Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki

The following is a list of Effects that may be applied to attacks. some are useful, some are impairments, and some are available only to certain FCs.

Effect Status Cost Rare Summary
Blind Available 2 No Blinds your opponent: temporarily impairs Accuracy.
Cripple Available 2 No Slows your opponent; temporarily impairs Agility
Efficient Available 2 No Attack takes up less energon than usual
Overpowered Available -1 No Attack takes up more energon than usual. Also effects AMMO Attacks.
Inaccurate Available -2 No You have poor Accuracy with this Attack
Wild Available -2 No Attack occasionally goes "wild"
Backfire Effect Available -4 No Attack occasionally backfires: full damage to yourself.
Disintegrate Available 6 Yes Severely damages your target's armor
Shatter Available 3 No Damages your target's armor
Vulnerable Available -4 No Attack leaves you temporarily stunned
Stun Available 5 No Your target is immobilized: Unable dodge or attack.
Confuse Available 5 Yes Confuses your opponents, making their attacks go wild
Corrupt Available 4 Yes Damages a random sub-system of your target
Recoil Effect Available -2 No Attack does partial damage to yourself when fired.
Accurate Available 2 No Your Accuracy with this Attack is excellent.
Drain Available 3 No Attack will deplete your target's energon.
Feed Available 3 No Attack refills your energon stores.
No-Armor Available 2 No Attack ignores armor when dealing damage
Repeat Available 4 Yes This Attack will continue to damage your target over time.
No-Size Available 2 No Attack ignores size when dealing damage
Oneshot FC Only N/A N/A Attack always takes 1 ammo
Control Available 0 Yes Allows others to use this attack (e.g. handgun)
G-Money FC Only 1 N/A Attack ignores armor against Combiners
Volatile Available 3 No Randomly Cripples, Blinds, Stuns, Confuses, or Shatters
Blind2 FC Only N/A N/A Slows your opponent for two turns: temporarily impairs Agility.
Cripple2 FC Only N/A N/A Slows your opponent for two turns: temporarily impairs Agility.
Heavy Available 2 No Temporarily makes your opponent's attacks OVERPOWERED
Risky Available -1 No Attack occasionally stuns you.
Overpowered2 Available -2 No Even worse than OVERPOWERED. Also effects AMMO Attacks.
Fear FC Only 4 N/A Attack instantly strikes fear into your enemies
Unnerve Available 2 Yes Attack mildly disconcerts your enemies
Mini-Corrupt Available 2 No Slightly damages a random sub-system of your target
Lockon Available 4 No If hit, your target is unable to dodge their next incoming attack
Ouch Available -1 No Attack does partial damage to yourself when it hits.
Dizzy Available 2 No Temporarily mildly impair opponent's Agility and Accuracy.
Mode-Lock Available 5 Yes Your target cannot transform for two turns.
Faulty Available -1 No Attack jams sometimes.
Stuck Available -1 No Attack occasionally makes you unable to transform.
Unlucky Available -1 No Lowers chance of critical hits.
Lucky Available 1 No Raises chance of critical hits.
Trauma Available 3 No Randomly applies Heavy, Mini-Corrupt, Drain, Corrupt, or Mode-Lock