this loyalty is admirable, it often goes beyond the point of reason and makes him unable to be objective. He also has a tendancy to RP all of his characters more or less the same (Rupture, Autobot Rupture, Human Rupture, or Junkion Rupture), but that isn't really a criticism so much as an observation. <Name snipped>

Thanks for the comments. On the subject of playing characters the same, firstly I don't play any of them like Rupture (seriously, go look over some old logs ;) ) and secondly, all but two of my characters are OCs. So well, hey! Also I've been guys like Sinnertwin (irish bastard), Thunderwing (evil psycho), Guiltor (amazingly evil psycho), Alpha Q (depressed God), oh cripes, the list goes on.

Now, someone else brings up the 'defending your friends' bit, but I'll address it here. Firstly I'd like to say I think of over ninty percent of the MUSH as a really good friend, there's no little subset I like more or less than others. And a lot of the time, if I have a problem with a friend, or something they're doing, I'll go to them first and sort it. No fuss, no muss. So the vast majority of the issues that come up are things that have already been filtered through me and I'm fine with. So yeah, I'll defend them, if I think someone is being unfair, and it does happen. But on the flip side, I won't publicly drag someone through the mud, either on a public channel or even crowing about it on a staff channel. And I do think some players are picked on a lot for the most niggling issues, and I'm a big fan of people being treated the same. That's not a shot at anyone in particular, just a general observation. Heck, I'm guilty of it at times, and yes, I'm sure sometimes I do defend someone who has gone over the line a bit too far. But please don't think I do it unthinkingly or automatically.


Everyone already knows that Blueshift is the lifeblood of this game. He should be TP wiz. Everyone knows there would be no 2k5 without him and his brilliant brain. So instead of being redundant and just saying these things everyone else is already saying, I will just say that I like Blueshift, he is pretty okay.

Thanks! But if I am the lifeblood, then this MUSH is flowing with tea and has sticky up hair in the morning, and I'm sure no-one wants that!


Blueshift is the best admin on the MUSH, what can I say. He is active, friendly and approachable. He works with the players to turn their ideas into fun TPs, and has helped me in this way in the past. He shoulders a disproportionate amount of the responsibility of keeping this game running and entertaining, and I cannot imagine why he's not TP wiz yet. We don't even HAVE one right now, and Blueshift is not only the logical choice, but the ONLY choice for the position.

Oh man, how many responses will start with thanks, but still, thanks! I really do hope that I am approachable. I really love hearing and helping people with their ideas. Seriously, if anyone has an idea, I want to hear it and I want to help you run it.


Blueshift is a vital component of 2k5 whose contributions seem to be unfairly sidelined because of their marked contrast in tone, which is not even a valid complaint: Blueshift's plotting is some of the most vibrantly diverse not only on this game, but on any game I am currently playing on (and there are several). His scenes range from tongue-in-cheek homage to clever intrigue to uproarious humor to epic sci-fi action. No one else on TP staff can touch him in terms of both his volume of output, and in the consistent quality of his scenes and plots throughout a variety of tones and genres. He is this game's alchemist: what could be leaden, sluggish plots like the humanization affair, he turns into gold by adding twists, turns, spills, chills, and his own unique skew on the ways in which giant robots having a space fight can be interesting. He's also approachable, affable, and most importantly humble - I was friends with him before he got his TP staff gig, and he hasn't changed a lick since, still coming off as the same friendly guy who wants nothing more than for as many players as possible to have fun. To be honest, a lot of the time this game barely deserves someone so steadfastly dedicated. I've tried to pull him over to other games to play with me but every time his interest in any of them pales compared to how much effort he puts into and how much fun he gets out of 2k5. Blueshift is not only a solid company man, he's the man behind the curtain, keeping this place fresh and fun. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have as a TP wizard, no matter the game, no matter the theme, because he's regularly proven he can work magic with ANYTHING.

Again, thanks for recognising that I do a huge range of things, it is something that can be missed, but I really think variety is important. I love all types of scenes, and more than that, I love instigating all sorts of scenes and inspiring people to run with ideas. That is the most fantastic feeling in the world. Your review makes me blush more than if there was a pretty girl in pretty clothes standing in front of me!


