Name Devastator
Faction Decepticon
Function Super Warrior
Alt Mode None
Type Combiner


"Thinking and winning do not mix."

Awesome and terrifying, Devastator is the bizarre result of the six Constructicons joining together to form a single giant robot. His sole purpose is to crush and destroy all that stands in his path. He is a creature of pure instinct.




  • Devastator is the best gestalt. This is because there is more of him than there is of everyone else.
  • Ironically the Constructicons are individually the least dangerous of the Special Teams.
  • The Cosntructicons merge to form Devestator.
  • The Mini-Constructicons do not merge at all. They mostly attend Ramjet.
Devastator vs Dinobots by Livio27

Devastator often fights Dinobots. This is awesome.

  • Devastator has something of a rivalry with the Dinobots. This is partly because all Decepticons have a rivalry with the Dinobots, and partly because when Devastator shows up, the Autobots typically point the Dinobots at him and wish them luck.



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