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  • Under the influence of a Quintesson device, the Decepticons rebel against their commanders and exile them together with a few captured Autobots. The Quintessons capture the CoC refugees for experimentation and send a clone of Megatron to take over the leadership of the faction, lead them into a trap and enslave them once again. The CoC eventually escape from Quintessa and return just in time to disrupt the plan.
  • The Decepticon Dreadtread comes up with an experimental machine that expands/condenses nonorganic materials and sets up in Australia to test it. Both Decepticons and the Autobots secretly observing the tests are caught in an explosion of the device that reduces them to the size of Terran toys. She eventually manages to rebuild the machine and reverse the effects. Autobots acquire a copy of the designs and do the same.
  • The Decepticons lose contact with their base on Charr. Around the same time, the Autobots receive an automated distress call from the same area. Separate expeditions by both factions arrive to investigate and are trapped underground and infested with tiny, metal-eating leeches that reproduce at a hellacious rate. After making their way through the tunnels and caverns beneath Charr, they find and destroy the leeches' lair in a crashed Neddronese ship before escaping to the surface and getting cured of the infestation.

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