Name Dirge
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Jet
Type FC


"Fear is the element that unites all losers."

The sound of his engines causes petrifying fear in those who hear them. He's a master at dispensing fear among his opponents, though other Decepticons are put off by his mournful, silent ways. "He gives me the creeps," says Ramjet. Needs to control a situation; otherwise, he too falls victim to fear, making him useless as a warrior. He carries two concussion missiles.


Dirge's dour attitude is infectious.



  • Dirge is not typically afraid or depressed, although he seems to enjoy creating depression and fear in others. He just lives his character.
  • DIBTIM: Dirge is Blue, Thrust is a Moron.
  • Despite being an idiot, he's actually pretty smart!


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Most-often played by Epicedion.

Currently played by Zero

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