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  • The Decepticons launch a campaign against Mars, again using Trypticon to their advantage. The shuttle hub is destroyed and a massive space blockade is formed, preventing nearly all traffic between Cybertron and Sol. This causes quite a problem for the Cybertron-stationed Autobots.
  • The Autobots liberate Mars with the help of Omega Supreme. Trypticon, under heavy fire, flees to Earth in a desperate and ill-conceived attempt to destroy Autobot City. Metroplex defeats the damaged Trypticon with ease, throwing him into the ocean where he is lost. The blockade falls.
  • Omega is punished severely by Galvatron for helping the Autobots. He is forced to destroy a section of his own city, doing considerable psychological damage to the behemoth.
  • All factions begin a search for Trypticon. The Militants and Autobots make a deal to work together, with the Autobots agreeing to let Chikome-Ollin have Trypticon if he is found. Trypticon is found by all factions, but the Autobots detonate a series of bombs in the super-Transformer, causing him to sink into the ocean once again so the Decepticons and Militants will not get him. Trypticon is again lost and presumed dead.
  • The Monacus Olympics occur. The Autobots capture Doubleback, intending to put him on trial for his crimes against the Autobots.
  • Upon returning to Cybertron, the Autobots and Decepticons find that their home world has been invaded by a Quintesson army that had been secretly built underground ever since the failed invasion years ago. The army is led by the Quintessons Adjudicanis and Exterminatius. The Seacon gestalt members defect to the Quints, bolstering their army. Both factions are scattered and are forced to fight a guerrilla war against the Quintesson Overlords.
  • The Autobots and Decepticons, working independently of each other, are able to overthrow the Quintessons before a group of captured Transformers are executed. Defensor slays Piranacon. Galvatron slays Adjudicanis, but Exterminatius escapes.

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