Missing image.png
Name DreadTread
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior/Reconnaissance
Alt Mode
Type OC


"The success of the mission above all else: death is only a minor inconvenience."

If there’s anything DreadTread lives for it’s the opportunity to go on a mission. Any kind of mission from simple scout activity to a suicidal frontal assault on an Autobot outpost. She sees the war as the perfect opportunity to keep herself perpetually in training. Her only goal is to become the ultimate Decepticon warrior, although she cares nothing for Decepticon political struggles. She considers these a waste of energy that is better used in self improvement and battling Autobots. She does not actively seek conversation, usually only discussing the matter at hand, and will not respond to insults as do her peers. However if she is seriously threatened or physically attacked she will respond with all the force she has until she is either dead, unconscious, or pulled away by several stronger Decepticons.



  • DreadTread's profile really doesn't represent her at all, but she never got around to fixing it. She was really a medic and pretty level-headed and practical.
  • DreadTread's player even couldn't remember her alt-mode without looking, she transformed so rarely.
  • DreadTread has a split function which is inaccurate, a profile that's completely wrong for the character, and a capital letter in the middle of her name. She was still cool, though!



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