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Name Darknight
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode Stealth fighter
Type OC


"Smile, Autobot, I'm watching you..."

Darknight is the ideal soldier. Follows orders to the letter and without question. When placed under someone's command, he will readily accept them as his superior and do their bidding. Often cynical towards goings on around him, he prefers to spy rather than fight. As a Stealth fighter, keeps constant watch over the skies, blasting any enemy targets with photon rocket strikes. In robot mode, melts into shadows and is highly skilled at moving without drawing attention to himself. When cornered, fights with an energy sword, before fleeing back into the shadows. Keeps in constant touch with Decepticon high command, feeding any information he gathers.



  • Active as of 1996.
  • At the time of being +icfinger'ed, was @named as "Shardspy", and had the alias "spy" in his +oocfinger. Whether that character was actually named "Shardspy" is uncertain.



  • An Australian! How novel.
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