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  • A Protectorate experimental device malfunctions, transmogrifying most Transformers' altmodes into World War II equivalents.
  • Computron, Superion, Abominus, Bruticus, Devastator, and others lay waste to part of Paris during a battle that quickly gets out of hand.
  • Scourge builds a giant vernier to tilt the Earth's axis. Nobody understands why.
  • The Decepticons build a mobile air platform named the Argosy. Everyone understands why.
  • The Protectorate collapses under its own weight after an ill-advised attack on Metroplex.
  • The enigmatic Quintessons kidnap five Autobot and five Decepticon gestalt members, experimenting on them and causing them to merge into different Gestalts. But why are the Quints suddenly interested in combiner tech?
  • The Decepticon Thunderwing arrives from Nebulos, brandishing a new technology - Pretender shells. These shells make the warrior inside tremendously powerful. The Autobots get ahold of the technology as well. Thunderwing finally dons his own experimental ultra powerful shell, which drives him insane. After vowing to destroy both Autobots and Decepticons, he and his allies are eventually forced into a retreat, taking their shells with them.
  • The Quintesson Alpha Q, trapped for millions of years in a sub-dimension, kidnaps various Autobots and Decepticons, trying to force them to rescue him. After threatening to destroy Cybertronian with a black hole, the Decepticons manage to talk him down, and he is left in peace.
  • Chip Chase hosts the Space Chase Science Fair, located on a space station in the Rainbow Climbs. Experiments from all factions are featured.
  • As forewarned during the science fair, a desolate binary star system goes nova, irradiating the system and leaving behind a mother lode of energon. Metroplex, refitted for space flight, and Trypticon serve as bases for the space campaign. Quintesson forces, led by Exterminatius, are oddly well prepared to take advantage of it. God Neptune, aka the resurrected Piranacon and various Seacons, fight alongside the Quints as all factions battle for the energon.
  • The Junkions become addicted to a substance known as 'The Juice'. They begin attacks throughout the Galaxy, stripping down worlds for raw materials. Their goal: To rebuild their slain cityformer, Cinaplex. The showdown on Junk reveals the real villains - the Quintesson operatives known as the Seacons.
  • The Quintessons and Seacons unleash a new weapon - the fearsome warrior Guiltor, combining elements of Megatron and Optimus into one form. Bandit and Avalanche are revealed to be the 'Seventh Seacon'.
  • Galvatron makes a landgrab in Russia, but after a month-long campaign the EDC and Autobots drive him and the Decepticons out.
  • Aliens turn most Cybertronians into humans. Many hijinks ensued.
  • The Muffin Man returns.


Gestaltered States

Main article: Gestaltered States

The Quintessions struck, stepping up their campaign of terror and experimentation by kidnapping several Autobot and Decepticon gestalt members, fusing them into bizarre amalgamations of their usual combinations.

  • Tentacles of Doom - A group of Decepticons explore the remains of the old Antarctic base... and find unwelcome squatters!

More Than Meets The Eye

Main article: More Than Meets The Eye

The Decepticon Thunderwing arrived from Nebulos with a special present for Galvatron - Pretender shells! These new weapons enabled any Decepticon warrior wearing them to become extremely powerful. The Autobots soon got their hands on some, and so it became an arms race... until Thunderwing donned his final creation, an ultra powerful transforming shell. Driving him insane, he vowed to destroy both the Autobots and Decepticons and was only driven back by a joint defense.

  • Where Eagles Dare - Outburst orders the Decepticons to capture biosamples of Earth's wildlife for Thunderwing. A squad of Decepticons travels to Yellowstone park to kidnap some rare eagles. Can the Autobots stop them, or is extinction forever?
  • Test Run - The Decepticons decide to test the new Pretender shells... by flattening P'yongyang
  • Cattle Run: A herd of energon-producing Turbosteer somehow appear on Arizona... and on the scene is a Pretender-powered Blueshift going toe-to-toe with Prime!
  • Dockside Cuddles - The Autobots make a diversionary strike on the docks of New Crystal City. But they reckoned without its guardian - the gigantic robot squid known as 'Cuddles'
  • Stolen Thunder - Whilst the Autobot attack on New Crystal City distracts the Decepticons, a task force attempts to hijack Thunderwing's shuttle and steal the new shipment of Pretender shells.
  • TNF 1/30/08 - Dinobot Island - Thunderwing's Pretender shells help the Decepticons secure a victory on Dinobot Island...and Scrapper and the Constructicons to avenge years of beatings at the hands of the Dinobots!
  • Terror On Tycos - Thunderwing leads the Decepticons on an attack on the planet Tycos, to gain the rare and mysterious element rheanimum
  • The Village - Exploring Nebulos, some Autobots come across a small village
  • Awakening - Thunderwing's lab is under attack. But he has one more trick up his sleeve.
  • Showdown on Nebulos - The Autobots launch an all out attack on Thunderwing's base of operations. But fate has its own surprises.
  • Downtime on Nebulos - After the battle, Twitch and Blaster do some bonding. But the peace is soon shattered, as a shadow moves towards Cybertron...
  • More Than Meets The Eye Finale - Part 1 - An insane Thunderwing has threatened to destroy Cybertron, starting with Nightsiege. A group of spacefaring Transformers await his arrival in orbit, to intercept him.
  • More Than Meets The Eye Finale - Part 2 - The Autobots and Decepticons join forces to await Thunderwing's arrival at Nightsiege. But Thunderwing has a final hand to play - he can control the Pretender shells from space!

