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  • Iahex is completed.
  • The Solar Needle disrupts weather patterns on Earth. The EDC sets up a naval blockade of New Crystal City.
  • Galvatron orders the cyberforming of part of Africa.
  • Autobot/EDC forces successfully attack NCC to destroy the Solar Needle. Metroplex battles Trypticon, but they mysteriously stop fighting and leave the battle together.
  • Trypticon and Metroplex are found to be under Quintesson control and set to attacking random intergalatic planets to discredit the Cybertronians. A combined-faction assault disables Metroplex after a still-defiant Trypticon is ordered to shut down by Astracius.
  • EDC establishes a base at Old Memorial which is subsequently mined from underground tunnels and detonated, destroying the base and causing a large number of Terran casualties.
  • Lead by Motormaster, the Decepticons take over the peaceful planet of Nebulos. To prevent the division of resources, it is eventually abandoned.

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