Name Bomb-Burst
Faction Decepticon
Function Predator
Alt Mode VTOL Hover Jet
Type FC


"The greater the foe, the sweeter his fuel!"

A vicious, vile automated vampire! Enjoys swooping down on unsuspecting Autobots and using his serrated metallic fangs to drain the fuel from his victims. Specially-textured outer shell causes rust rash on contact. Blinded by bright sunlight. The ultimate terror in darkness. Without shell, transforms into a vertical take-off and landing hover jet with dual lasers. Within shell, armed with corrosive slime shooter and armor-piercing battle axe!


Like the other Pretenders, Bomb-Burst was kidnapped by Thunderwing and experimented on. Augmenting their natural talents with monstrous organic modes, the former Decepticon scientist used them all to gain access to Hytherion's power.. though he was foiled by Galvatron, who attempted to steal it for himself.




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