Name Dreadtread
Faction Decepticon
Function Heavy Assault
Alt Mode AS90 Braveheart
Type OC


"The purpose of life is to watch it end."

Dreadtread is a lumbering mass of small mindedness and even smaller conscience, which makes him the perfect foot-soldier for the Decepticon agenda. He is cruel, sadistic, takes pleasure in the suffering of others, and believes completely in the idea of survival of the fittest. In his AS90 Braveheart Self-Propelled Howitzer alt-mode he rains 155mm death onto his enemies before driving the point home with a mounted turret. In robot mode he utilizes his impressive mass to shake the earth itself underfoot and pummel those that would challenge his supremacy. His psychotic nature is often the bane of friend and foe alike when they find themselves within his path of destruction, or are unlucky enough to be nearby.

As90 braveheart 3 of 7

Say 'ello to mah li'l frien'!


Tooning it down a notch.


Dreadtread was created to be a warrior whose specialty was centered around the idea of being able to take maximum punishment and overwhelm other mechs designed for combat with an imposing size meshed with superior targeting ability. He entered into Decepticon service with a few kinks in the form of a rather psychotic personality--believing that an impending apocalypse will destroy most of the universe leaving only a few behind to fight over what is left, and his opinion that the destruction of current political and social institutions is necessary for future improvement. For these reasons he was kept far from front line combat unless his particular brand of destruction was needed, while receiving a great deal of training in military discipline to harness his ‘psychotic’ tendencies--and thus broaden his use for the war effort. He has only recently been released from such training and stamped ‘ok’ for movement to a more standard post on the front lines as a combat support unit—hinting at some small remaining reservations about unleashing him on the part of his overseers.

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  • Dreadtread tolerates Decepticons only slightly more than Autobots.
  • Dreadtread doesn't truly 'like' anyone.
  • Dreadtread is slow--not a moron.
  • Dreadtread's Robot Theme: Victim of Fate by Helloween (Performed by Gamma Ray) [1]
  • Dreadtread's Alt-Mode Theme: New World Order by Gamma Ray [2]



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