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The Collector

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Neeeeeerds from space want you. MOC or MISB only.

The Legacy of the Lenses

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After escaping from the clutches of The Collector, the captives escape with some new toys - lenses that give them the power of terrible Photoshop effects. These lenses seem to only have limited power, however. If only there was a way to recharge them...

  • Bot Air - In which Springer hijacks a Decepticon cargo shuttle, Paradigm blows things up, First Aid medics, Boomslang and Moonracer have a sniper duel, Brawl punches people, and Catechism gets a headache.
  • Between a Stump and a Hard Place - Snapdragon patrols the southern stretches of Decepticon territory on Earth and runs afoul of Roadbuster. Reinforcements are summoned.
  • Pancake Day - Catechism tries to make some Autobots into pancakes. This is not how you celebrate pancake day.

A Trip To Torqulon

  • A Trip to Torqulon, Part 1 - Soundwave leads an expedition to Torqulon to launch a nefarious plot tm. A pair of Autobot stowaways bumble into it.

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