Into The Black

Main article: Into The Black

The Quintesson Alpha Q, trapped for millions of years in a sub-dimension, kidnapped various Autobots and Decepticons in order to force them to rescue him by taking his place in exile. To this end, he displayed incredible reality-manipulating abilities, powered by the sub-dimension that he was imprisoned in, even threatening Cybertron with a black hole. Eventually it was the Decepticons who managed to talk him down from his rantings, and let them leave in peace

  • Harbinger - The Autobots have a visitor - a very unwelcome and powerful visitor from another world...
  • Ghost and Sharks and Quints - Before anyone has time to puzzle over their strange wraith-like visitor, there are reports of Quintesson activity in New York. There, in place of the Statue of Liberty, they discover a Quintesson ghost-ship and loads of confused Sharkticons
  • Descending Into The Black - A strange, highly destructive singularity is reported in Washington State. Autobots and Decepticons arrive to investigate.
  • A New Science Of Life - Alpha Q makes his final demands to the assembled Autobots and Decepticons. Will he escape to conquer the universe, or can he be stopped?


Main article: Nova

An area of space, the K'Tor Nebula, exploded into a nova, causing a galactic-wide rush for the wealth that it had produced. But the Quintessons were also moving in - and unleashed their latest agents, the Seacons!

  • Quintesson Attack: The Quintessons are suspiciously well prepared, and launch an all out raid to steal as much energon as they can.
  • Space-Worm on a Hook Not to be outdone, the Autobots engage in intense energon mining, exterminating any hapless space-worms that get in their way!
  • Cube - A space trickster kidnaps a group of Autobots and Decepticons, trapping them in his devilish Cube. Can they solve the puzzles and escape?

The Autobot Amusement Park

Main article: Whirliworld

In a departure from the normal Decepticon nefarious activity followed by Autobot ultra-violent response, Whirligig, Autobot scientist extroardinaire, decides to construct an Autobot amusement park (all proceeds to go to charity).

The Resurrection Gambit

Main article: The Resurrection Gambit

The Junkions had become addicted to a substance known only as 'The Juice', attacking and stripping down worlds for their raw materials, apparently in a bid to rebuild their cityformer, Cinaplex. They got wilder and wilder, attacking Charr and even stealing Metroplex's transformation cog. Eventually a showdown on Junk revealed the real villains - the Seacons, who had been behind the scenes all along!

  • The Body In Question - Tracking down Inferno's coffin, the Autobots discover the Junkions behaving even odder than usual on Oklahomus VIII
  • Junkions Gone Wild! - Have the Junkions gone mad? Swarm after swarm descend on the planet Krithella IV to tear it apart for scrap. But the Decepticons are also there, searching for a rare power crystal...
  • Return of Junkzilla - A group of Junkions attack Space Station Z and unleash the terror of Junkzilla!
  • Lost My Groove - The Junkions are under the influence of Juice, and raiding a space station. But their cause can be too alluring for some...
  • Charr'd - The juiced-up Junkions gain the Decepticon's ire by attacking Charr itself!
  • Junked - The end of the Juice? As the Junkions battle the Autobots and Decepticons on Junk, the puppetmasters behind the curtain are revealed.

Airbase Argosy

Main article: Airbase Argosy

Fusillade's pet project is finally revealed...the Argosy, a flying airbase.

  • Mission Improbable - After recon reports a large-scale construction project at NCC, the Autobots stage an intel-gathering mission. Just what did the Decepticons do with the captured supertanker UNS Hephaestus...?
  • Master and Commander - The EDC takes a shot at the Argosy using their own mobile superfortress, the UNS Atlantis.
  • DinoJERK - Runamuck acts a jerk to Snarl, and gets exactly what he deserves!
  • DinoJERK 2: Double-Trouble! - This time Grimlock and Snarl buzz the Argosy together, while other Autobots try to take advantage of the situation...

