Name Crosscut
Faction Decepticon
Function Air Support
Alt Mode Cybertronian Aerospace Fighter
Type NPC


Everything on this page is subject to change as necessary, and should be taken as guidelines for the character rather than hard rules. Of note, the IDW background for the character is unthemely; see Theme.



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Crosscut was an ordinary, if battlehungry, grunt who spent his whole life being mistaken for other mechs, whether they shared his name or design or just by some random happenstance. He's been reported dead more times than he cares to remember as a result, something that still baffles him to this day. Some poor lookalike once got slagged by a faulty spacebridge when Straxus called for him to test it, and another with his name was trapped in the Forever Glass of Moldavite VI. Of course, when it turned out that he /also/ happened to closely resemble a member of the Decepticon Justice Division, Crosscut gleefully took advantage of the confusion for his own personal gain. Unfortunately, because of this and the unrecorded death of the actual DJD member, he wound up being recruited into Squadron X when Valve inevitably mistook him for the elite warrior he was pretending to be.


  • Crosscut exists.
  • Crosscut is good at exploding.
  • Crosscut is the most common Transformer name in G1 for some reason.
  • Crosscut is seriously going to die.

Personality & Abilities

Crosscut is an opportunist, taking advantage of any situation that seems beneficial to him and milking it for all it's worth. He often ends up getting himself in way over his head, but his tremendous luck usually sees him through in only two or three pieces. He is practically in love with the battlefield, fascinated by the destruction he can cause with his weapons and the reputation it can bring him.

Crosscut is the primary air support of Squadron X, often accompanying Earthquake and Fang to break through enemy defenses. Although he isn't especially skilled in combat, he makes up for it through superior firepower, having replaced his right hand with a double barrel energy cannon and his left hand with a smaller, more accurate single barrel gun (the type is up to anyone who apps him). His altmode is a compact Cybertronian aerospace fighter, making him the most versatile member of the team in terms of terrain effectiveness.


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