Blueshift is an inhuman dynamo. I have no idea who he gets so much energy! The only way to improve would be for him for be more cheerful.

I get my energy by draining it from you guys, I am like some sort of entertainment vampire. And yeah, sometimes I can be a bit down, I can be oversensative when people have a go at me for the oddest things. I try to be cheerful though!


There isn't much I can say about your performance as a TPstaffer, suggestions to add. You're an excellent TPstaffer. You have no shortage of ideas and your TPs are always fun and entertaining. You're fun, approachable, and you have and continue to do a lot for 2k5. It's my home MUSH, where I spend all my MU*ing time, and in no small part because of your efforts. I like your TPs, and I wish they could go on for longer in some cases, or involve more people. Sometimes I wish TPs could be more serious. Not back breaking angst, just in a more serious tone. Keep up the good work!

Ah, as I said before, I do wish some things could go on for longer, but sometimes less is more. And if you don't burn people out on an idea, you can come back to it again later. And there's plenty of stuff I've extended because it works well, and its good to have the ability to be able to do that. Totally hearing the serious message. I do try for variety. Russian Risk was serious, and there's a serious TP running at the moment, though currently you're probably only seeing the undercurrents at the moment. But oh yes, stuff is up!


Blueshift is always active and the scenes he runs are generally well received. I won't say that /everyone/ loves them, but the majority of people don't hate them, and that's a good thing. I've got a few things that I wish Blueshift would look at as I'm sure there'a few things that I need to look at. First is the RP that you do. I'm not going to say that nobody like silly RP or everyone hates serious RP. But more and more the RP that you start is of the 'just for fun' grouping and while I'm all for fun, there needs to be a happy medium. I'm concerned that while you'll get great reviews for the fun stuff now, if things keep going as just for fun, a few reviews from now, folks will complain about the serious scenes you run because the weren't 'wacky and wild'. Obviously we're all here for fun and that's good. But your fun and JoeBob's fun isn't going to be the same, and if you skew the scenes you run to mostly your version of fun, it's not fun for JoeBob (please note the extraordinary amounts of fun listed). Short version is this: Try to keep some seriousness to the scenes you run. Russian Risk was serious and folks got a kick out of it. Less 'energon-sandwhiches' and more 'Russian Risk' will bring the ratio back into line. Next up is your opinions. Not that they suck or that you shouldn't have them, but more 'What are /your/ opinions?'. I'll be honest, it seems that I've never heard an opinion out of you that wasn't some reiteration of your friends opinions in your voice. Instead of their statements, say your own. I rarely see you say something to contradict your group of friends which I just find curious. <Name snipped> is a friend of mine, yet there's times I disagree with her. I've had to have 'stern' talkings with a few of my friends. Don't be afraid to have your own opinions and say your own thoughts in public. Third, and this comes up from time to time, is how we're not the * police. RP, theme, monkey. But we are. And as someone that's wanting to be a Wizard here, you need to understand that we are the RP police. We are the theme police. And, if needed, we are indeed the monkey police. If you see an issue, for example <curent player issues snipped> then you need to say something. Step up and take on a leadership role and don't constantly state what police we aren't. Be the cop when needed, good or bad. Finally, and I'm not quite sure how to word this one so forgive me if it comes across as dickish, you need to understand that you're not perfect. There's times that you come across as the most laid back person on the MUSH, and then there's times that if someone so much as questions your (actions, statements, poses, RP) they are wrong for doing so. You're human despite what your IC/Active times say to the contrary, and you're going to be wrong. It happens. But throwing around big words and telling people how you're blameless/faultless/completely right, or worse, turning them into the bad guy for bringing up the point is uncool. <Info on staff channel discussion snipped> Sometimes other people are going to be right (thought I'm not saying I was then), but just because they don't agree with you doesn't mean it's a personal attack. Admit when you're wrong, which if I recall, was one of you favorite things about the PN meeting back in December. We admitted we were wrong. Do the same. ;) Otherwise, I think you're doing a fine enough job. I'm not going to sing your praises as I don't ever like to blend in with the crowd, and I'm sure you're getting enough of that already. :)