  • Sogo City Of Night - The Seacons have stolen the Core of Sogo, City of Night. But what starts as a simple recovery mission soon becomes complicated in the city that never sleeps.
  • Trokius Returns - The Quintessons gambit is revealed - they are reconstructing the cityformer Trokius on an even larger scale. An Autobot/Decepticon strikeforce is sent to take it out
  • Kick Back And Relax - Whilst at one of Shockwave's towers doing some data entry and filing, a group of Decepticons are ambushed by an Autobot elite strike team!

From The Grave

Main article: From The Grave

The Quintesson's new weapon is introduced - the fearsome warrior known only as... Guiltor!

  • Nevada Showdown - Guiltor continues his reign of terror with his next victim - Arachnae. Can Onslaught, Compile and Dredclaw fend the fiend off in time?
  • Heart of Ice - Guiltor breaks Quickswitch out of the Protectobot's prison, making promises of glory. Will Quickswitch be tempted by him, or listen to his friends?
  • Magnus Deals With It - In Egypt, Guiltor and Ultra Magnus fight a brutal battle to the death. One will stand and one will fall...
  • Final Guilt - The Sweeps track down Guiltor's resurrection ship, and a massive battle ensues as the Decepticons and Autobots try to destroy it. Will they succeed, or do the Quintessons have one more surprise in store for them?

  • To Walk With A Champion - The Galactic Wrestling Federation is in danger - Future Ric Flair is just TOO good. Who can stop his domination of the game?
  • Its A Wonderful Hot Spot - Hot Spot is visited by a terrifying figure that looks a bit like Guiltor if you squint hard enough... who shows him what life would be like had he never been born!
  • Ladder 25 - The original Autobot emergency-response team in action!
  • Busting Bjork - A terrifying battle takes place as Blaster and his tapes fight Soundwave and his mini minions, to protect the one and only Bjork!

Russian Risk

Main article: Russian Risk

Russia is in danger! The evil Galvatron has set his sights on conquering this mighty power. But for what reason? And who can stop him?

  • Kamchatka Khaos - Kamchatka, 04 May 2029: - Decepticons and Autobots clash in the volcanic regions of Russia. Will it be a Minibot massacre? Decepticon victory
  • Siberian Scramble - Eastern Siberia, 04 May 2029: - The Decepticons expand onto the continent from their beachhead on Kamchatka. Snapdragon leads the way and Springer opposes him! Bonus: Compile vs. Raindance in Tape Battle. Decepticon victory
  • Science City Showdown - Western Siberia, 04 May 2029: - Galvatron and his trusted soldier Onslaught push through to the Siberian 'Science City' of Akademgorodok, battling the Autobots and EDC! The Decepticons want the city's research facilities intact, but can the forces of good stop them? Can Hoist beat Galvatron in a fistfight? What are Onslaught's AA capabilities? Decepticon victory
  • Krai More Q.Q - Khabarovsk Krai, 04 May 2029: - Motormaster leads a Decepticon assault on the relatively utopian city of Khabarovsk Krai in an attempt to close the line. This time the Autobots are prepared, and they've got a Dinobot! And Sunstreaker! Decepticon victory
  • Hot Hot Cerebro-Shell & Yamalia Action - Yamalia, 05 May 2029: - The Decepticons lead an attack on Yamalia with their evil deeds and as always the Autobots come to save the day! Autobot Victory
  • To Russia, With Love - Moscow, 05 May 2029: - The mightiest Decepticons ... okay, so over-energized Rider and Blitzwing break out of the medbay for a rampage in downtown Moscow. Luckily, Tempo and Jayson Redfield are there to drop structural items on their heads! Autobot Victory
  • Russian_Risk:Tangle_In_Tunguska - Tunguska, 05 May 2029: - Decepticons rampage over the frozen wasteland, defended by a combintation of heroes: Autobots and EDC! Decepticon Victory
  • Moscow Matchup - Moscow, 06 May 2029: - Bandit, Astrotrain, and Onslaught suddenly attack Moscow: Dinobot defends but is defeated. Decepticon Victory
  • Omsk Under Attack - Omsk, 08 May 2029: - The Decepticons have detected that the mighty Superion has taken the field! Galvatron leads a crack force to break the back of the Autobot vanguard before Superion can attack! The Autobots hold Omsk, but at what price? Bonus spoiler: Smokescreen earns a medal. Autobot Victory
  • Mary, Joseph, and St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg, 14 May 2029: - An epic battle between matched Autobot/EDC and Decepticon forces, which may or may not have been won for the Autobots by none other than Beavis and Butthead. Autobot Victory
  • Ural in this together now - Southern Urals, 15 May 2029: - Apeface tries to jump a couple of humans but gets his come-uppance when the human exo-suits prove much more dangerous than he had been told! Redshift and Sunder arrive to help defend the mountain range, but the humans have reinforcement in the form of new Autobot Sentinel who gives Redshift what-for! Meanwhile, Astrotrain gets train-robbed by Ultra Magnus. Autobot Victory
  • Rostov Rumpus - Rostov, 16 May 2029 - Can an Autobot and EDCer stop two heavy hitting Decepticons? You bet your buck teeth they can! Autobot Victory
  • St Petersburg Reclaimed - St. Petersburg, 19 May 2029 - A strike force of powerful Decepticons battles to reclaim the city of St. Petersburg! Decepticon Victory
  • Siberian Showdown - Eastern Siberia, 20 May 2029 - The two most experienced human combatants, Spike Witwicky and Michael Briar, accompany Springer and Foxfire on a mission to capture or destroy a remote Decepticon supply depot in furthest Siberia! Little do they know Galvatron happens to be there reviewing the troops! Can even these brave soldiers survive the wrath of the Lord of Destruction?! And if not, what chance, then, do WE have?Autobot Victory
  • The 3rd Battle For Moscow - Moscow, 20 May 2029 - A small team of flight-capable Autobots and EDC Exo-Pilots test the Decepticon defenses of Moscow. They get more than they bargained for when Shockwave and Snapdragon (and Americon) show up to face them. But they manage to pull out a marginal victory, leaving the Decepticon defensive network inoperable. Autobot Victory
  • Dinobots & Abominus, The Abominable Snowmech - Western Siberia, 26 May 2029 - Scrapper is just about ready with his plans for a Decepticon outpost in West Siberia when the Dinobots arrive. Abominus merges, but will it be enough to stop the Dinobot attack? Draw
  • The Americon Way - Southern Urals, 26 May 2029 Americon leads an assault on the Urals...wait a second, Americon?! Oh wait, Shockwave takes part as well. But with the courage of Mechs like Cliffjumper and Jetfire, the special skills of Yellowjacket, and, the screen presence of Tracks, the outcome is anyone's guess. Autobot Victory

