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Name Cybertron
Type Planet
Location Alpha Centauri System


A planet made up of metal and machinery, with deep tunnels under the surface that hold dark and dangerous secrets best left forgotten, Cybertron has been the main battlefield for the Autobots and Decepticons since the war began. Originally an asteroid used by Primus as he began his work in robotics, it was eventually run down and depleted of energy due to the war. It was then moved to the Alpha Centauri System in 2029, where solar power is slowly rejuvenating the planet.


CuprahexProtihexPraxusRust SeasTyger PaxManganese Mountain RangeNova CronumAltihexCrystal CityPolyhexLimbranite TundraUrayaIaconRetorisStanixIbexTyrestVosKalisKoriolis DesertHelexKaonSonic CanyonsSea of MercurySwamplandsIstoral TrenchMithril SeaTarnCybertronMap.png
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Protihex Region
Iacon Region
Tarn Region
Rust Seas Region
Nova Cronum
Rust Seas
Tyger Pax
Polyhex Region
Crystal City
Mithril Sea Region
Mithril Sea
Koriolis Region
Koriolis Desert
Sonic Canyons
Manganese Region
Manganese Mountain Range
Kaon Region
Istoral Trench
Limbranite Tundra
Mercury Seas Region
Sea of Mercury
Tagan Heights

Places Of Interest


  • Moonbase One - Destroyed by Unicron during the movie.
  • Moonbase Two - Shared the same fate as Moonbase 1.
  • Unicron's Head - Was left in orbit after the movie. Temporarily crashed at Magnaron, only to return to orbit when the planet was moved to Alpha Centauri.
  • Mia - One of Cybertron's new moons.
  • Dis - Cybertron's second new moon. Temporarily exploded into tiny irreplaceable fragments. It got better.
  • Tria - Cybertron's third new moon.


Altihex - A neon-lit city-state of revelry and gambling, and the site of many Cybertronian festivals.

Crystal City - Ex-neutral city of neutrals ruled by the Decepticons. Autobots aid the resistance.

Cuprahex - A grim, vaguely "forested" mountain range with a molten river and a Decepticon outpost.

Helex - This terrifying castle is the black heart of the Decepticon Navy.

Ibex - A city-state of dreamers, poets, philosophers, cyberecology-conscious scientists and engineers, and very, very fast Transformers.

Iacon - Cybertron's largest Autobot stronghold.

Kalis - Located in treacherous terrain. Poor and depressed city with weak industry.

Kaon - A Decepticon stronghold brimming with the heat of its deeply feared smelting pools, and fierce gladiatorial pits.

Koriolis Desert - A grayish desert wracked by dust storms, and home to a small Decepticon outpost.

Limbranite Tundra - A hilly, frigid expanse near the southern pole, with Cybertron's only icecap and an Autobot outpost.

Manganese Mountain Range - Untamed wilds mixed with crystalline forests, ravines, a few neutral settlements and a quarry.

Mithril Sea - Cybertron's largest ocean.

Nova Cronum - An island of high-minded philosophers, and home to the ominous Thunderhead Pass.

Polyhex - Decepticon capital and home of Darkmount.

Praxus - If youuuuu live in Praxus, you might be a redneck.

Protihex - Home to several of Cybertron's renowned medical universities.

Retoris - A progressive, cultural melting pot with many alien settlements, including Terran. Below the surfaces lies Debris, an Autobot base.

Rust Seas - A massive, windy desert of rust, with a lake of destructive bromine and a spaceport plateau in the center.

Sea of Mercury - A quicksilver ocean with tropical twin islands that sport recreational surfing hotspots.

Sonic Canyons - Audial-splitting canyons with deep mining trenches and cliffside settlements.

Stanix - A wasteland with frequent acid storms, populated with the Decepticon Fort Scyk and the neutral city of Yuss.

Cybertronian Swamplands - A fetid cyberswamp of grimy wastewater, oil, and corroding machinery of all types.

Tarn - The birthplace of Megatron, now a high security Autobot police state.

Tyger Pax - Gorgeous city built over a lake. Kept safe by the Keepers. Believed to be protected by Primus.

Tyrest - The unofficial technological advancement capital of Cybertron that hosts Tyrest University.

Uraya - Working-class town and number one manufacturer of transportation tubing!

