Name Chimera
Faction Decepticon
Function Sniper/Warrior
Alt Mode Cybertronian Pyramid Jet
Type OC


"I continue to exist, and am despised for it. I only did what I was created to do-- it was never my fault."

Personality created by the twisted machinations of the Decepticon known as Doubleback, Chimera lived and grew as the dark piece of the Autobot Moonracer, until forced into a new laser core. Further twisted by her own efforts to resist the transfer, the personality lives on, believing herself to be the 'real' Moonracer, and dreaming of vengeance on those who performed the separation. When her core was rescued from the Autobots, Chimera was built into the body of a seeker. Her pyramid jet form sports both a plasma generator and ballistic railguns. In robot mode she carries both a gauss pistol and laser pistol-- a habit ingrained upon her by the Moonracer persona (or vice versa). After her time in sensory deprivation in the back of a mind she enjoys all sensation.


Created by Doubleback, cemented by a sabotage mission, Chimera has been causing trouble for the Autobots for a relatively short time-- only two years.

She was transferred into an empty laser core by DepthCharge-- but only after a final attempt at treachery and deception (and DepthCharge delivering a sound spanking to her memories and personality matrix). Chimera's struggles seemed to have destroyed herself, so her core was set aside, never to function again. However, because of Doubleback's records (decoded by Shockwave), a small team was sent to get information-- which they found, and more. They stole the core that the tattered personality was stored in, taking it back with them to be rebuilt into a new form...



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