Name Cinderblock
Faction Decepticon
Function Anti-Armor Soldier
Alt Mode A-10 Warthog
Type OC


"Right and wrong don't matter if you're slagged."

Cinderblock is an old campaigner. A veteran of numerous battles, he's used to being the grunt on the front lines. He volunteers for nothing, and he always looks out for number one. While no slouch in a fight, Cinderblock tends to try to avoid them, not wanting to get shot up for what he sees as the empty banner of the Decepticons. He didn't join them because he thought they were right, he just joined because he thought they'd win. Designed for knocking out armored Autobots, Cinderblock possesses a startling array of armor piercing missiles and a Vulcan cannon. With tremendous strength, and a form built to take serious punishment, he can act as a definitive force on the Decepticon side of the battlefield. Unfortunately, all of his armor and munitions, make him much slower then the average Decepticon, and make him all but useless against airborne opponents.



Active around 2006.



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