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Transformers 2005 MUSH utilizes a combat system called TACS. The concepts and mechanics employed by this system are detailed in the following pages:

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  • STATS - A set of prominent attributes assigned numeric values to help define a character's personality, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • ABILITY - A set of special talents, skills, and capabilities that characters can employ on the game grid to get the upper hand over their enemies.
  • ATTACK-TYPE - All attacks on the MUSH are categorized into types, depending on the method of the attack's delivery.
  • DEFENSE-LEVEL - TACS allows players to set various 'stances' in combat (i.e. 'Guarded' or 'Aggressive'), each with their own set of perks and penalities.
  • DAMAGE-TYPE - The type of damage that an attack will inflict when successful is determined by the attack's damage type (i.e. 'Acid', 'Water').
  • PROTECTION - Characters may have certain resistances and weaknesses to various damage types (see above).
  • EFFECT - Some attacks may have unique side-effects; this page collects those effects currently available on the MUSH.
  • COMBAT-FLAG - During combat, characters will attain and shed various In-Combat states (aka 'buffs', 'debuffs', or 'flags'). Those flags are detailed here.
  • BIN_TYPE - Some attacks draw from an ammunition source vice energon to deal damage. This page explains that concept in detail.

NOTE: The above menu can be accessed on the game by using the command !combatinfo.

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