<Name snipped>

Ah, a critical review! Firstly, argh, paragraphs, paragraphs! D:

Secondly, I think it /is/ interesting that the only real critical review I have here today comes from someone who's not really been IC for a good while. I think it is very easy to get a completely skewed sense of how things go on from just relying on board posts, channel chatter and hearsay. If you don't think any scene I run is serious, then heck, pay more attention! :) (Also the infamous energon sandwich wasn't even anything to do with me, as much that I wish it were!)

As I said in my reply to review 19, yes, of course I don't go defending my friends irrespective of facts or logic. I don't try to push them for things they're unsuitable for. When I have a problem, I go to them and I sort it out, and it is done. I don't boast about it or make 'jokes' about firing people on the staff channel, and I don't think anyone should. Making sure people stay in line isn't about being nasty to them, it isn't about scare tactics or bullying, its about making people connect with you and letting them know you are being fair and reasonable. So yes, if an issue comes up and I defend someone on it, it is because I think they are being treated unfairly. No-one gets a free ride, no matter who they know, but I just don't want to make a song and dance about things.

And... I'm afraid I can't see where you're coming from with one of the last points. I admit when I'm wrong a lot, a hell of a lot. But when I do that, I fold my cards and put them away, I don't make a huge song and dance about it. I'm probably the least arrogant person I know, and I'm always changing my mind. Change is good, debate is good.

As for 'parroting opinions'? Well.. I don't. If you want to know my opinions on things, just go look at the log page for 2029, at the range of scenes, of TPs, of ideas, of activity and of characters. There, that is my opinion laid out as plain as it can be :)


You're sweet. Have been having fun with the plots. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, you're lovely too!


Blueshift, you have really outdone yourself the past few months on the game! I think you are an exemplary staffer. Your responses for assistance help are appropriate and timely. You are skilled at running both one night scenes and longer term plots. You've got a magic touch when it comes to sculpting player ideas into something that flows better with the game's theme. I know that your zany RP style is not to everyone's taste, but it is a relief to me to be able to log in somewhere and have fun after using up most of my daily 'serious business' quota on RL work. Please please please pass on my congratulations and appreciation for the genius who came up with the flow from Russian Risk to the humanizing TP. I really dig being able to see plots be interconnected like that, and would like to see more of it in the future. You are extremely personable on channels in a warm, genuine way, and I admit there's been ideas that I myself have developed and pursued not for myself, but for you after you've encouraged me. You're good people, Matto.

There's only so many times I can blush in a day, but heck, lets blush again! I'm so happy to read this, really I think this is the whole point of TP staffing, to get reactions like this. I hope I can keep it up!


Hey, Blue. Congratulations on running several successful TP's in a row. You've been a huge help to the MUSH.

As for criticisms, uh... try not to be TOO wacky sometimes? A bit of a half-hearted criticism, I admit, since I tend to be a bit wacky myself. But anyway, I guess that's the worst thing that I can say about you. And believe me, I tried to really hard to think of something horrible and spiteful to say.

Haha thanks, I appreciate it! I think wacky stuff is great, as long as it is kept to its own scenes. Serious stuff is brill too, but serious stuff is the thing that has consequences. I think a good example is in TFTM when Devastator hits Sludge so hard his eyes pop out. Yes, that was wacky. But no, his eyes didn't really pop out, and there wasn't a scene afterwards where Sludge was in hospital having his horrific eye injuries sorted out. But it goes hand in hand with the rest of the movie, just because it is treated in its own little world. I'm not sure if that makes sense, and its not particularly relevant to this review in particular, but it is something I'd like to note. Problems only really arise when a wacky scene is taken seriously by others. Like if Sludge's eyes popped out, and then Arcee ran up crying and cradling him, while everyone else just carried on. I don't want to be the RP police and tell people how to behave though, but yeah, I'll definately keep your comments in mind!