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Name Bubbatron
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode "Multiple-Media Player"
Type OC


"Stand by your mechanoid!"

Flag-waving, dogma-quoting communicator. Loyal to a fault, despite abuse heaped upon him by other Decepticons. Obsessed with all forms of music, known to play his tapes and his makeshift instruments at the most inconvenient times. Unique cryptography skills allow him to instantaneously decode and decipher the most convoluted transmissions. Transforms into multiple-media player unit, carries sonics pistol in robot mode. A liability in battle, fragile due to constant repair needs.



  • Active as of 1996.
  • According to his +oocfinger:

Birthday: In the land of cotton! Old times thar are not forgotten!

Altchars: Alternate? That's a thing whut keeps yer pickup truck from runnin' ain't it?

Plan: You ain't LIVED until you heard a good ol' conductor hoe-down, pardner!

Info: Bubbatron recently dug himself out from under the ruins of an old Decepticon outpost at the ruined city of Minocore, and reported for duty, wondering if Megatron had gotten back from his off-planet expedition yet. He's rather confused and highly susceptible to amazement.



  • An altchar of Kendrick, who was famous for roleplaying Starscream on TF2 (and maybe TF1?). Was a presence on and the general Transformer fandom for years. Still attends BotCons when possible!
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