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Note: The events of Transformers: The Movie take place in 2005. The MUSH begins exactly where the movie leaves off, on June 16th, 2005.

The Decepticons resurface at Darkmount on Cybertron and claim Polyhex. Galvatron is rescued and takes command. The prophet Excelsius appears and sends the Autobots and Decepticons on a quest to discover the oracle of Primus. But the truth they discover shocks them all to the core - Primus was really a Quintesson! Excelsius and the Oracle are lost defeating Ahriaxus. Unicron returns from the dead, causing chaos as he changes Galvatron back to Megatron! He is destroyed when his head is blown up by the Combaticons. 'Doc' Dinblinkitzkavsky is elected Secretary General on Earth. An outpost is built on Mars.

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