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Name Cackle
Faction Decepticon
Function Research & Development
Alt Mode Cyber-Jeep
Type OC


"Few plans survive contact with the enemy. But few enemies survive contact with my plans!"

Cackle has devoted her entire existence to the pursuit of science. It just happens that her science is typically of the "mad" variety. Whether it's death rays, doomsday weapons, or adding experimental 'upgrades' to a still-fuctioning transformer, Cackle relishes any opportunity to showcase her superior intellect. She relishes the opportunity to explain her new deathtraps to her victims- which often gives them enough time to escape. In robot mode, Cackle wields weapons of her own design, including an experimental null-ray projector. Her cyber-jeep mode is capable of travelling nearly any terrain, and posesses an advanced sensor suite. Despite her superior airs, Cackle is ultimately little more than a bully. Fragile and cowardly, Cackle can be easily routed by opponents braver or tougher than she is.





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