Missing image

How do I change this image?

Depends on the template! If you're trying to change a profile image ({{Profile}}), a place image ({{Place}}) or any of the combat images ({{Effect}}, {{Ability}}, {{Stat}}, {{Attack-Type}}), then you'll want to upload an image with the exact same name as the page. It MUST be a JPG. These templates automatically pull the uploaded files that match the page name. For example, Air Raid's image file would have to be named Air_Raid.jpg.

  • If no image exists yet, you'll need to upload one. You can upload an image for many places on the wiki, but here's a link in case you didn't want to dig around.
  • If an image exists and you want to change it, click on the image, then scroll down and look for File History. Click Upload a new version of this file. If it doesn't show up right away, give it an hour or so, or try ctrl+F5 for a hard refresh. If you're having trouble just page or @mail Fathom! Sometimes files may need to be renamed or deleted.
  • If the template you're using is {{NPC}}, the image is found with the image parameter. Somewhere within the function you'll need to type image=imagenamehere.jpg. It MUST be a JPG.
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