Name Carnivac
Faction Decepticon
Function Hunter/Tracker
Alt Mode Mech-Wolf, Wolf Pretender
Type FC


"A cunning smile is more devastating than the fiercest weapon."

Carnivac can always be found with a smile on his face, even in the midst of battle. His outward cheer often catches opponents off-guard. He can be in the middle of a jovial conversation, grinning widely, and then tear out someone's fuel pump, still smiling. Carnivac has no ability to distinguish appropriate from inappropriate behavior. He just acts with reckless, violent abandon. His comrades suspect that vital cerebro-circuitry may have been damaged long ago, turning this once noble warrior into the Decepticon he is today. Carnivac doesn't care, he's happy just the way he is. Wields an anti-thermal cannon with infrared targeting that slows down its targets molecular activity, effectively freezing them.


At some point in the past Carnivac was a noble and honorable warrior... No one is entirely sure just what turned him into the cackling, constantly smiling monster he is today. He and Catilla seem to have some past history together...



My what a big gun you have...

Despite being a wild, manic, erratic nutball Carnivac is still mostly loyal. Go figure.

One of the first Pretender conversions, and the most willing to accept the results. Probably because he was already a monster in his own mind.


  • Doomsday - Much like an show episode, Carnivac makes his first appearance by.. just being there. Whee!


Current - Swiftpawwolf

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