Vos - A bourgeois religious stronghold on top and a corrupt and dangerous slum on the bottom!

Name Territory
Crystal City Decepticon
Iacon Autobot
Polyhex Decepticon
Retoris Autobot
Koriolis Desert Neutral
Cybertronian Swamplands Neutral
Istoral Trench Neutral
Uraya Neutral
Cuprahex Decepticon
Altihex Neutral
Ibex Neutral
Kalis Neutral
Limbranite Tundra Neutral
Manganese Mountain Range Decepticon
Mithril Sea Neutral
Nova Cronum Decepticon
Praxus Neutral
Protihex Autobot
Rust Seas Neutral
Sea of Mercury Neutral
Sonic Canyons Neutral
Stanix Decepticon
Tyger Pax Neutral
Tyrest Neutral
Tarn (City) Autobot
Helex (City) Decepticon
Kaon (City) Decepticon
Vos (City) Neutral

Historic Places


Scourge's pet project, Nightsiege was constructed in 2009 as a tribute to the then Aerospace Division. With the destruction of Darkmount in 2013, Imperial Headquarters was built there as the new Decepticon base of operations. Unlike Polyhex, the city has been attacked several times, receiving varying amounts of damage, but has never been taken.


Originally a Decepticon city, the inhabitants of Vilnacron were abandoned to their own devices during the long millennia of energon deprivation, and the city degenerated into the stereotypical hive of scum and villainy. Eventually a leader arose to unite the city into a prosperous venture. With the city actually having some value then, Galvatron attempted to annex it in 2008, and the majority of the most productive citizens simply moved out into the secretly-constructed underground city of New Vilnacron, taking everything that wasn't nailed down and abandoning the rest to Galvatron. The empty city was loosely controlled by the Decepticons for a few years before the massive Quintesson assault in 2017 reduced it to worthless rubble.

Cybertron pan.jpg

New Vilnacron

Constructed secretly over several months in 2008, the underground city of New Vilnacron was intended to be completely neutral from the beginning, favoring neither the Autobots nor the Decepticons. Until 2010, it prospered, when the city's ruler publicly defied Galvatron. With the aid of a high ranking traitor, the Decepticon forces were given entrance into the city and set off bombs that destroyed the massive supports and collapsed the ceiling. A delay in the attack allowed the city's civilians to be evacuated in commandeered alien freighters, some of which were absorbed by the Decepticons, some by the Autobots, but with the majority departing Cybertron for Monacus or parts unknown.


The Autobots' HQ on Cybertron after the first defeat of Unicron, the facility served well until Iacon was rebuilt to house the expanded Autobot numbers. It saw rare use after that, mothballed for the most part until a strike force of Decepticons led by Scourge devastated the base completely in 2018 as a precursor to the destruction of Iacon.


Secretly rebuilt in 2018 from secret staging grounds in Primus' Workshop, Iahex is the newest Autobot city/base. Though not a cityformer, it is capable of transforming to a battlestation mode for better defensive capabilities. It was supposedly destroyed again by Galvatron and Devastator, but the destruction was a facade.

Scrap Yard / Junk City

Years ago, the Scrap Yard was claimed by the Autobots' Junkion allies for their own, and using the raw materials salvaged there, they eventually constructed their own cityformer Cinaplex in 2008. After Iacon was destroyed and Iahex built in 2018, Cinaplex was moved into Iahex, and the Scrap Yard abandoned.


Founded by Autobots in 2007 but taken by the Decepticons under Avatar in 2013, the outpost was populated by Decepticon factory workers until an altercation in 2019, when they sided with the Autobots and were eventually absorbed by them. The very useful factory remained in Autobot hands until 2025, when it was hit by a major Decepticon offense that resulted in its complete destruction and irradiation.


Once a Decepticon stronghold from which attacks on nearby Iacon were launched, Agorahex was hotly contested because of its strategic location. It changed hands frequently and was finally destroyed by a reactor meltdown during a Decepticon attack in 2021. No longer of any use to anyone, it is currently an irradiated mess.

Workshop of Primus

Originally the Temple of Primus as administered by the late Excelsius, when Primus was discovered to be a Quintesson, it lost its value as a religious site and became a historical one. The Autobots sheltered here after Iacon was destroyed, basing their construction of Iahex from a stolen spacebridge installed here. After the Autobots completed Iahex, it was abandoned again.