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Name Desolon
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Pyramid Jet


"Life is to be waged with reckless abandon."

Created millions of years ago, and then forgotten for millions more, Desolon has gone from willing follower of Straxus to wary disciple of Galvatron. A few million years of barely managing to survive have hardened him into a fearless, if out-dated soldier. In robot mode, he dishes out pain with his dual plasma cannon, while in his classic pyramid jet mode he is capable of maneuvering for a short time in zero gravity. His history has made him suspicious of his 'friends,' and he has missed more than a few millenia of technological advances.


Created nearly eleven million years ago, Desolon was a seeker like any other seeker. Designed in similar forms and fashions almost to a default, Desolon failed to distinguish himself from his comrades, but he did manage to survive the wars that tore the universe apart about a million years after his creation. After the struggles, he was sent with a detachment of warriors to a remote outpost to keep an eye on things, where he and his teammates were subsequently abandoned. Forgotten about, Desolon was one of the few who managed to live until that day that rescue accidentally came...




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