  • A Tall Tale - Raindance attempts to arrest Turntail for being a traitor
  • Hypocritical Oath - While trying to get medicine for his geniune ailments, Groove is cruelly attacked by First Aid.
  • Turntail's Revenge - Raindance attempts to assault Turntail again, but it doesn't go to plan.

Human Nature

Main article: Human Nature

Alien devilry causes a group of Transformers to be humanized!

  • Human Condition - Investigating a crashed spacecraft in Tunguska, the Autobots and Decepticons discover a... change in their situation
  • Fake ID - Back at the EDC base, the humanized Autobots are feeling confused. Is everyone who they say they are? Who is that nice Mr Sam Waverly? Perhaps he is Gears...
  • Grand Theft Cliffjumper - A humanized Powerglide and Raindance seek to... take advantage of Cliffjumper's kindness...
  • Flying High - A peaceful day in San Francisco is interrupted by a dastardly prison break. Can the evil Decepticons be stopped?
  • America's Best Store - A group of Autobots go shopping in America's Best Store. What could possibly go wrong?
  • A-Mart - Markdown opens his new retail chain, but will the premiere be spoiled by the humanized Autobots and Decepticons? Behold as formerly giant robots demonstrate that they have no idea how to act human!
  • Tunguska Exploration - Several Autobots, some humanized, and a humanized Lee-Zard explore the crashed spaceship. Some parts of the mystery are solved, but more remain!
  • An Inspector Calls - As everyone is running about being wacky humans, Autobot City gets a visitor - a very strange UN inspector, with some unusual demands...
  • The Great Date - After being told that she has a week to live, humanized Raindance does what any other normal person would do. She goes on a date with Galvatron. And yes, it is as bad as it sounds...
  • Clash of the Titans - A humanized Blueshift tries to wrest control of the Decepticons from Scrapper in an increasingly unlikely series of events.
  • What An Inspector Wants - At a cafe in Alameda, Inspector Goole reveals his motivations to a group of humanized Transformers
  • Down with the Sickness - Sky Lynx becomes ill, as a result of his cloned body starting to break down. Others also begin to feel the effects, and medical aid is (eventually)rushed to Autobot City. Also, guest appearance by Nate Briar, who is a xenophobic git who thinks we'll give him AIDS.
  • Mash the Gas - Humanized Fusillade dabbles with attempted vehicular homicide before finally getting enough of an earful to realize that she's in serious danger, too. SCIENCE CONTENT WARNING! Check this out for potential list of maladies that might strike hyooman clones!
  • Crime and Punishment - Raindance gets an electroshock collar - so how can she get her revenge on Powerglide now?
  • Dehuman Nature - Endgame time! Will the Transformers be restored to normal, or will everyone die?

