Doubledealer - Dealer
Name Doubledealer - Dealer
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Missile Truck
Type FC


"The price of victory is never too high."

A ruthless battle-ready robot, Doubledealer is one of the Decepticon's greatest assets -- and most dangerous liabilities! A long history as a back-stabbing two-faced mercenary for hire has left Doubledealer with a questionable reputation, but his abilities can not be denied. An infiltration expert, "Dealer" (as he is known to the Autobots) is the ultimate double-agent. Doubledealer abuses the trust of his "fellow Autobots" to deliver critical intelligence to his Decepticon commanders. Armed with a solid light blaster in robot mode. Transforms into a missile truck, capable of launching ballistic missiles powerful enough to flatten a mountain range. Doubledealer's natural greediness often gets him into trouble with his superiors, who find his rocky past difficult to dismiss.



  • To switch identities, +convert/d and +convert/dd.



  • Booze Run - Sentinel leads a contingent of enerhol thirsty bots right into a time displaced Astrotrain!
  • Rebuilding the D-Fence - Specter leads an operation to rebuild the automated turrets wrecked by the invaders.


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