All Hail Megatron

Main article: All Hail Megatron

In order to escape death, the humanized Galvatron had his mind transferred into an empty Megatron body, becoming Megatron once more. But then Galvatron turns up, claiming the switch never took place, and the mech controlling the Decepticons is an imposter. Who to believe? And more importantly, who to support?

  • Secret Army- Galvatron's army grows as DCI officers pledge allegiance to him
  • By Cyclonus Betrayed! - As New Crystal City's spaceport erupts in flames, the Decepticon traitor is revealed. Or is he?
  • Man Behind the Curtain - During a large Autobot assault on a still-weakened NCC, Galvatron's existence is publicly revealed...and the Decepticon Civil War erupts in full!
  • Bonesaw's Arrival - A badly damaged Decepticon falls from the skies. Autobots intervene, but why is one of their kind so hostile? Decepticons mingle afterward, and although disagreements over Megatron and Galvaton can be set aside, those about drinks cannot be.
  • In The Mind Of Madness - Several Decepticons explore the area around Unicron's brain, as Galvatron's forces gather.
  • Arise Decepticharge - Events take a tragic turn when Depthcharge decides to investigate Unicron's head on his own
  • Crashdown - As the battle rages outside, Galvatron stays steely inside Unicron's head. And what happens to Goldpaver?

  • London Calling - Aerospace tries to take on the EDC in London. Weep for the marmite.
  • The Crystal of Apex - Some want to steal it. Some want to protect it. Some just want to blow it up. Also, will Bumblebee ever be rescued?
  • Caving Expedition - The Autobots go off on a caving expedition to find some missing comrades and find more than just their fellows.
  • Autobot Ambush! 2 - Springer is back with another 'kinda' cunning trap for the Decepticons.


Main article: CyberGONE

An ion storm threatens Cybertron - the only thing to do is move out of its way! But is this part of a bigger plan set in motion?

  • Quinterrogation - Time to ask the Quintesson prisoner Pinatacius some questions, what with all the impending doom.
  • Nightbeat, Traitor - The Autobots and Decepticons are engaged in a joint effort to save Cybertron from the coming ion storms, but what's Nightbeat up to?

Operation: Ironclad

Main article: Operation: Ironclad

The Decepticons are going to get their robot dinosaur eating chunks of Cybertron if it kills them!

  • The View - Catechism and Reflector go scouting with the most egregious use of the +scout command perhaps ever, and Catechism later wanders off to observe some card games.
  • Better Left Unknown - Catechism sees the inside of Shockwave's laboratory and kind of wishes that she hadn't. Also, Shockwave tells her to go to Titan. She later remembers it wrong and goes to Triton. Whoops.
  • It's A Gas Gas Gas - Catechism sets up Ikea methane mining equipment on Triton while Ramjet and Fleet help. More Fleet than Ramjet.
  • Operation Ironclad: The Unexpected - Punch, not dead, tries to drop the Autobot spaceport defenses, but life becomes much worse than that for the Autobots rather quickly. Incomplete log.

Matrix Quest

Main article: Matrix Quest

The Autobots discover that the one thing that can save them is the one thing they don't have. The Matrix Quest begins!

Shattered Glass

Main article: Shattered Glass

Transformers 2005's own version of Shattered Glass, a world where Autobots are evil and Decepticons are good!

  • Once upon a time - Once upon a time there was a far off world where Autobots ruled with an iron fist and Decepticons fought bravely and meekly against their tyranical empire... and then some outsiders came.
  • The Special Hell for Traitors - Confronted with nonviolent, peace-loving Decepticons, a dimensionally-misplaced Catechism can only assume that she is in the Pit.
  • Sitting on a Dock on the Bay - "Along the southern coast of Florida, Americans are known to climb into unsteady boats and rickety rafts, attempting to leave behind the ruins of this once grand continent."
  • Euphemism - Crystal City. Nice place, right? Nice place for a jailbreak.
  • Meeting Evil Rodimus - Kup tries to reason with the Mirror Universe's Rodimus Prime, but is there any hope of getting through to the vicious tyrant? Then, he meets another old "friend!"
  • The Road to Awe - The journey of the temporospatially displaced Autobots and Decepticons comes to a close where it all began - Cybertron.

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